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A great calculator program. Does just about everything.
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A great calculator program. Does just about everything.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

MathPad (copyright 1987), Version 1.0

MathPad is scientific calculator software for IBM computers amd compatibles.
It is released as a Shareware product. If you find you like MathPad and are
using it, a $20 fee is requested. The full program source code is available
for $50.

MATHPAD.DOC is a standard ASCII text file containing instructions for using
MathPad. The last page is a function key reference map, 91 columns wide,
To print the entire file on a standard-width printer, use ELITE typeface or
smaller. If you do not want to print the function key map you should remove it
from a *COPY* of MATHPAD.DOC which you will not distribute. Please feel free
to distribute MathPad and accompanying files. I ask that you do so without
amending any MathPad files in any way.

I welcome comments, suggestions, and criticisms of any kind about MathPad.
I will be delighted to credit in the manual anyone suggesting a refinement
included in the next version of MathPad.

Timothy J. Pera
605 Portland Ave. #1
St. Paul, MN 55102
August 20,1987

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