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Alite is a powerful spreadsheet program with graphics and minimum hardware requirements. Lotus .WKS compatible. Version 1.20r is now TSR.
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Alite is a powerful spreadsheet program with graphics and minimum hardware requirements. Lotus .WKS compatible. Version 1.20r is now TSR.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

===== ALITE /R Ver 1.20r ======
Powerful Spreadsheet with Graphics
Copyright 1993 TRIUS, Inc.

| New! TSR (Memory Resident Version) |

TRIUS, Inc., P.O. BOX 249, North Andover, MA 01845
Tel. (508) 794-9377 FAX. (508) 688-6312 BBS: (508) 794-0762

ALITE is a powerful spreadsheet program with graphics and
minimum hardware requirements. The program should run on any
IBM or compatible computer with 256k or more (that's right,
only 256k), equipped with a MONO, CGA or EGA monitor.

Graphics may be printed on any 9-pin EPSON or graphics

compatible printer, or PIC files may be created for inclusion
in other programs.

2048 rows by 128 columns; Mathematical, Logical, Statistical,
Financial, String, user Defined and Date Functions; Macro
Command Language; Five Types of Graphs with Merge and Split
Screen Features; File Merge, File Extract and File Linking;
.WKS and WK1 file Compatibility; Data Sort; Data Regression
and much more...

This READ.ME file contains useful information that can help you
get started. Please READ IT THOROUGHLY! Reading it now will
probably save you time and trouble later on!

You can print this file by COPYing it to your printer with the
following command:

copy READ.ME prn

or, you can view it on your screen with the command:

type READ.ME

For more information on technical support for ALITE, please see the
user's manual.

Shareware and the Association of Shareware Professionals
____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

The shareware concept has made it possible for you to obtain
extremely powerful software at a price you can afford, and it gives
you the opportunity to try the software before you register.

Shareware is kept alive by YOUR support.

Evaluate the program for 30-days and give copies to your friends
for evaluation. If, after the 30 days, you continue to use the
program, then register it by sending us the registration form
included in this help file or by calling 508-794-9377. You will
receive the Latest version, Printed manual, 90-day free Technical
Phone Support and newsletter, BBS Technical Support and Reduced
price Upgrades. Help support new developments in ALITE, register
your copy today!

TRIUS, Inc. is a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware
principle works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-
related problem with an ASP member by contacting the member
directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you
resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not
provide technical support for member's products. Please write to
the ASP Ombudsman at:

ASP Ombudsman
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-9427

or send a Compuserve message via easyplex to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.

The ALITE diskette should contain the following files:

ALITE.FLS - ALITE archive. Used during installation
INSTALL.EXE - Installation Program
READ.ME - This File
LICENSE.DOC - Licensing information. Please Read!
VENDOR.DOC - Info on distributing copies.
.......... - Other files from time to time

To install the program follow the instructions below:

1. Start your computer and make sure you are at the DOS prompt.

2. Insert the ALITE diskette in Drive A or B.

3. Type A: (or B:, depending on step 2, above) and press ENTER

4. Type INSTALL, press ENTER and follow the on-screen instructions.

The information provided below is to help you start the program for
your hardware configuration. For more details about the operation
of the program press the F1 (function) key once you have started
the program. (Make sure you have installed the program using
INSTALL, as explained above).

* NOTE: ALITE uses a program overlay technique to free up more RAM *
* for data. As such, if the program is run from a floppy disk, *
* that disk should not be removed from the drive until you *
* have exited ALITE. *

ALITE is started from DOS using the command:

ALITE /Option1/Option2/Option3/..... [ENTER]

Available Command Line Options
/ATT - Enables ATT display graphics
/H - Enables graphics for Hercules
/E - Enables graphics for EGA
/NT - No Keyboard Turbo (Eliminates conflicts with some programs
that directly manipulate the keyboard registers)
/Q - Quick screen updating for CGA
/R - Load the program as TSR using in preference EMS/Disk
/RX - Load the program TSR using XMS for swapping
/RD - Load the Program TSR using a disk for swapping
/SW=X - Use drive X for the temporary swapping file (Default is drive C)
/U - Unload program from memory
/V1 - Force CGA mode on VGA monitor

For additional command line options, please take a look at the file
ALITE.MAN, or the printed user's manual (if you have a registered copy)

ALITE may be set-up to run from any directory (usually on a hard disk
system). The way to do that is to:

a. Include the ALITE directory in your DOS path, and
b. Set the environment variable ALITE as follows:
At the DOS prompt type

SET ALITE=Drive:\Directory

For example, if ALITE is installed on your drive D and
in a directory called ALITE then the SET command would be:


For details on using the program, please make sure you print out
the on-disk user's manual, ALITE.MAN (approx. 65 pages). This file
is extracted for you during the installation process and is formatted
and ready to print on any printer using 60 or more lines per page.

To print the manual file to your printer, simply use the command:


Modifications in ALITE /R Ver 1.20r
The new version of ALITE /R (codenamed /R for /resident) may
now be executed in a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR), or
background mode.

Using one of the /R command line switches (see Starting
the program above), the program will load using only about 7K of
conventional memory. Then, whenever you need it, the program
will pop over whatever application you are running, and allow you
to perform spreadsheet calculations without interrupting your
main application.

Summary of new commands:
ALITE /R - Load the program TSR using EMS [or DISK]

ALITE /RX - Load the program TSR using XMS swapping

ALITE /RD - Load the program TSR using DISK swapping
The command line switch /SW=X may also be
used to specify which drive to be used for
swapping, e.g. ALITE /RD /SW=E will use
drive E for swapping.

If no drive is specified, then drive C is
used. Note that the swap files are temporary
files created in the root directory of the
specified disk, and they are automatically
deleted by the progra, when it is unloaded.
DO NOT attempt to delete these files manually.

ALITE /U - Unload program (if loaded with /R, /RX, or /RD)

Hotkeys (Key combinations) to activate the program once loaded TSR:
Alt LeftShift /
Alt \
Alt ~ (the same as Alt ` )

******** E N D *********

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