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Description of the Parity Technical Analysis investment software package for Windows 3.X.
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Description of the Parity Technical Analysis investment software package for Windows 3.X.
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Parity Technical Analysis System
Version 1.3


The complete Parity Technical Analysis System consists of two files
compressed using PKZIP.

PRTY13D1.ZIP Includes the actual program files and documentation
or PRTYD1.ZIP required to run Parity.

PRTY13D2.ZIP Includes the runtime files and configuration files
or PRTYD2.ZIP which must be installed on a users system to permit
Parity to execute.

The most current version of Parity will be posted on CompuServe in the
INVFORUM and WINADV forums. PRTYD1.ZIP and PRTYD2.ZIP total 700 KB. You
can also receive a copy of the Parity program files for $5.00 if you send
a check or credit card number to:

Parity Software Systems Fax: (415) 546-9319
Two Bryant Street, Suite 200 CIS: 76655,2570
San Francisco, CA 94105 GEnie: RICKERT
Voice: (415) 546-9316 Prodigy: GKHK06A


The Parity Technical Analysis System, Version 1.3, is a sophisticated
and powerful stock charting and technical analysis program for Windows
3.x. Parity includes more than 40 of the most widely used indicators
and provides full support for complex user defined formulas up to 500
characters long.

Parity's chart types include HLC Bar Chart, Japanese Candlesticks, 12
types of Point and Figure charts, Arms Equivolume charts, Crocker type
charts, horizontal bar charts of days at price and volume at price,
line charts and histograms. Each Chart can include up to 9 indicators
and 11 panes. Panes can be stacked or overlaid and maintain
independent scales. Multiple indicators can be plotted in a single
pane. Charts can contain up to 8100 data points for each indicator.
Two stocks can be in memory simultaneously permitting spread and
relative strength charting.

Parity permits the user to define an unlimited number of chart types
and configurations and up to 30 charts can be displayed simultaneously.
Draw trendlines, Fibonacci Arcs and Channel Lines on any chart. A
unique user interface allows automatic charting of Groups of Stocks,
Batches of Studies, or a Cluster of Charts in a predefined screen
layout. Program includes exhaustive online help and is a fully
functional evaluation copy.

Parity is fully compatible with MetaStock, CompuTrac, ChartPro, MegaTech,
and comma delimited ASCII data files. Price data can be imported from,
or exported to, text files, Excel and Lotus 123 spreadsheets. Parity
also permits you to import non-price data which can be plotted or used
within an indicator or user defined formula.

Parity requires Windows 3.x running in standard or enhanced mode, a
mouse, 2 MB of memory and a VGA or higher display. Registration is
$79 plus $5 shipping and handling.


Parity includes over 40 predefined technical indicators. These
indicators can be included in a chart by clicking on their name or you
can include any indicator in a complex user defined formula just as you
would use any other function or variable.

AD() Accumulation/Distribution
ADX(p) Average Directional Movement Index
ADXR(p) Average Directional Movement Rating
ASwing(lm) Accumulation Swing Index
BolBands() Bollinger Bands
CCI(p) Commodity Channel Index
CO() Chaikin's Oscillator
DX(p) Directional Movement Index
EquiVol(p) EquiVolume Indicator
LinRegSlope() Linear Regression Slope Indicator
MACD() MACD Indicator
MDI(p) Minus Directional Indicator
MFI(p) Money Flow Index
MO(p) Momentum Indicator
MOV(d, p, t) Moving Average
MovLinReg(d,p) Moving Linear Regression
NVI() Negative Volume Index
OBV() On Balance Volume
OSCP(p1,p2,t,r) Price Oscillator
OSCV(p1,p2,t,r) Volume Oscillator
PctDLine() %D Line Function
PctKLine() %K Line Function
PDI(p) Plus Directional Indicator
PriceChannel(p) Price Channel Bands
PVI() Positive Volume Index
PVT() Price Volume Trend
ROC(d,p,r) Rate of Change
RSI(p) Relative Strength Index
RSIX(d,p) Relative Strength Index of data array
SAR(AF, MAF) Parabolic Stop and Reverse System
STD(d,p) Standard Deviation
Stoch() Stochastic Oscillator
Swing(lm) Wilder's Swing Index
TR() True Range
TRIX(p) TRIX Indicator
TSF(d, p) Time Series Forecast
ULT(p1,p2,p3) Larry Williams' Ultimate Oscillator.
VAR(d,p) Variance
VOL(pm, pr) Chaikin's Volatility Indicator,
VOLW(p) Wilder's Volatility
WC() Weighted Close
WILLA() Williams' A/D
WILLR(p) Williams %R
ZIG(d,c,r) Zig Zag Indicator


Parity includes a complete compliment of math and statistical functions
which can be used to create complex user defined formulas. Each
formula can be 500 characters long and you can include the result of
one formula in another formula.

Arithmetic Operators +, -, *, /, ^, Mod, \

Comparison Operators =, <>, <, >, <=, >=

Logical Operators AND, OR, NOT, XOR, EQV, IMP

Trig. Functions Cos(), Sin(), Tan(), ACos(), ASin(), ATn(), ATan2()

Exponential Functions Exp(), Exp10(), Log(), Log10(), Sqr(), Sqrt()

Rounding Functions Round(), Ceil(), Floor(), Abs(), Sgn(), Bool()

Array Functions Sum(), Product(), RunTot(), Min(), Max(),
IF test THEN data1 ELSE data2

Statistical Functions StatNorm(), StatPercent(), StatRegress(),
StatMovTot(), StatMovMin(), StatMovMax()

Data Functions DayOfWeek(), DayOfMonth(), DayOfYear(), MonthNumber(),
YearNumber(), StrToDate()

Pattern Recognition Bottom3Bars, Bottom5Bars, Bottom7Bars, Top3Bars,
Top5Bars, Top7Bars, CrossAbove, CrossBelow


In addition to the shareware version of Parity, we also offer an Enhanced
Retail Version (ERV) called Parity Plus. Along with all the great
features of the shareware version, the Parity Plus software includes
sophisticated profit testing which lets you test the performance of the
technical analysis strategies you devise. You can chart the results
of a profit test against stock price to show the cumulative profit and the
profit by position and display detailed trade information by security or
summaries for each stock and group you are testing. Parity Plus even
includes a new chart procedure, ChartProfitTest() which lets you include
the results of a profit test on any chart you define. Parity Plus also
lets you specify five variables that you can automatically "optimize" for
by repeatedly running the profit test on each variable as it steps through
the range of values you specify. If you've ever wondered whether you
should use a 40 day moving average vs. a 53 day moving average Parity Plus
will let you find out!

Parity Plus also lets you filter a group of stocks and select just those
stocks that meet the technical criteria you set and create a new group of
just the ones that match. Or scan through all the stocks in a group and
create a sorted table with output of your indicators.

Parity Plus also includes cycle analysis that lets you set two cycle
periods which are plotted right on any of your charts. Change the width
and horizontal position of the cycles to find the perfect match to help
you predict the dates for the next peak or trough in price.

Complete data and file maintenance utilities are also built into Parity
Plus. Use data maintenance to edit or manually update your data, adjust
for splits and distributions, or insert and delete records. The data
maintenance command will also convert 5-to-7 field files and vice versa.
The file maintenance command lets you create, copy, delete or rename your
data files.

Finally, Parity Plus includes a very flexible data conversion utility that
lets you convert data files to and from any of these formats: MetaStock,
ChartPro/MegaTech, comma, tab, or space delimited ASCII files, Lotus WKS
and Excel Spreadsheets.

Parity Plus, Version 1.3, is just $179 and $5 shipping. Registered users
of Parity can upgrade to Parity Plus at any time by paying the difference
between their Parity registration and the current cost of Parity Plus.
Parity Plus is available directly from ParTech Software Systems.


ParTech Software Systems Fax: (415) 546-9319
Two Bryant Street, Suite 200 CIS: 76655,2570
San Francisco, CA 94105 GEnie: RICKERT
Tel: (415) 546-9316 Prodigy: GKHK06A

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