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Function extensive TSR calculator program.
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Function extensive TSR calculator program.
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Contents of the SCRCALC.DOC file

SCRCALC 1.5 June 10, 1989
KY Software

1. Overview

SCRCALC is a memory resident calculator program which runs with almost any
software running in the foreground. Once it pops up, you can calculate with
numbers displayed on the screen by simply moving the cursor under the numbers.
Also, numbers can be entered manually. The operation is very simple and
similar to the regular hand-held calculators with memory function.

To load the program, run SCRCALC.
To pop up the calculator, press the hot key (Alt and +).
To exit from SCRCALC, press ESC.

SCRCALC 1.5 has a number of added features which include:

- Changing the hot key to your choice. (SCRCALC /C)
- Changing the color of the pop up calculator line. (SCRCALC /C)
- Forward/backward tab to go to next number on the screen.
(Tab and Shift Tab).
- Inserting total numbers without comma. (Alt Ins or Alt i)

2. Regular operation

(1) Press the hot key, then the calculator line will show up on the bottom of
the screen.

(2) Move the cursor under a number displayed on the screen. Then, you will
see the same number appearing in the number (N=) field on the calculator
line. Alternatively, at this moment, you can enter a number manually.

(3) Press one of the math operation keys (+ - * /), then the corresponding
math operation will be highlighted. And the number will be moved to the
total (T=) field.

(4) Move the cursor under the next number which you want to calculate with the
number previously selected. Then press RETURN or next math operation
key. Then the result will be displayed in the total (T=) field.

(5) The memory area is shown by M=. Using right/left arrow keys or
plus/minus keys with the Ctrl key held down, you can move, add or subtract
the total (T=) number to/from the memorized (M=) number. PCs, XTs or
some of AT compatibles do not support combinations of Ctrl and key-pad
area keys. For such computers, please see the "Operations for PC, XT and
other AT compatibles".

(6) To clear each field (N=, T= or M=), press C, Alt and C, or Ctrl and C
respectively. If overflow occurs, you have to clear the field before
you do the next calculation. If Alt/Ctrl and other key combinations
do not work, please see "Operations for PC, XT and other AT compatibles".

(7) By pressing the Delete key, you can clear all numbers (N=, T= and M=) and
current math operation (it goes back to "+").

(8) If you want to place the cursor under the next number displayed on the
screen, you can press Tab key. The number will be picked up by SCRCALC
and displayed in N= field regularly. Shift Tab works as backward tab.

3. Column/row addition

If you want to add numbers in a column or row, you simply move the cursor
to the first number and sweep the column or row by moving the cursor using a
proper arrow key while holding down the Alt key. While the cursor moves
within the column/row, the total will be obtained automatically into the total
(T=) field. If the cursor does not move with Alt and an arrow key
combination, see "Operations for PC, XT and other AT compatibles".

4. Inserting the total into the foreground document.

The number field, the total field and the memory field will be kept
unchanged after you exit to the foreground software. The same values will
reappear next time you press the hot key again.

You can insert the total into the foreground document or text by doing
next operation:

(1) After getting a total, exit to the foreground software by pressing ESC.

(2) Move the cursor where you want to insert the total. If necessary, go to
insert mode by following the operation for the software which you are
running in the foreground.

(3) Press the hot key (Alt and +) again and display the calculator line on the
bottom of the screen, then press Ins key. The total will be put into the
document or text under edit in the foreground. If insert mode is not
active in the foreground software, the total number will be overwritten to
the place where the cursor is. Alternative to pressing Ins key, you can
also press "i" or "I".

(4) If you want to insert the total without comma, press Ins while holding
down the Alt key. Alt i or Alt I should work as well.

5. Operations for PC, XT and other AT compatibles.

PCs or XTs which do not use enhanced key boards may have a difficulty in
combination key stroke with Alt (or Ctrl) and other keys. It is also known
that some of AT compatible machines may have such difficulty even though their
keyboards are similar to the IBM enhanced keyboards. For such computers,
following operations are available. These operations are also valid on true
IBM ATs and PS/2s.

5.1 Column/row total mode
By pressing "t" key, it goes to the column/row total mode. The equal
sign (=) in T= blinks so that you know you are in the column/row total mode.
Once it goes to the column/row total mode, any numbers swept by the cursor will
be added into the total. To get out of this mode, press any key. Following
is the sample operation of getting a total of numbers in a column.

(1) Place the cursor under the first number in the column. This number
will show up in N= field.
(2) Press "t". Then the equal sign in T= starts blinking.
(3) If necessary, press "c". It clears total number.
(4) Move the cursor along the column by holding down an arrow key.
(5) You see the numbers automatically added up into the total.
(4) Press any key to get out the column/row total mode.

5.2 Memory operation mode.
By pressing "m", it goes to the memory operation mode. The equal sign
(=) in M= blinks so that you know you are in the memory operation mode. After
getting into the memory operation mode, by pressing right/left arrow, plus or
minus keys, you can move, add or subtract the total (T=) number to/from the
memorized (M=) number. Pressing "c" while you are in the memory operation
mode clears a number in the memory field. If other keys are pressed, it gets
out of the memory operation mode. Unlike the column/row total mode, pressing
one of valid key will terminate the memory operation mode after completing the

5.3 Inserting total number without commas
If Alt Ins does not work, the same result can be obtained by Alt i key

6. Changing the hot key and color
Hot key and color can be changed very easily. Just run SCRCALC with a
parameter /C or /c as follows:


Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. It includes following

(1) Changing the hot key.
(2) Changing the color in the pop up calculator line.
(3) Resetting the hot key and color to the original setting.'
(4) Save changes and exit.
(5) Exit without changes.

If the changes are saved, they become effective permanently until you
change next. If, at that time, SCRCALC is resident in the memory,the changes
will also be made to the resident portion and become effectiveimmediately.
You do not have to reboot your machine to make the change effective to SCRCALC
already resident in the memory.

7. Contribution.

If you think this product helps you, it is suggested to make a little
contribution so that the author is encouraged to develop other software
products. Or, any comments will be welcome. Please send any amount or $5 to
the following address:

KY Software
18 Somerstown Road
Ossining, NY 10562

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