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Fixes bug in Word Perfect 5.1's EMS use with some drivers.
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Fixes bug in Word Perfect 5.1’s EMS use with some drivers.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Some notes about EMSFIX.COM:

This short program (EMSFIX.COM) is provided in an attempt to get WP 5.1
working in systems with LIM 4.0 memory managers that are causing problems.
One such memory manager is EMS40.SYS, available in PC Magnet's Utilities
forum (Lib 2). The currently available version (as of 11/25/89) of
EMS40.SYS is Version 1.1. When loading WP 5.1 with EMS40.SYS installed
most (if not all) machines will hang. Running EMSFIX.COM just prior to
loading WP 5.1 seems to solve this problem. (At least, I haven't been
able to make it hang.)

It MAY also help with ALL ChargeCards, although I don't have one to test

EMSFIX will cause any programs loaded AFTER it is run to think that the
expanded memory in the system is of the LIM 3.2 (not LIM 4.0) variety.
In particular WP 5.1 checks for the LIM version early on in its loading
process, and uses expanded memory differently when LIM 4.0 is found than
when LIM 3.2 is found.

EMSFIX will NOT interfere with access to the EMS manager, nor will it
interefere in any way with the use of any LIM 4.0 functions. EMSFIX
simply reports to programs loaded subsequent to running it that the
resident EMS driver is a LIM 3.2 driver.

It appears (as of 11/25/89) that some LIM 4.0 drivers are not fully in
compliance with the LIM spec. In any case, WP 5.1 does not seem to work
with some LIM 4.0 drivers. Every LIM 4.0 driver also contains the LIM 3.2
functions, and those functions are more likely to be properly implemented.
EMSFIX has the effect of forcing WP 5.1 to work with those LIM 3.2 functions.

It is probable that WP 5.1 is more efficient, or faster, or more powerful
when used with a LIM 4.0 driver than when used with a LIM 3.2 driver. The
use of EMSFIX.COM is recommended only as an interim step. A better solution
would be to upgrade to a fully functional (i.e., properly implemented) LIM
4.0 driver. Versions of AST's REMM.SYS and Quarterdeck's QEMM-386.SYS are
available that work fine with WP 5.1, and the new versions should be
obtained rather than using EMSFIX.

Note that the original version of EMS40.SYS will not work with WP 5.1, even
with EMSFIX (there must be other problems with that driver). The 7/29/89
update of EMS40.SYS is required.

This program can be expanded upon if it proves to be useful. For example, I
could make it possible to remove it from memory after running WP 5.1. This
would free up a little memory, and would also return the EMS manager back to
its original status, as far as subsequently loaded programs are concerned.

Feedback encouraged...

Bill Gordon (76010,3466)

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