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Investment record keeping system. Tracks all type investments. Up to 5 separate accts. Flexible report capability. Mouse support. Part 1 of 3.

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PORTFOLIO MANAGER, V4.3, , Rel 1/15/93
ULTIMATE investment record keeping system!!
Disk one (1) of three (3) disks ...........
Designed to track investments, compute ROI &
yields, analyze portfolios, and use as a tax
planning/preparation tool. Sub-divide your
portfolio in up to 5 accts to track IRA's,
spousal IRA, special accounts, etc. Flexible
report capability. Menu driven and Mouse
support. Context sensitive help screens.

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Investment record keeping system. Tracks all type investments. Up to 5 separate accts. Flexible report capability. Mouse support. Part 1 of 3.
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Contents of the PM-FEATU.DOC file


The program contains the obvious features you would expect in a program of
this nature such as buying, selling, posting income, etc. for investments.
Below is a list of features to expand on the obvious and indicate special
features. Also indicated are the new features found in version 4.3 and a
list of functions that were enhanced in version 4.3 over previous versions.

1. Context sensitive help screens.
2. 14 customizing options in the configuration module (MISC option # 9).
3. Data backups may be created on program start to protect your data.
4. Create 1 to 5 sub-accounts (Joint accts, IRA, special purpose, etc.).
5. Option to re-invested a dividend while posting income if desired.
6. Maintenance of brokerage (margin) account balances for each sub-account.
7. Extensive data file testing available.
8. Will handle a return of capital dividend, adjustment of cost basis,
stock swap on a buy out or merger, and a security (company) name change.
9. Separates IRA's, 401K's, etc. in reports for reference purposes.
10. Separates long and short term gains/losses (user may set CG period).
11. Mouse compatible.
12. Tree menu (Alt M) for quick location of a desired feature.
13. PM will handle bonds, short sales, CD's, savings accts, etc.
14. Reports may be sent to a disk file to be printed later.

1. Context sensitive help has a "TOPICS" menu to examine ANY help subject.
2. At users option, data for the current year may be preserved when the files
are cleared at EOY clearing. If used, the past data may be reloaded then
accessed as if it were the current data. ie. repts, post, edit, etc.
3. Auto data test on start, exit, both, or none may be set in configuration.
4. Function to handle a merger or buy-out with a stock swap. (PURCH opt #7)
5. A remark may be added to ANY transaction.
6. On Bonds, CD's, etc. enter a maturity date then check them thru a report
7. Accepts a stock exchange symbol for the investment.
8. Provision has been added for a Return of Capital dividend. (INCOME opt #3)
9. Create a same directory backup (.HLD) file any time with the F3 key.
10. Select a single acct for a report, if desired, instead of always all accts.
11. Option to see everything about one or more investments in a single report.
12. A Multi Portfolio Manager is available for counselors, advisors, etc. at
extra cost. It will handle an UNLIMITED number of individual portfolios.
13. Automatic remark added if a sale is to pay IRA custodial fees.
14. Reports may combined in a disk file to produce a customized report group
and then printed later from the disk file.

1. Configuration program is now menu driven - items may be selectively changed.
2. Eight color schemes for color monitors and two for mono/B&W monitors.
3. Help information expanded and easier to read. Index added to on-line help.
4. Brokerage report shows credits and debits separately with tax implication.
5. Security selection, when needed, is selected from a menu in a popup window
6. Data file testing expanded and improved. (MISC opt #3)
7. Menu items display a brief description of the option when highlighted.
8. Use of window layering to see where you're going and where you've been.
9. Printing reports does a better job of page control.
10. Improved way of handling money market instruments (CD's, savings, etc.).
11. You may now use a hard disk or tape for backups.
12. When broker account is debited or credited you indicate tax implication.
13. 17 additional tests added to challenge any questionable data input.
14. Will accept up to 9,999 separate investments (was limited to 99 in past).

1. Produces forms to include with your tax return as supplemental statements.
2. In current value report, the gain/loss is shown as a percentage of VALUE.
3. Broker report shows if the entry was taxable or non-taxable and summarizes
the tax columns.
4. Shows "return of capital" better in reports.
5. Will produce a report to show the maturity dates of bonds, cd's, etc.
6. Sales report format was changed to be more readable and informative.
7. Percent of portfolio report is combined with number of shares report.
8. It will now produce a complete and comprehensive (everything about the
selected stk) in one report. User selects one or more stocks to be shown
in the report - (worth the cost of the update alone) !!!!!
9. The broker balance for each account is shown in the current value report.
10. The report menu has been completely redone to be more accessible.
11. At users option, all entered remarks may be shown at the end of the
respective report.

The manuals are stored in a compressed file on distribution disk # 3. One of
the manuals, MANUAL.DOC, is the complete documentation on the use of PM. The
second manual is an abbreviated version of the full manual. To create the
second manual, I extracted all the notes, suggestions, tips, warnings, etc.
from the original manual and placed them in the file PM-NOTES.DOC. The
compressed manual file, MANUALS.EXE also contains a small progam to print each
of the manuals (PRT-MAN.COM and PRT-NOTE.COM).

To print the file PM-FEATU.DOC, exit then:

Select option # 2 in PM-PRINT.COM
- or -

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