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Bar codes for Word Perfect 5.1.
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Bar codes for Word Perfect 5.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BARCODE.0 965 301 deflated
BARCODE.1 965 301 deflated
BARCODE.10 965 301 deflated
BARCODE.2 965 302 deflated
BARCODE.3 965 302 deflated
BARCODE.4 965 300 deflated
BARCODE.5 965 300 deflated
BARCODE.6 965 300 deflated
BARCODE.7 965 300 deflated
BARCODE.8 965 300 deflated
BARCODE.9 965 300 deflated
BARCODE.PRI 2252 727 deflated
BARCODE.SEC 1111 569 deflated
README.TXT 719 429 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Note: This barcode mail merge system will only work with WordPerfect 5.1
release dated 1/19/90 or later.

These files were based on an article by Kevin Marshall in "WordPerfect
The Magazine" (April 1992) entitled "Creating Barcodes with Macros and

There were two errors in the primary merge file printed in the magazine.
The first was the expression on line 3, which incorrectly read:


It correctly now reads:


Second, the {FOR} loop on line 4 started at zero. It now correctly
starts at one.

Third, a file called BARCODE.10 needed to be created. It is simply
a duplicate of BARCODE.0.

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