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Various statistical macros for Microsoft Excel.
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Various statistical macros for Microsoft Excel.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

I have seen a long-term advantage to providing my laboratory and
"working group with the ability to simply perform a variety of basic statistical tests,"
and I have created this spreadsheet and macrosheet to this end.

STATS.XLS is a spreadsheet which demonstrates the Macro functions
in STATPACK.XLM. A list of the functions is shown below:
" CORR(X1:Xn,Y1:Yn) - Calculates Correlation Coefficient."
" FDIST(F-Value,dfNumerator,dfDenominator) - Converts F-Value to Probability Value."
" RTVAL(r,N) - Converts Correlation-value to T-value."
SUMSQ(X1:Xn) - Calculates Sum of Squares.
" TDIST(T-Value,df) - Converts T-Value to Probability Value."
TNULL(X1:Xn) - Performs T-Test That Group Mean Is Different from Zero.
" TPAIRED(X1:Xn,Y1:Yn) - Performs Paired T-Test."
" TUNPAIRED(X1:Xm,Y1:Yn) - Performs Unpaired T-Test."
" * LINEST(Y1:Ym,X1:Xn) - Example of Excel's Linear Regression Analysis."

The formulae and examples are taken from two sources:
" Horowitz, Leonard M., Elements of statistics for psychology and education."
" New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1974."
" Poole, Lon, et al. Some Common BASIC Programs. Berkley, California: "
" OSBORNE/McGraw-Hill, 1980."

I recommend that you validate these functions for yourself by entering examples
from textbooks you have on your own bookshelf.


Tom Peterson
10164 Skeman Road
"Brighton, MI 48116"
"Compuserve # 73477,2565"

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