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The Loan Arranger: Loan and Mortgage payment and amortization program with microsoft compatible mouse support, additional principal capability and many other features.
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The Loan Arranger: Loan and Mortgage payment and amortization program with microsoft compatible mouse support, additional principal capability and many other features.
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Contents of the MANUAL.DOC file

Page 1

The Loan Arranger 1.0

Is a program designed to help anyone looking at different loan variations.
It will benefit an accountant, a corporate CEO, a mechanic, a waitress, a
pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king. In short it will work for just
about anyone! The Loan Arranger is designed to be very user friendly! With
a minimum of effort you will have a wealth of financial tools at your
fingertips. This program will use either the keyboard or a microsoft com-
patible mouse. All loan information can be printed, saved to an ASCII file,
or displayed to screen.

The Loan Arranger 1.0 is

Shareware. I ask that if you enjoy using the program and it
benefits you that you would send a registration fee of $10.00. You will
receive the latest version of the program with shareware screens removed.
In addition you will receive an Epson compatible printer utility program.
It features easy pull down menus, loads of font options, envelope addresser
floppy disk labels, and address labels plus so much more! Please help
make my efforts and the efforts of other shareware authors worthwile.
Support The Shareware Concept! You won't be sorry. In return you will
help put better and cheaper software into the hands of the average

Loan Arranger 1.0 Registration Form



Telephone:_________________ Computer & Printer Type:_____________________
(not required)
$10.00 Regular registration fee. Business registration(up to 50 computers
at a single site) $100.00

Fee included:$___________

3.5"_______ 5.25"______

Bug Report(report any unusual program behavior below)
Feel free to report bugs or comment on program even if you
donot register at this time.

Please send mail and registration forms to:
Herb Fogler 20113 York Rd. Parkton Md. 21120
Make checks payable to Herb Fogler. All support greatly appreciated!

Page 2


Menus are accessed with arrow keys or by a Microsoft compatible mouse.
Pressing right or left arrow keys or moving the mouse right or left moves the
hilight bar right and left. Pressing the down arrow key, moving the mouse down,
left mouse button, or pressing the Enter key opens the pull down menu. The Esc
key or right mouse button exits the pull down menu without selecting. Up and
down (arrow keys or mouse) or pressing the hilighted letter moves the hilight
bar up and down. The Enter key or the left mouse button selects the feature.

Editing Keys

All editing keys are available in data input windows. Arrow
keys, alphanumeric keys, and mouse movement and button keys are available
and need no explanation. deletes characters from present cursor
position to end of the line. arrow or arrow positions
cursor at beginning of next or previous word. positions cursor at end
of line. positions cursor at beginning of line. toggles
whether character is inserted or overwrites. deletes character at
cursor. deletes character to left of cursor.

Monthly Payment

Is where you begin to input your loan information. Basically The Loan
Arranger needs to know three things. #1 Principal amount: This is the amount
you intend to borrow. #2 Interest rate: this is the rate you will pay for
borrowing the money. i.e. 9.5(percent). and #3 Years and/or months: This
is the period of time the lender has agreed to give you to pay back the loan.
All numeric values should be input without using dollar signs, commas, or
percent symbols. For example $90,000 should be input as 90000, and 9.75%
should be input as 9.75. The program picks up the date from your system clock
and displays it in your date box. To change the date simply enter day press
[ENTER] the month press [ENTER] and the year followed once more by the [ENTER]
key. The Loan Arranger will then automatically calculate a loan summary and
display it in the window below. If there is not enough information to cal-
culate the loan summary the cursor will go to the offending information
block and wait for your input.

Additional Principal

At some point in a loan you may be in a better position to pay more to the
loan to pay it off sooner and save some interest. If your lender allows this
practice and amortizes accordingly, immediately taking this amount from the
principal, The Loan Arrangers numbers will be accurate. The month you start
is figured by the month number of the loan you intend to or have already
started. For exanple I am two years into my loan. In the first month of the
third year I intend to start paying an extra $100 to my principal. In the
first box I would enter 100 and in the second box I would enter 25. 25
represents 2(number of years passed) times 12(number of months in a year)+1

Page 3

(representing first month of third year). When you view an amortization
schedule(loan report) of your loan you will be able to see where it kicked
in by looking at the principal column and seeing it increase by that amount.

Loan Summaries

From the monthly payment window you may print or save to file a short loan
summary. If you save it to file it will tack the information on to the end
of an existing file or create the file if it does not exist. This will allow
you to import this ASCII file into your favorite word processor for financial
reports, presentations etc.

Printer Controls

Printer controls are directed at Epson Compatible printers only. If you don't
have one, set your printer from your control panel. If you don't know or are
not sure try one anyway and see what it does. If it does what it says then
you have an Epson Compatible. If it does something else then make a note of
it(it may come in handy later). Printing the registration form should work on
all printers at lpt1. Reseting the printer resets it to the default mode you
have it setup in.


The Loan Arranger 1.0 is offered as is. I am not responsible for any damages
to systems or hardware. You may distribute this program (the shareware version
only) freely as long as no fee is accepted outside of a small fee for
materials and handling not to exceed $6.00.

The Loan Arranger 1.0
Copyright 1991 Herb Fogler. All rights reserved.

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