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This is a simple econometrics program, designed for instructional use.
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This is a simple econometrics program, designed for instructional use.
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KLEIN 3478 610 deflated
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LONGLEY 899 395 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ECSTAT Version 1.2

This disk contains program files for ECSTAT Version 1.2, a fully
operational econometrics program, plus a demonstration version of ECSTAT
3.0, a much faster and improved econometrics program.

ECSTAT 1.2 is a small econometrics program, written in basic,
for use on the IBM Personal Computer, and IBM compatibles. (In
addition, there are versions for the Zenith Z-100, the Wang PC, and the
DEC Rainbow, available from me at the address below.) The package
consists of ten files, this one (READ.ME) and:

ECSTAT1.BAS - the first program segment

ECSTAT2.BAS - the second program segment

ECSTAT.BAT - a batch file for loading BASICA and running the program

ECSTAT.MAN - a 20 page manual describing the operation of the program

PRINTMAN.BAT - a batch file for printing the manual

GAS - a sample ECSTAT data file

GAS.DOC - a brief description of the data in SAMPLE.DAT

LONGLEY - The Longley data set, a commonly used benchmark for
regression programs

LONGLEY.DOC - a description of the Longley data set, including the
correct coefficients

Format a blank disk and transfer the system files and BASICA to it.
Next copy the ECSTAT programs to the disk. For example, with your DOS
disk in the default drive (A: or C:), and a BLANK disk in the B: drive,
you would type:


Next put the ECSTAT disk in the default drive and copy all of the files
to the blank disk in drive B:

COPY *.* B:

To run the program from DOS, place the program disk you have just
created in the default drive and type ECSTAT .

This program is offered as User Supported Software, it is NOT a public
domain program. The program is offered AS IS, and no warranty is
expressed or implied. If you use the program regularly, you should
send the licensing fee of $25 to me at the address below. You are also
encouraged to send your comments, suggestions, and program error
reports, IN WRITING ONLY. I will try to get back to you as quickly as I
can. I hope you find the program useful!

Robert S. Dohner
3804 Benton St, NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 625-2123
ECSTAT Version 3.0

This disk contains a demonstration program (DEMO.EXE) for ECSTAT 3.0.
It also contains MANUAL3.EXE , a compressed, self-extracting file with
the ECSTAT 3 manual, quick starter guide, and batch files for printing them.

To run the demonstration program, type DEMO . To extract the ECSTAT 3
manual and quick starter guide, place this disk in drive A: , and a blank,
formatted disk in drive B: . Make B the default directory by typing: B:

Then, at the B> prompt type: A:MANUAL3 , and the uncompressed manual files
will be placed on the blank disk. PRINT3.BAT will print the manual and
QUICK3.BAT will print the quick starter guide.

The following data sets are supplied to illustrate the program:

GAS - Data on gasoline consumption, population, personal income,
total road mileage, and total area for 31 U.S. states.

KLEIN - The Klein Model I. Data on U.S. output (X),
consumption, investment, the capital stock, profits,
private and government wages, government non-wage
expenditures, and taxes, for 1920-1941.

LONGLEY - A popular accuracy benchmark for regression programs.

The demonstration version is a full implementation of ECSTAT 3.0 with
the following exceptions:

1. No data may be saved to disk with the demonstration program.

2. Only data in the supplied example data sets may be loaded into
the demonstration program from disk.


Site licenses for ECSTAT Version 3.0 will be offered to universities
and organizations. These licenses will allow unlimited copies of the
program to be made for internal use, and, in the case of universities,
for teaching courses. The price of a site license is $600 per site.

Multiple copies of ECSTAT Version 3.0 may be purchased for $25 each
(minimum: 10.)

Single copies of ECSTAT Version 3.0 may be purchased by for $65 per copy,
less any previous contribution for ECSTAT Version 1 .

There is also a small memory version of ECSTAT 3.0 that will run,
using overlays, on a computer with only 256K of memory. This version is
supplied free to purchasers of ECSTAT Version 3.0

Unlike Version 1 , ECSTAT Version 3.0 is commercial software, and
may not be copied and distributed to others. However, Version 3.0 is
not copy-protected.

3804 Benton St, NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 625-2123

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