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Determine the real cost of real estate ownership.
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Determine the real cost of real estate ownership.
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Contents of the README file

Hibbs Henle Nelson, Inc.
Demonstration Disk
March 10, 1986

COST Calculates the buyers cost of purchasing real estate. Start program
by typing "COST" and pressing "RETURN". Read the file cost.doc to
get more detailed information.

REAL Calculates the cost of owing property after considering tax benefits
payment to principle and property appreciation. Start the program by
typing "REAL" and pressing "RETURN".

QUAL3 Calculates qualification ratios, income required to qualify and
amount of loan available. Start the program by typing "QUAL3" and
pressing "RETURN". Read the file qual3.doc for more information on
the program. The file qual3.ref contains a handy listing of the terms
used in the program.

Description of files on this disk

COST .doc General description of the COST program including tutorial.
COST .dta Data file for the COST program.
COST .exe COST program.
ORDER .doc Handy order form. You can print this on your printer.
QUAL3 .dbf Data file for the QUAL program.
QUAL3 .doc General description the of QUAL program.
QUAL3 .exe QUALification program.
QUAL3 .mem Memory file used with QUAL.
QUAL3 .ref Reference quide to terms used in the QUAL program.
READ .me This document.
REAL .dta Data file for the REAL cost of owner ship program.
REAL .exe REAL cost of home ownership program.
REAL .hlp Help file used by the REAL program.


please, mature adults, modems only.

a bbs dedicated to real estate matters,
real--tor,cpa,lawyer friendly.

dial in on (312) 925-8854 via your modem,PC-Pursuitable (ILCHI)

pass this number to your Realtor friend or associates,
that have an interest in real estate. Callers include
members of Condex,NS-CLS,North Shore,NWSRB,NCE and MAP.

P.S. Software library for the real estate pro, is now available.
includes practical tools for the real estate professional,
investor or homeowner.

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