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Wp51 macro for printing postal barcodes on envelopes.
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Wp51 macro for printing postal barcodes on envelopes.
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2B[Ze3|l) (MF)XTiempo Roman (PC,Scal) (MF)4L P3|["m^2ACd2LLd2B26dddddddddd66b|LXxmA6Ad2bjXlbBam65h6mmmlLLAmZXYWddd2nbbbbbXbbbbL6L6L6L6mmmmmmmmmYblmmYbbbXXXXlbbbbaaaaaammLLL6LXh66666mmmmmmLLLmLmLmLmLAAAmmmmmmYWWWl6mLmLAYYlmm//ddAbeeddJRdBRjdTiempo Roman (PC,Scal) (MF)Journal 10 pitch (PC,Scal) (MF) PR#[,t
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hours writing it. It is as compact as I think it can be. It is (#(#Brather slow as macros go, but for what it does, it works well.

This macro will add a Postal ZIP bar code to an envelope using
WordPerfect 5.1 graphics lines. It should work on any printer(#(#B
WordPerfect supports in graphics mode. No special font
cartridge``or soft font is required.

If you find this macro useful, please register by sending $20.00

``Daniel Burstiner


``216 Maple Avenue

``South Bound Brook, NJ 08880

``CIS:72421,3710 for comments and suggestions.

>Registration will entitle you to 50% off on the WordPerfect for
>Windows version of this macro when it becomes available.

ZIP.WPM``WordPerfect 5.1 macro for Postal ZIP bar codes

ZIP.DOC``This document

UNITS.WPM``Macro to set the units of measure

I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

The U. S. Postal Service is allowing a 2 discount on all mail with
the Postal ZIP bar code. This macro will add the ZIP+4 bar code to
an existing envelope document. The document should be formatted to
print a #10 standard envelope.

The format for the ZIP+4 is ######### with or without the hyphen.
The macro will strip out the hyphen for the bar code. The macro
will also add the start and stop bars as well as the checksum code.

The hyphen must be here.


``hh# This [HRt] is required.




Position the cursor here.

Placement is automatic. Just position the cursor on the first
number in the ZIP+4 code and invoke the macro. Depending on your(0*0*0*system, this will take a few moments. You will not see the bar
code on the screen (View Document mode will show it) since the code
is printed using WordPerfect graphics codes. Look in Reveal Codes
if you are curious.

There is one possible problem. WordPerfect does not have the
capability to determine the units of measure in use. Therefore
this macro assumes you are using inches. The macro will set your
units of measure to 1200ths of an inch to generate the bar code and
then set it to inches upon completion. That is why your hard drive
light will blink at the start and conclusion of the macro.

If you do not use inches, you can run the UNITS.WPM macro also
included here. If you are not sure what you use, run UNITS before
executing and check what is there first. Just press after
looking, without changing anything.

Hopefully WordPerfect will add the ability to check in the future.
I will update the macro if they do.

CHANGES for Version 1.01

Noted the required [HRt] in the documentation.(#

Added error checking to produce ZIP+4 only if the ZIP code
includes the +4 digits and the hyphen.(#

Revised the termination to eliminate the {QUIT}. This allows
the macro to be {NEST}ed in other macros.(#

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