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Judy's 10 Key Calculator for Windows - extremely powerful, tape record, etc.

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JUDY'S TENKEY v2.0 -- Powerful Windows
calculator with scrolling tape, selectable
syntax (RPN, tenkey, normal), customizable
display, financials, statistics, intelligent
copy & paste, keep on top, tape entry reuse,
and more. Judy's TenKey enables you to work
faster and more reliably; you will never go
back to the default calculator. $14.75

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Judy’s 10 Key Calculator for Windows – extremely powerful, tape record, etc.
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Contents of the DESCRIBE.TXT file


Judy's TenKey makes your calculations easier and more reliable. If you use
the default Windows calculator, you'll find that Judy's TenKey gives you
many advantages (see below). If you're still using an old-fashioned desktop
calculator, you'll love the integration Judy's TenKey gives you with your other
Windows applications.

This document provides a brief description of program capabilities,
installation instructions, and author contact information. A Windows Write
version of this document is available with the distribution (you may
find it easier on the eyes).


HISTORY TAPE: Records your calculations in a scrolling list which you
can save, print, and resize (a real help in keeping track of your calculations).
You can also reuse tape entries, saving typing and reducing errors.

SELECTABLE SYNTAX: Judy's TenKey can process numbers like a
scientific calculator (RPN), an adding machine, or a normal calculator. If
you are familiar with one and not another, you know how difficult and
frustrating it can be to try to switch. Perfect for accountants, engineers, and

CUSTOMIZABLE DISPLAY: You can decide how you want your TenKey
to look (selecting from tape, memory, statistics, functions, trigonometry,
finance, and number pad options), enabling you to optimize screen usage.
Any TenKey function can always be activated via the keyboard regardless of
the current display configuration.

FINANCIAL CALCULATIONS: Judy's TenKey calculates monthly
payments for most loans (e.g., cars, houses, etc.), expected investment
growth, necessary retirement savings, inflation adjustment, and more.

STATISTICS: Judy's TenKey calculates standard statistics for highlighted
tape entries, including average value, sum, and standard deviation.

KEEP ON TOP: You can set Judy's TenKey to stay on top of all other
windows, so you quickly calculate something even when editing a document

DECIMAL SETTING: You can set Judy's TenKey to display the number of
decimal positions you prefer, ranging from 0 to "as needed". If you
frequently deal with money, you might want to set the decimals to 2 (for
cents) or 0 (for dollars).

INTELLIGENT COPY & PASTE: You can copy tape entries to other
applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Notepad. You can also
paste input from these applications. If extraneous text and special formatting
are mixed in with your numbers, Judy's TenKey uses heuristic reasoning to
extract and interpret appropriate information.

EXTRA TOUCHES: Judy's TenKey remembers your favorite screen
position and displays itself there every time. It also uses commas for
moderately large numbers (e.g., "1,000,000"), displays negative numbers in
red, and allows you to use the backspace key to edit results for further
calculation. When in scientific mode, it provides an unlimited stack.

BETTER PERFORMANCE: Judy's TenKey enables you to work faster and
more reliably. Once you can see (and reuse!) the numbers in your
calculations, you will never return to the default Windows calculator. We're
so sure that you'll love using Judy's TenKey that we invite you to try it for
free. Simply send in the registration fee if you decide to keep


REQUIREMENTS: Version 2.0 of Judy's TenKey runs under both Windows
3.0 and 3.1. Including the tutorial demonstration, it uses 200K of disk space.

INSTRUCTIONS: To install Judy's TenKey, simply run its installation
program (install.exe) from the Windows File Manager. This installation
program prompts you for additional information, allows you to cancel the
installation, demonstrates its main features, and even offers to uninstall
the program if you decide not to keep it.

REGISTRATION: Judy's TenKey is provided as copyrighted shareware; the
registration fee is a modest $14.75. Registered user receive the latest
version of the program, as well as a free copy of Judy's CountDown (TM), a
fun program that helps you track important dates.


Judy's TenKey is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). For additional information, contact Dan Stickel at:

US MAIL: 602 Valeri Ruth Court, Santa Clara, CA 95050.

COMPUSERVE: 70574,2247.


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