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Excellent Menu-driven program to compute Federal employee CSRS retirement annuities.
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Excellent Menu-driven program to compute Federal employee CSRS retirement annuities.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

How would you like to determine what your federal retirement
benefits would be if you retired tomorrow or perhaps in a
year or more? But wait, what impact would an average 4%
yearly salary increase have on your benefits if you retired
three years from now? What if you could save all or some of
your sick leave for the next two years. Would that have a
significant effect on your monthly retirement check? How
much does survivor retirement cost in terms of reducing a
full retirement income? If you decide to retire early, what
penalty do you pay?

The Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Federal
Retirement Calculator will assist you in exploring
retirement benefits for you and your survivors. By entering
just a few pieces of information, this program will provide
you with the answers to the above questions and several
others. You will view impacts on your retirement income
based on: when you elect to retire, annual salary increases,
sick leave accumulation, early retirement penalties,
electing survivor benefits, and beneficiary income.

Either short or long term retirement information is
displayed in 12, one month or one year increments for easy
comparison. All input information and calculations
displayed can be printed on a dot matrix or laser printer.

If you are using a monochrome monitor and the display is
not satisfactory, try starting the program with a /b

Hardware Requirements : IBM PC, PC-compatible or MS-DOS
computer 640k RAM, 1 floppy drive.

Other Requirements : DOS 2.x or higher.

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