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Very good checkbook program. Manages all your accounts.
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Very good checkbook program. Manages all your accounts.
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Contents of the README file

Program name:ExpressCheck (tm)
(C) Copyright 1989-1990 Expressware Corporation

Author :David Berdan
Expressware Corporation
P.O. Box 1800
Duvall, WA 98019
(206) 788-0932 office
(206) 788-4493 fax
(206) 788-4008 BBS
(800) 753-FILE orders only

Price :$34.95


What is ExpressCheck?

ExpressCheck has a simple goal in life, to help you manage your
checking accounts. Because the various screens look just like
your paper checks, deposit slips and check registers, you will
find the program extremely easy to learn and use. But Express-
Check goes far beyond the usefulness of a check register. Every
check and deposit can be recorded to various budget codes that
you set up. This makes it possible for you to see at any time
during the year where you stand in regard to your spending. How
much do you spend on food each month? How much have you given in
tax deductible donations? Car payments, electricity, gasoline,
entertainment?Without ExpressCheck you either guess at where
you spent all your money, or you spend long hours with a calcu-
lator.With ExpressCheck you can find out in just a few seconds.

Entering checks and deposits is fast and enjoyable. Recurring
payments can be entered with two keystrokes. Budget codes can be
defined on the fly and you can pop up a window with all the
currently defined codes whenever you need them. ExpressCheck
will even print the checks for you on any kind of tractor feed

Pre-defined reports can be printed that give you monthly or
year-to-date totals for any or all budget codes, a check register
with running balance, all transactions that have not yet cleared
the bank, checks or deposits that includ certain budget codes,
or all checks made out to certain payees. Many of the figures
that go on your tax return are at your finger tips.

A complete Bill Reminder System is included in the package. Indicate
your bills and how often they are due and ExpressCheck will actually
remind you when they are coming up, and when you say so, will
automatically enter them for you and even print the checks if you like.


Files included on the ExpressCheck diskettes:

Program Disk:

1README This file you are reading
2WHATSNEW.DOC List of changes for different versions
3CHECK.EXE Opening program module
4CHECK2.EXE Main program module
5CHECK3.EXE Sort module
6CHECK4.EXE Report module
7 CHKRTM.EXE Runtime module
8 SETUP.EXE Setup program to customize ExpressCheck
9 REMINDER.EXE Program that will remind you to pay bills

Supplemental Disk:

1EXAMPLE.DEF Example checking account files
6 CHECK4.DOC On-Disk documentation
7 PRINTDOC.EXE Batch file used to print documentation
8 ORDERFRM.DOC Order form for ordering Expressware products
9 ORDER.BAT Batch file for printing order form
10 RESPONSE Form to let us know how you like it


How to print documentation

If you are evaluating ExpressCheck you will want to print the
documentation file that is contained on the Supplemental Disk.
To do this, place the ExpressCheck Supplemental Disk in drive A
and type PRINTDOC and press . Instruction will appear
on the screen.


The ORDER.BAT file on the Supplemental Diskete can be used to print
an Order Form and Mailing List form. Use the Order form to order the
latest Disk Sets and Registered Copies of Expressware programs. Use
the Mailing List Form to send us your address. We will add you to our
mailing list, and will notify you of future updates and product
announcements. The form may also be used to send us comments about
our products.

If you have received this copy of ExpressCheck from a friend, please take
the time to send in the Mailing List form. To print it, make sure your
printer is on, and the printhead is at the top of the paper. Then type:



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