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Excellent scientific calculator, problem solver, etc.
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Excellent scientific calculator, problem solver, etc.
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Contents of the SCITEST.DOC file

* *
* SciTest Calculator v 1.2 Documentation *
* *

The enclosed program constitutes the demonstration program for the
Acro Technology MAth Utilities, written in Turbo Pascal. There are two
versions, one called Scitest, the other SciNo87. You will only find one
of these in this archive, depending on which file you downloaded.

The program SciTest is a scientific calculator program that gives the
user the ability to evaluate a variety of mathematical expressions. It can
be used to solve simultaneous equations, polynomials, quadratics, full
complex number evaluations, a large number of unit conversions, solid and
planar mensuration formulas, a large set of trigonometric functions, and a
full set of matrix manipulation and matrix evaluation procedures, including
matrix inversion, coordinate transforms, matrix multiplication, etc. At
this time over 150 functions are implemented.

Owners of previous versions of this program will find that many bugs
have been removed. These occurred mostly in the (now totally) revamped I/O

The programs found in Scitest are built to run on an IBM or close com-
patible with an 8087 installed. With this archive, you should receive four
files, this documentation file, plus, plus two overlays numbered
*.000 and *.001. If you have a non-compatible computer, or do not have an
8087 installed in your system, then you should have Scino87.arc. This archive
should also contain four files, with the files Scino87.* replacing Scitest.*.

The best way to run this file is to load the main tri-file pack onto
a RAM disk, log on to that drive, and run the main program by calling it's
filename. It can be run from a standard drive also, but will be somewhat

The biggest difference you'll see between the programs Scitest and
SciNo87 is in the video display, with Scitest using a direct video ram
mapping technique, and SciNo87 using standard Turbo video routines.

Tips on running the Acro Scientific Calculator:

1- In the routines that ask for multiple inputs, such as X,Y coordinates,
and all of the matrix operations that ask for matrix size, it is required
that the data be entered in as the two values separated by a space. In other
words, if the program asks for dimensions ( X Y ): then enter in : "3 4"
(without the quotation marks). Any other combination will give an error or
an unpredictable solution.

2- In general, most of the routines are protected against obvious killers
such as division by zero, but the routines are sensitive to user input error.
Entry of the wrong type of data (such as a letter in a numeric field) will
crash the program. Future versions will incorporate keyboard input control,
but this version does not have it.

3- Other problems that can escape the control of the computer, can lead
to other unusual errors, such as over and underflows. These are more often a
case of expecting the computer to do an unreasonable task. Take the factorial
of something like 250. This will give an instant overflow. However, why would
one want a number like that? It requires a solution in excess of 1E308 !!!!
Similarly, it is possible to blow away the circle finder by creating a circle
with a radius greater then 1E308 ( values given for 8087 machine, standard
PC MUCH lower ). Therefore, make sure that what you ask the computer to do
is reasonable.

4- All angles are expected in DEGREES. Among the programs available are
two that translate back and forth from degrees to radians. While all of the
routines do their calculations using radian notation, radian notation is not
as well known amonst humans, therefore the tilt towards the use of degrees for
angular notation.


If you are interested in seeing how the Scientific Calculator is built,
or have a need for fully documented Turbo Pascal source code for over 150
mathematical functions ( and growing ), then write to me at the address listed
below. The Source codes are listed at $69.95, (plus $5.00 shipping and
handling) (CA residents add 6.5% sales tax).

Acro Math Utilities
Acro Technology Inc.
1111 W. El Camino Real #331
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Make checks payable to: Bob Zorich
Compuserve 74716.2204

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