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REALCALC is a user friendly, menu driven Realtors' Financial Computation Program.
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REALCALC is a user friendly, menu driven Realtors’ Financial Computation Program.
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REALCALC is a user friendly, menu driven Realtors' Financial Computation
Program. Version 3.0, offered here for the examination of Compuserve
users, is the latest version. Version 2 has been in use in several local
Real Estate Offices for over 4 months. Version 3 corrects all the bugs
and idiosyncrasies those Realtors helped identify.

This program is offered for examination only. It is not Shareware, Freeware
or a gift. If you intend to use it in a business atmosphere, I ask that
you reimburse me for the many hours I've spent developing this program.
This program will be offered for sale at $49.95 when the manual is
completed. For most people, the manual will not be necessary as REALCALC
is extremely easy to use.

An ancillary file called ANSY.KEY is included with this program. This is
meerly a number that will contain the serial number when a Realtor
purchases this program. REALCALC will not run, however, unless ANSY.KEY
is on your disk.

One final note: Version 3.0 has been named TURBO REALCALC because 1) It
runs much faster than the earlier versions and 2) Because TURBO in front of
a name makes it sound marketable.

If you have any comments, criticisms or unadulterated praise, you can reach
me in EMAIL at 73327,1273

Enjoy REALCALC! ------- Dave Felder

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