Word Perfect

WP Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
$WPMENU.ZIP22152Sep 28 1992This program creates a pop-up menu inside WordPerfect 5.1 for the quick creation of several styles of frequently used documents, and for Avery Brand adhesive label products.
3-08LIST.ZIP6648Apr 3 1990Printer file description for 3/90 release of Word Perfect 5.1.
3-30DESC.ZIP7366Mar 30 1990Description of utility programs in 3/90 Word Perfect 5.1 release.
30MACM.ZIP58592Dec 21 1988Menu system for WP 5.0 that provides a mouse, MAC-like interface.
50P91021.ZIP75486Oct 21 1988Latest WPRINT.ALL file.
50PRTLST.ZIP6528Oct 26 1990A list of all printers supported by Word Perfect 5.0+.
51GRDRV.ZIP188685May 31 1991The 5/31/91 release from WordPerfect of Graphic Drivers for WP51.
51GRDRV2.ZIP70581Jan 31 1990Lastest (1-31-90) revision of Word Perfect graphic drivers, includes new drivers for ATI VGA Wonder, Video7, others.
51GRDRVS.ZIP70581Jan 31 1990Graphic drivers for WordPerfect 5.1. ATI, Video 7, and others.
51GRDSEP.ZIP170896Oct 2 1990Word Perfect 5.1 Graphics Driver for Sept 90.
51INFMAY.ZIP7032May 31 1991WP5.1 update to "WPINFO.EXE" (5-31-91).
51NOVENH.ZIP73277Nov 7 1990Word Perfect 5.1 Program and Manual Update documentation. 11/90.
51NRAM.ZIP4015Feb 3 1991Text file explaining how to run Word Perfect 5.1 off a Ramdisk.
51PRTLST.ZIP38887May 2 1991Cross-referenced list of all printer supported by WordPerfect 5.1 & required files (4/15/91), plus all files available on WP BBS.
51PTRMAR.ZIP184482Mar 9 1992March 1992 WordPerfect 5.1 update for the PTR program.
51STYMAY.ZIP2134May 31 1991WP5.1 update to "LIBRARY.STY" (5-31-91).
51SWITCH.ZIP23133Jun 7 1990Documents the switch settings for printers using Word Perfect 5.1.
60DM12.ZIP20674Jun 1 1993WordPerfect 6.0 (DOS) Printer Drivers for Tandy Dot Matrix Printers. This is direct from WP BBS.
60DM18.ZIP24140Sep 13 1993WordPerfect 6.0 (DOS) Printer Drivers for Star dot matrix printers. This is direct from WP BBS.
60MS03.ZIP21224Jan 14 1994Word Perfect Diconix 500si updated printer file for Word Perfect 6.0.
60UPDATE.ZIP997592Dec 29 1993Some "fixes" for WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows via WordPerfect BBS. Read Doc file for complete instructions and cautions.
6TOOLS.ZIP180351Oct 12 1993An excellent tool box for Word Perfect users. Contains several excellent utilities that will allow you to get the most from WP.
ACCENT.ZIP103107Mar 20 1990WordPerfect Clip Art - Borders, etc.
ADVISO.ZIP7835Apr 20 1994The updated ADVISOR.WCM from WP BBS for Borland Office 2.0. Corrects graphics macro errors.
AFC.ZIP17141Apr 25 1990Text file on how Word Perfect handles fonts.
ALTKEYS.ZIP2225Nov 8 1988Use ALT + keys for some USABLE Word Perfect Macros.
ART2.ZIP65693Jan 7 1989Miscellaneous .WPG files for Wordperfect of clip art.
AUTMEN.ZIP40079Feb 8 1991MACROMENU is a DOS program designed to quickly and efficiently create menu macros for use with WordPerfect 5.1.
BALCOL.ZIP15487Feb 7 1989Create balanced columns in WordPerfect 5.0.
BDESIGN.ZIP225142Mar 17 1991By Design, a Graphic Designer for WordPerfect from Streetwise Software (MAR 91). Contains a large library of graphics and clip art and a system which classifies and applies these images to the specific needs of the graphi
BIBPERF.ZIP65253Apr 4 1985BibliographyPerfect is a bibliography program for use in conjuction with the WordPerfect word processor. BP will sequentially renumber references in a paper and in its bibliography whenever it is changed.
BK!EXT.ZIP1972Mar 18 1991From Word Perfect - an explanation of BK! files.
BOOKWIN1.ZIP76709Mar 15 1993BOOKBILD 1.0 for WordPerect 5.2/WINDOWS. A macro package for WordPerfect that builds pamphlets from formatted text files. Any two-across format can be used, in either portrait or landscape mode.
BORDRS.ZIP252916Sep 11 1990Program to add to your Wordperfect WPG files to make nice borders for notices, announcements, etc.
BORINS.ZIP154107May 23 1994From WP BBS. Installation prog to install Utils Disk, Addt'l Ptr and Updtd Ptr drivers for WP in Borland Office V2.0. (ONLY).
BULLET.ZIP4619Oct 8 1991Bullet collection for WP51. Can be augmented.
BULLET60.ZIP12512Jul 26 1993Bullet Menu Macro for WordpPerfect 6.0.
CAVOL161.ZIP22257Aug 5 1990Colored/shaded special greetings in .WPG format prepared with DrawPerfect, these are great for cards/newsletters. Happy Birthday, Happy New Years, Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving.
CAVOL185.ZIP34654Nov 25 1990A nice trio of WordPerfect Clip-Art .WPG images for Christmas. Includes a finely decorated candle, a dove in foliage, and a trio of choristers.
CAVOL371.ZIP190527Oct 4 1992Wordperfect Clipart (WPG) - 11 Thanksgiving related images.
CIRCLE.ZIP5328Mar 31 1991WP5.1 macro to wrap text around a circle.
CITIES.ZIP55018Mar 22 1991Maps for many urban areas in Word Perfect 5.1 format. Includes DC.
CLPART.ZIP29778Sep 6 1993Clipart Catalog Maker for WordPerfect 6.0 (DOS) from their BBS. Handles several different graphic types.
COACH6.ZIP464490Jun 23 1993Additional Wordperfect 6.0 (DOS) coaches, from Wordperfect BBS.
COMPR.ZIP23581Mar 15 1992Compare two Word Perfect files and mark differences.
COOP1.ZIP170236Dec 16 1989Cooper's WordPerfect 5.x clip art (cartoons 1).
COOP2.ZIP105239Dec 16 1989Cooper's WordPerfect 5.x clip art (cartoons 2).
COOP3.ZIP147271Dec 17 1989Cooper's WordPerfect 5.x clip art (cartoons 3).
DALTONS.ZIP377662Jun 25 1991Dalton's Military Art Sampler 20 .WPG images of US military equipment for WordPerfect.
DBCONV.ZIP6117Feb 15 1991Compuserve thread outlining various database to WP conversions.
DCAP.ZIP968Feb 19 1991WP 5.1 macro to generate a "drop-cap" like you've seen in classy literary works. Macro is by Gordon McComb of WP Macros & Menus fame.
DIAMON.ZIP4913Apr 6 1991WP5.1 Macro to wrap text around diamond shape.
DOCDOC14.ZIP86484Sep 30 1990DocDoc is an integrated set of WordPerfect 5.1 macros designed to facilitate cleanup and formatting of documents imported from other systems and/or other "typists."
DVO-WP.ZIP5244Jan 28 1993Dvorak keyboard for Word Perfect.
EDMACII.ZIP16995Jun 17 1987EDMAC is a utility program that will allow a user to EDit a WordPerfect MACro file using the WordPerfect key strokes which are translated into human readable form.
EMSFIX.ZIP2922Nov 25 1989Fixes bug in Word Perfect 5.1's EMS use with some drivers.
ENVELO.ZIP4052Jun 3 1991Word Perfect Macro for envelope printing.
EQUALIZE.ZIP26913Apr 7 1991Fixes WordPerfect 5.1 documents that contain tables to adjust the table width. Turbo Pascal source code included.
ET4_WP51.ZIP5994Apr 11 1991Latest WordPerfect 5.1 Driver for cards with the popular Tseng-4000 chip.
EXPAND51.ZIP4170Mar 6 1990Information on using expanded memory with Word Perfect 5.1.
FAXWPM.ZIP19600Jun 29 1990Word Perfect 5.1 macro that will create a fax cover sheet.
FIXKRN.ZIP37749Aug 16 1991Files from CompuServe's WPSGA forum, demonstrate and solve problem of WordPerfect incorrectly kerning HPLJ3 scalable fonts (Intellifonts).
FLDR41WP.ZIP162680Aug 22 1991Word Perfect 4.2/5.0/5.1 Descriptive File System. Allows file names up to 35 characters long, plus other management features.
FONTLIST.ZIP9781May 15 1990Various fonts supported by Word Perfect 5.1 printer drivers.
FRENCH.ZIP12288Dec 9 1991French language keyboard mapping for Word Perfect 5.1.
GCATWP21.ZIP143850Oct 1 1992GRAPHCAT 2.1 for WordPerfect 5.1. A macro package for WordPerfect that creates pictorial catalogs of clip art. Any graphic format readable by WP can be read by Graphcat, and set up in columns as a pictorial catalog.
GCATWPW1.ZIP106096Mar 15 1993GRAPHCAT 1.0 for WordPerfect 5.2/WINDOWS. A package of macros that can create pictorial catalogs of clip art in WordPerfect for Windows. All graphics formats readable by WP/WIN can be read by Graphcat.
GIF2WP36.ZIP27795May 27 1990GIF2WPG is used to allow graphics files created as GIF files to be used in Word Perfect documents. To do this, the program translates the GIF file into a WPG bit-mapped raster.
GKUTILS6.ZIP107435Jun 1 1993The Wordperfect 6.0 style checker (Grammatic) utils downloaded from WP BBS.
GRAPHCT2.ZIP132393Feb 15 1992GRAPHCAT 2.0: Macro package for WordPerfect 5.1 to create a pictorial catalog of the graphics on any disk or in any directory. Supports all graphics formats usable in WP, includes database creator for graphics files.
GRAPHLP.ZIP9932Nov 11 1991WordPerfect v5.1 graphics technical support notes.
GRPHINDX.ZIP1049Aug 25 1990An excellent WordPerfect macro for WP5.1 from the WordPerfectionist magazine. Written by Steve Schafer, this macro allows viewing, saving, and printing of multiple WPG-based graphics.
HEADLN.ZIP128096Mar 22 1990Many headlines in .WPG format for Word Perfect 5.0.
HEBREWMC.ZIP9389Oct 10 1991Hebrew macros for Word Perfect.
HPFORM.ZIP3365May 1 1992Print non-standard pages/paper on your HP LJ using WP 5.1.
HPGLY.ZIP26523Nov 17 1989Glyphics/HP Laserjet printer driver for Word Perfect 5.1.
INSIGNIA.ZIP97086Apr 29 1989Word Perfect WPG's of military insignias.
KANAWP.ZIP17851Apr 14 1991Macros that provide Kanji for Word Perfect.
KEYTEM.ZIP6472Dec 1 1993Keyboard template maker for WP6.0DOS.
KT21.ZIP16251Mar 8 1990Keyboard Translator (KT) allows you to overcome WP5.0's inability to print the keystrokes and macros contained in a keyboard substitution (.WPK) file.
KXP1X2.ZIP20675Feb 1 1991Panasonic KX-P1624 and 1124 printer drivers for WordPerfect 5.1.
L4WP51.ZIP96761Oct 11 1992Laser Jet 4 driver for Word Perfect 5.1 from HP.
LABELS51.ZIP11555Sep 19 1991Suggestions for using the Label feature of WP 5.1 from WP Corp.
LEXLEX1.ZIP110639Sep 28 1989A legal and medicine dictionary supplement for Wordperfect.
LTRHEAD3.ZIP160289Feb 1 1994Letter head macros for Wordperfect 5.1 and 6.0.
LTRWIN21.ZIP159241Dec 12 1992LETTERHEAD KIT 2.1-Windows version A macro package for WordPerfect for Windows, versions 5.1 and 5.2, by Jerry Stern.
MACMAKE.ZIP3669Aug 10 1990This macro quickly (and painlessly) constructs commonly used macro commands. It helps you write macros in the Macro:Action & Key:Action editor windows.
MACPRNT.ZIP11602Jan 11 1992Produce hard copy images of Word Perfect 5.1 macro files.
MACRAIDD.ZIP182188Mar 19 1991MacroAid is a shareware collection of DOS utility programs for use with WordPerfect macros.
MACRODOK.ZIP55996Apr 5 1989WP5.0 Macro documentor and editor, handy for keeping track of your Word Perfect keyboard macros.
MACROLST.ZIP88453Jul 13 1989List the WP5 macros in a subdirectory with their descriptions.
MACTRN.ZIP35663Oct 19 1990WordPerfect 5.1 macro editor. Translates text-to-macro or macro-to-text.
MACTUT51.ZIP34170May 16 1990Tutor that covers Word Perfect 5.1 macros.
MALT22.ZIP53581Oct 20 1993MALT (More Alt-Keys for the Perfects) is a memory resident utility that adds 90 new keys to the number of keys recognized by WordPerfect for the purpose of running Alt-like macros.
MEMO204.ZIP13806Feb 29 1992MACROs for automatic MEMO generation in Wordperfect 5.1.
MENU301.ZIP60855Sep 22 1992Macro menu system for WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS. Holds up to 1200 macros for easy browsing and quick 1 key execution. Includes utility to load macros. Menu driven with help screens.
MLIST2.ZIP24129Mar 28 1990Macro Lister will print the names and description of Word Perfect macros.
MMFW.ZIP142352Dec 31 1990Many macros for Word Perfect 5.1.
MOUSEP.ZIP166844Oct 22 1990MousePerfect provides a mouse interface for WordPerfect 5.0/5.1.
MP40.ZIP13381May 19 1990MorePerfect: Easier to use keyboard layout for WordPerfect 5.0+.
MPE4WP22.ZIP135387Oct 14 1992MPE4WP, Macro Programming Environment for WordPerfect, Version 2.2. Replacement for the WP macro editor. Converts macros to/from WP documents or ASCII files.
MTWP.ZIP177730Nov 8 1992MORE TOOLS for WordPerfect 5.x users, V. 1.0. Ten DOS utilities (plus 2 on registration) for WordPerfect users by the author of WPTOOLS. Best with WPerf5.1 for DOS, but mt work with 5.0 and 5.1/Win.
MWP30.ZIP13381May 19 1990MorePerfect adds to WordPerfect the ability, with a single keystroke; to move the cursor or delete--by character, word, line, sentence, paragraph, or page--forward or backward.
OKML393C.ZIP5833Jun 24 1993WP Driver for OKIDATA Microline 393C Printer.
OVERLAZ2.ZIP237597Feb 9 1992Over_LAZ is a collection of over 70 image overlay files for use with WordPerfect 5.0 or later and a laser printer.
PAGENUM.ZIP1748Jun 7 1991WordPerfect 5.1 macro to automate selection and location of page numbers.
PAGEXOFY.ZIP1283Jun 24 1993WP 5.2 Windows: Macro for page x of y.
PAGNUM.ZIP839Sep 27 1993Word Perfect macro to add page-numbering to footers (like Page 1 of 12).
PERF-12.ZIP4518Dec 29 1992Word Perfect Macro to correct punctuation and spacing between sentences.
PHONE#.ZIP1883Jan 2 1992List of all WordPerfect Corp. support telephone numbers.
POSBC1.ZIP6104Jun 19 1990Print Post Office bar codes on envelopes using Word Perfect.
PP508U.ZIP86300Jul 17 1989Perfect Pop 5.08 is a keyboard and/or mouse menuing system for WordPerfect 5.0. Makes using Word Perfect MUCH easier.
PQUOTE.ZIP4030Feb 25 1994WordPerfect Win 6.0 macro that helps create boxed eye catching pull quotes in a document.
PRINTDSK.ZIP4438Sep 13 1989WordPerfect 5.0 Printer Disk definitions. (NOV89).
PRTLST.ZIP9301Apr 30 1990Lastest list of printer drivers for WordPerfect 5.1.
PTR60.ZIP359946Jun 1 1993The WP 6.0 printer program downloaded from the Wordperfect BBS.
PX2WP.ZIP2762Feb 14 1991Paradox datafile to WP 5.1 merge mail conversion script.
RALPH2.ZIP35178Feb 3 1990This program will allow you to view both ASCII text and Word Perfect files. It will also output to several different types of speech synthesizers.
RUSIANWP.ZIP48438Jul 17 1990Allows WordPerfect 5.0 to become a Russiam Wordprocessor, includes screen fonts, keyboard macros and HP softfonts.
S-R.ZIP20091Jun 8 1989S&R is a sophisticated Search and Replace macro written in WordPerfect 5.0's Macro language.
SF-171.ZIP76900Nov 10 1993Wordperfect merge file system for creating SF-171's.
SPANISH.ZIP12288Dec 9 1991Spanish language keyboard mapping for Word Perfect 5.1.
SPASUP.ZIP21622May 7 1992Spanish supplimental dictionary for Wordperfect 5.1.
SPEEDWIN.ZIP3838Mar 17 1992Wordperfect's suggestions for optimizing Windows.
SPELL60.ZIP129301Jun 1 1993The Wordperfect 6.0 speller utilities downloaded from Wordperfect BBS.
SPELLFIX.ZIP9818May 1 1990Spell Checker patch for Word Perfect 5.1.
SYMBOL.ZIP3538Oct 19 1990Symbol macro for WP51. Very small and handy.
TEMPFILE.ZIP1705Mar 27 1991From Word Perfect - a list of temporary/miscellaneous Word Perfect file names.
TIPS.ZIP63983Sep 24 1991Tips for using WP 5.1 from WP Corp.
TIPS50.ZIP46503Aug 28 1991Collection of tips for WP 5.0 from WP Corp.
TO5_205.ZIP34608Apr 21 1993Wordperfect 5.1 to text with good translation of special features, Vers 2.0.
T_OUT520.ZIP35758Dec 2 1990TextOut5 converts WordPerfect 5.x files to ASCII with user-specified treatment of footnotes, text attributes, etc. Version 2.0 changes the command line but adds lots more power.
WIDSCR.ZIP29681Mar 4 1989Automates generation of WP5.0 PTR spacing tables for HP soft fonts.
WINDOW.ZIP4374Dec 18 1990Summary of messages regarding WP 5.1 usage under Windows 3.0.
WONDER.ZIP115358May 19 1989Super Menu For Word Perfect 5.0 - Many Great Utilities.
WONDRWP5.ZIP85862Oct 17 1989Pull-down menus and document automation macros for Word-Perfect.
WP-CRACK.ZIP37059Oct 13 1991Wordperfect password cracker.
WP171-15.ZIP198523Nov 30 1991Use WP 5.1 (for DOS or Windows) to fill out SF-171. Very well done and form looks great when printed out on laser printer, scalable fonts recommended.
WP50.ZIP6408May 16 1988Text file reference card for WordPerfect 5.0.
WP50ART.ZIP332028Mar 2 1989Various clip-art in WordPerfect 5.0 format.
WP50ART1.ZIP58566Oct 22 1988Various clip-art in WordPerfect 5.0 format.
WP50ART2.ZIP97339Oct 22 1988Various clip-art in WordPerfect 5.0 format.
WP50ART4.ZIP21287Oct 22 1988Various clip-art in WordPerfect 5.0 format.
WP50HELP.ZIP1970May 18 1989Memory resident pop-up help for Word Perfect 5.0 function keys.
WP50MAPS.ZIP24648Jun 7 1989World Map graphics for Word Perfect 5.0 or above.
WP50TUT1.ZIP123967Mar 13 1989Developed for a classroom setting, LEARNING SYSTEM is a state-of-the- art training tutorial for WordPerect 5.0. Part 1 of 2.
WP50TUT2.ZIP121627Mar 13 1989Word Perfect 5.0 tutorial. Part 2 of 2.
WP51-10.ZIP189168Jan 20 1990Word Perfect 5.1 POSTSCRIPT .ALL file from Word Perfect.
WP51-TEM.ZIP4236Apr 17 1992WordPerfect for Windows Templates.
WP510392.ZIP16128Mar 9 1992List of recent updates to Word Perfect 5.1.
WP51ART.ZIP170236Dec 16 1989Various clip art for Word Perfect V5.x.
WP51BARS.ZIP7035Apr 7 1992Bar codes for Word Perfect 5.1.
WP51DRS.ZIP253686May 31 1991The 5/91 release of WP.DRS from Word Perfect.
WP51HELP.ZIP139444Jan 4 1991General help text files for Word Perfect 5.1.
WP51INFO.ZIP9091Sep 14 1989Information on the upcoming WordPerfect 5.1.
WP51LABL.ZIP4476Dec 9 1989Word Perfect Macro that prints labels. Allows you to select the number of columns on sheet.
WP51MAC2.ZIP66030May 21 1990Macros for WordPerfect.
WP51MACS.ZIP137086Dec 11 1989A very large collection of WordPerfect 5.1 macros.
WP51MANL.ZIP131536Aug 21 1991WordPerfect v5.1 Mini manual. Requires Word Perfect to Print.
WP51ME.ZIP6226Sep 1 1988Logitech mouse menu for WordPerfect 5.0.
WP51MENU.ZIP3828Oct 28 1990MACRO MENU - A pop-up macro menu for WordPerfect 5.1. Allows you to select up to 20 macros after viewing a list of macro names. Expandable.
WP51PANA.ZIP6535Jan 27 1990Enhanced WordPerfect 5.1 printer driver for Panasonic KX-P1124. This driver contains over 108 fonts.
WP51TABL.ZIP27365Jun 17 1991Tips for using Tables in WP 5.1. From WP BBS.
WP51ZI.ZIP5658Sep 19 1991Wp51 macro for printing postal barcodes on envelopes.
WP5GRAF1.ZIP65016Nov 12 1988Library of assorted WP 5.0 graphics (WPG).
WP5MAC.ZIP45100Jul 21 1988Large collection of Word Perfect 5.0 macros.
WP5MM.ZIP32846Jan 6 1989Very simple, but useful, mouse menu for Word Perfect 5.0.
WP5TEMP.ZIP1105Sep 8 1988Word Perfect 5 template text files for AT style keyboards.
WP5UMC20.ZIP68984Jan 1 1991A huge collections of useful WordPerfect macros.
WP60DOSM.ZIP235577Sep 22 1993Word Perfect 6.0 for DOS macro manual.
WP60MINI.ZIP303293Aug 25 1993WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS Mini-manual.
WP60TDNT.ZIP2511Sep 28 1993A Wordperfect 6.0 driver for Trident video cards from Trident.
WP6WIN.ZIP18852Jun 2 1994From WP BBS, common trouble calls and answers from Tech Support for WordPerfect for Windows 6.0a.
WPASCII.ZIP3325Jul 14 1990Pop-Up table of ASCII values while in Word Perfect.
WPAUTMEN.ZIP39476Dec 7 1990AUTOMENU is a DOS program designed to quickly and efficiently create menu macros for use with WordPerfect 5.1.
WPBKLT20.ZIP66457Jun 24 1992The WP Booklet System is a set of WordPerfect 5.1 macros which simplify the production of booklets.
WPBOOK.ZIP126997Oct 1 1992BOOKBILD 1.0 for WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS) A macro package for WordPerfect that builds pamphlets from formatted text files.
WPCH60.ZIP538850Oct 18 1993Additional uncompiled "coaches" which can be installed in WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS. Just retrive the text files in WordPerfect, rename them using ".wpm" extension and give them a descriptive name. They show up in coach men
WPCITIES.ZIP54996Mar 22 1991Clip art of cities' metro areas for WordPerfect 5.1. Includes DC, Boston, SF, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, NY, and Philly.
WPCOLUMN.ZIP1041Sep 10 1991A small, simple pair of macros to allow entry of TV-style double column script in WP 5.0.
WPCRACK.ZIP39687Oct 13 1991De-encrypt Password from Word Perfect files.
WPD.ZIP62228Oct 20 1988A set of WP 5.0 screen drivers.
WPDM1.ZIP13621Jan 5 1990WP 5.1 Printer Drivers for Dot Matrix printers. Includes driver for Panasonic KX-P1124.
WPDM1NEW.ZIP22979Apr 15 199104-15-91 Update for wpdm1.zip. Downloaded from WordPerfect BBS. Useful for Epson and Kx-p1124 printers.
WPDM50.ZIP16431Jan 5 1990WordPerfect .ALL file for additional EPSON printer definitions.
WPDM50NU.ZIP34665Apr 15 199104-15-91 Update for wpdm50.zip. Downloaded from WordPerfect BBS. Additional print drivers for Epson and KX-P1124 printers.
WPDM51.ZIP9848Jan 5 1990NEC printer drivers for Word Perfect 5.1.
WPDM52.ZIP10253Jan 5 1990WordPerfect 5.1 "Additional" Print drivers for Dot Matrix printers. Includes Additional driver for Panasonic KX-P1124.
WPDRAW35.ZIP45602Nov 28 1990WPDRAW version 3.2. Display WordPerfect 5.0/5.1 .WPG graphics on your screen. Supports a variety of monitor types.
WPENH531.ZIP11925Jun 17 1991Enhancements in the 5/31/91 interim release of WordPerfect 5.1.
WPENVLOP.ZIP1018Feb 27 1987Envelope addresser for Word Perfect From recent PC World mag.
WPENVRB2.ZIP5285Jan 22 1990This file includes two versions (for 5.0 and 5.1) of a WordPerfect envelope macro that has some unusual features, including address parsing and a graphic display.
WPFAKE.ZIP15171Mar 24 1992Gag for Word Perfect users involving a fake WP screen.
WPFILTER.ZIP11155Nov 14 1989Recover corrupted Word Perfect 5.0 files, converts them to ASCII.
WPFKEY.ZIP4813Jan 27 1991Word Perfect 5.1 formatted file to print WP 5.1 and WordStar Function Key Templates in color. Defaults to Epson 800/1000 color printers.
WPFKEYS.ZIP17153Dec 5 1987Softkeys for wordperfect.
WPFRENCH.ZIP11655Jan 23 1992International keyboard for Word Perfect.
WPG1.ZIP98707Dec 9 1988Wordperfect graphics collection of various objects.
WPGKIT.ZIP533340Jun 20 1991330 Graphics for Word Perfect 5.0 and a macro to help create them and a document on how to create them. Great for begginers as well as pros.
WPGUESS.ZIP10630Jul 29 1992Wordperfect 5.1 password guesser, C source included.
WPHEBR.ZIP6443Jul 14 1990Macros and files to turn Word Perfect into Hebrew word processor.
WPHP1.ZIP115490Mar 9 1990HP Laserjet III driver for Word Perfect 5.1.
WPHP11.ZIP122234Dec 1 1992This is the most recent WPHP1 driver from the WP BBS (12/92) and includes the HPLJ4 setups for WP5.1 for DOS.
WPHP1791.ZIP121095Jul 12 1991WP5.1 printer driver WPHP1.ALL for HP-I/II/III/P/D/etc.
WPHP51.ZIP179485Nov 6 1989HP Laser Printers Font Drivers For WP 5.1. From The WP SIG in CI$. This is the additional HP drivers mentioned in WP 5.1.
WPHP51NV.ZIP228250Nov 9 1990WPHP51.ALL file for WordPerfect 5.1. HP Laserjet printer drivers.
WPHP52.ZIP180486Jan 5 1990WordPerfect .ALL printer driver for additional HP Laser Jet printer definitions.
WPHP531.ZIP232324Feb 9 1993This is the "additional" driver for HP laser printers. This is the latest version of WPHP53 02/93 and includes drivers for the HPLJ4.
WPINST.ZIP24277May 15 1988Easy installation of WordPerfect 5.0.
WPJAP.ZIP2811Dec 26 1991Japanese keyboard for Word Perfect 5.1.
WPKANA.ZIP9410Oct 7 1991Kanji wordprocessing for Word Perfect.
WPKBRD.ZIP2442Aug 7 1990This is a simple Word Perfect macro that pops up a menu and lets you choose from up to 10 different keyboards (*.WPK) to switch to.
WPLABELZ.ZIP4496Dec 9 1989Simple, yet useful, label macro for Word Perfect 5.1.
WPLEARN1.ZIP122820May 8 1990Tutorial for Wordperfect V5.1 (Part 1 of 3).
WPLEARN2.ZIP79429Apr 6 1990Tutorial for Wordperfect V5.1 (Part 2 of 3).
WPLEARN3.ZIP66147Apr 6 1990Tutorial for Wordperfect V5.1 (Part 3 of 3).
WPLJ-171.ZIP71304Mar 22 1991WordPerfect routines for filling in SF171.
WPLS50.ZIP153461Jul 12 1991More WP51 printer drivers including Juki 6100. From WP BBS.
WPLS51.ZIP42327Jan 25 1991WordPerfect 5.1 driver for AST Turbo Laser printer. DL'd from WPCorp's BBS, but WPCorp received the driver from a user rather than creating it themselves. Should also work with PlanPerfect 5.1.
WPM290.ZIP272473Sep 5 1992Fenimore's WordPerfect Macro Suite - compilation of many useful macros.
WPM5C.ZIP28143Sep 10 1988WordPerfect 5.0 Menu - Can change colors.
WPMAC1.ZIP36620Aug 2 1986Word Perfect collection of macros and info. Useful.
WPMAC509.ZIP43184Oct 27 1989Excellent collection of Word Perfect V5.0 macros.
WPMACMEN.ZIP18295Nov 18 1988Pull down menus for WP 5.0 for Logitech mouse.
WPMACPR.ZIP10590Jul 10 1992Prints Word Perfect macros.
WPMACRO.ZIP84941Nov 25 1990Advanced Word Perfect macro which includes instant endnotes/footnotes, a quick calculator, and even an adventure game programmed in WordPerfect's advanced macro language.
WPMC_HLP.ZIP9410Oct 12 1987Word Perfect macros w/ help screens.
WPMD3.ZIP70959Sep 27 1992WPMD -- The File Doctor for Word Perfect 5.x. Version 3.0. Includes new menu driven interface. Attempts to automatically repair damaged Word Perfect files. Files that have lost headers, damaged codes, etc.
WPMDX13.ZIP32713Aug 26 1992A Wordperfect utility to list macro descriptions to a text file.
WPMENU.ZIP12337Jan 16 1988Command menu for WordPerfect.
WPMENU5.ZIP12483May 15 1988Pulldown menu for wp5.0.
WPMG0190.ZIP57392Feb 2 1990Wordperfect Magazine diskette January 1990.
WPMG0290.ZIP16700Mar 12 1990Wordperfect Magazine diskette February 1990.
WPMG0390.ZIP16700Mar 12 1990WordPerfect Magazine Diskette -- March 1990.
WPMG0590.ZIP106750May 16 1990Wordperfect Magazine diskette -- May 1990.
WPMG0690.ZIP20417Jun 6 1990WordPerfect Magazine programs - June 1990.
WPMG0790.ZIP29942Jun 19 1990Word Perfect Magazine July '90.
WPMG0890.ZIP32819Aug 1 1990Word Perfect Magazine 8/90.
WPMG9010.ZIP16934Sep 13 1990Wordperfect Magazine source -- October 1990.
WPMG9011.ZIP39659Oct 9 1990Wordperfect Magazine source -- November 1990.
WPMG9012.ZIP30489Nov 16 1990Wordperfect Magazine source -- December 1990.
WPMG9102.ZIP50284Feb 1 1991Wordperfect magazine source -- February 1991.
WPMG9103.ZIP33631Nov 30 -0001Wordperfect Magazine source -- March 1991.
WPMOUSE.ZIP15656Mar 5 1990Detailed info on using mouse in WP51 from WP BBS in Utah.
WPNEWMNU.ZIP37071Jun 29 1989Newest version of the menu program for WP5.
WPPASS.ZIP18967Oct 5 1990Unprotect for password ecrypted Word Perfect files.
WPPTFT.ZIP24401Apr 24 1990A uesr's notes on installing HP soft fonts into WordPerfect 5.0 using the WordPerfect PTR utility.
WPPTRHLP.ZIP65195May 18 1988Help in using WordPerfect 5's PTR printer utility.
WPRAM.ZIP4331Jun 10 1986Instructions on how to load Word Perfect completely into memory.
WPRINT01.ZIP105699Feb 16 1990WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #1.
WPRINT02.ZIP128461Sep 14 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #2.
WPRINT03.ZIP124232Sep 14 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer file #03. (Dot Matrix printers).
WPRINT05.ZIP102192Feb 16 1990WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #5.
WPRINT06.ZIP104848Feb 15 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #6.
WPRINT07.ZIP121986Sep 14 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #7. (Older Dot Matrix printers).
WPRINT08.ZIP157521Sep 14 1989A set of printer drivers for older printers including Silver Reed series that will work with Word Perfect 5.0 and 5.1.
WPRINT09.ZIP108143Nov 23 1988Word Perfect 5.0 Printer Library #9. Older printers.
WPRINT10.ZIP122513Feb 15 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #10.
WPRINT11.ZIP100538Feb 15 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #11.
WPRINT12.ZIP109193Mar 6 1989Printer 12-printers defs for Word Perfect 5.0.
WPRINT13.ZIP67294Feb 15 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #13.
WPRINT14.ZIP108688Feb 15 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #14.
WPRINT15.ZIP57564Feb 15 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #15.
WPRINT16.ZIP56381Feb 15 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #16.
WPRINT17.ZIP82468Feb 15 1989WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #17.
WPRINT20.ZIP66310Sep 14 1989WordPerfect 5.0 Printer files.
WPRINT21.ZIP110801May 25 1989WordPerfect Printer drivers for the P9. .ALL file.
WPRINT26.ZIP47041Feb 16 1990WordPerfect 5.0 printer disk #26.
WPRINT27.ZIP65806Feb 16 1990WP 50 Printer disk for the H.P. Laserjet III.
WPRINT8.ZIP106133Mar 15 1991The hopefully corrected collection of printer drivers from WordPerfect BBS, including a driver for Star SG-10 printers.
WPRUSSIN.ZIP48439Jul 17 1990Russian front end for Word Perfect 5.0.
WPSG1191.ZIP166585Nov 26 1991Word Perfect Support Group Macros/Utilities for 11/91.
WPSGNOV.ZIP166585Nov 26 1991Word Perfect files from November Word Perfect magazine.
WPSTYLES.ZIP11803Sep 20 1991Word Perfect text help on styles functions.
WPTBHLP.ZIP50549Sep 24 1991Word Perfect text help on tables.
WPTEXT.ZIP40698Nov 28 1990WPText allows users of WordPerfect 5.1 to tap into WordPerfect's internal scalable fonts.
WPTIPS3.ZIP16640Aug 16 1991Latest Word Perfect tips from WPBBS.
WPUNPAS2.ZIP38116May 10 1994DECRYPT PASSWORDED WORDPERFECT FILES WordPerfect 4.x and 5.x files can be passworded (encripted). This utility decodes the password.
WPUS16.ZIP118461Jan 15 1991WP 5.1 PostScript printer driver which supports numerous freeware soft fonts.
WPWINH.ZIP5294Dec 1 1991Macros for creating MS Windows WinHelp Rich-Text-Format help files with Wordperfect for Windows.
WPWSTAR.ZIP11240May 23 1988Word Perfect keyboard file - allows Wordstar commands to be used in Word Perfect. Great for Wordstar users who want to use Word Perfect!.
WPXREF.ZIP25894Oct 24 1987WordPerfect Cross-reference utility.
WRTPAC1.ZIP50194Jan 6 1992Writer's Pack Version 1. Compilation of several Word Perfect 5.1 based templates and documents to help Freelance writers.
WSASCI.ZIP1512Feb 8 1986Converts Wordstar files to ASCII.
WS^PT^PV.ZIP3241Sep 19 1987A Word Star patch.