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Stock price forecasting system that uses Fourier analysis.
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Stock price forecasting system that uses Fourier analysis.
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Contents of the READ!!.ME file

*=*=*=*=*=* Welcome to AQ-STOCK *=*=*=*=*=*

This is a BETA test version of a market analysis program which is
in development. This version is for the IBM-PC, AT, and
compatibles with CGA or EGA compatible monitors. The finished
version will have many more capabilities, but the author wished
to have some public reaction to the techniques and implementation
before getting too far down the road.

The files 4X6.FON, 8X8.FON, ERROR.MSG, and AQ-STOCK.EXE must all
reside in the same directory. The data files (extension .DAT)
may be located separately - you must set the path to them from
the MAIN MENU if they are in another directory or on another

Feel free to construct your own data files - the format and
restrictions are listed in the OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS accessible
from the MAIN MENU.

The unique feature of this program is the use of Fourier analysis
to provide a smoothing/averaging function. The averages thus
developed do not have a time offset (as the standard moving -
weighted averages do), and a very complex equation of the plotted
function can be developed. This equation can be used to predict
the future performance of the stock - a very useful technique for
highly cyclical stocks. Try some predictions on segments of the
stock "D" (Dominion Resources) to see how accurate it can be for
the short term.

The drawback of this Fourier technique is that it is
excruciatingly slow in the "standard PC" version. An 8087 math
coprocessor version speeds the operation of the entire program
appreciably (if you have an 8087 in your machine) and cuts the
time for the math intensive Fourier analysis parts by a factor of
6 to 8.

The program is fairly robust. The major (known) glitch is that
there is no protection against running out of memory. Should you
receive an error message "Stack-Heap Collision" and the program
bomb, that is what happened. It is unlikely that you will have
that happen if your machine contains 256K or more of RAM, unless
you have a lot of TSR programs (SideKick and the like) resident.

One TSR program which you should have is GRAPHICS.COM, which will
allow you to copy plots to your printer by simply pressing PrtSc.

Notes to the author (71131,1650) will be answered (eventually).
He would appreciate the details of any glitches you might find,
along with your comments/criticisms. He is holding down a full
time engineering job, in graduate school nights, running a
household, and writing this program, so it may be a while before
he gets to you.

So, now type AQ-STOCK from the DOS prompt and enjoy!

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