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Some good date and financial forumlas.
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Some good date and financial forumlas.
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Here are a few interesting formulas which I have gleaned from
some 20 years in computers. Some of these will be familiar to
you, some may not.

All of these formulas work properly. The calendar functions
have been tested for all dates from 1/1/1 through 12/31/5000.
Even though these dates are meaningless, you cam depend on the
formulas for precision on real dates.

If you are interested in other constants, or constants to much
greater precision, you might want to try my BIGCALC program
which emulates a Hewlett-Packard calculator on screen. BIGCALC
has a four register stack and 10 memory registers. You can
specify the precision from 3 to 1000 digits. The constants pi
and e are provided to full precision. BIGCALC was used to
derive the following constants. BIGCALC is available on the
IBM Software and Microsoft Systems Forums on Compuserve. The
file is named BCALxx.ARC where xx is the revision number.

The file FORMULAS.TXT is in ASCII form. The file FORMULAS.PRN
is in form suitable for IBM compatible printers and uses the
extended character set for pi, powers, etc. Looks better.

I would be happy to recieve comments on this stuff, especially
any new formulas or algorithms! Enjoy.

Judson D. McClendon
Sun Valley Systems
844 Sun Valley Road
Birmingham, AL 35215
Compuserve [74415,1003]


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