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MousePerfect provides a mouse interface for WordPerfect 5.0/5.1.
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MousePerfect provides a mouse interface for WordPerfect 5.0/5.1.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


MousePerfect, Inc. is no more. Support for MousePerfect can
be had by contacting the creator, Howard E. Abrams, via Compuserve
id 71750,1610. To register your copy of MousePerfect, send $25.00 to
Howard E. Abrams, 2154 Briarlake Trace, Atlanta GA 30345. Among other benefits of registration, you will receive a printed copy of the
User's Guide.


The Setup option is now located on the FORMAT menu (off the
MAIN menu) as well as on the SCREEN menu (also off the MAIN menu).


Please note: To get true reverse for highlighted menu items,
set the parameter HIGHLIGHT to the same value as TEXT COLOR.

Also, if you use a vga or ega video system and configure Word-
Perfect (via the WordPerfect Setup command) to display an alternate
font (e.g., underline) with eight colors instead of sixteen colors,
choosing a color above 7 in the MPCHANGE color submenu will produce
the WordPerfect alternate font. There is nothing wrong with using
this color choice in MousePerfect; just do not be surprised that it

At this point, if you configure MousePerfect to use the Ram
Font feature of a Hercules InColor card, you lose the ability to
change the menu colors.


Because of the way in which MousePerfect 5.1 has been written,
parameter Interrupt Number no longer is needed and it no longer ap-
pears in MPCHANGE.

Please note: WordPerfect version 5.1 allows you to change the
size of the Reveal Screen. If you change the size of the Reveal
Screen (via the WordPerfect Setup command), you must make a
corresponding change to MousePerfect's Setup via MPCHANGE. There
is a new option, Reveal Screen Size, on the MPCHANGE Interface

If you are using Borland's Sidekick (not Sidekick Plus), you
may experience a problem if you load MousePerfect 5.1 AFTER
Sidekick. If so, please drop a note in the mail: there is a special
version of MousePerfect 5.1 that will work.


PLease note: When you enter Alt-F10 (Save), WordPerfect asks
for the name under which you wish to save your file and offers the
current name as the default. MousePerfect uses this feature of
WordPerfect in its Save Under Current Name options on the
MousePerfect Save menu. In WordPerfect 5.0, you are also given the
current file name as the default save name when you save (via the
Text In/Text Out function of WordPerfect) in ASCII, WP 4.2 and
other formats. However, in WordPerfect 5.1, you are NOT prompted
with the default name when you try to save in a format other than
WordPerfect 5.1 OR ASCII. Accordingly, MousePerfect's Save Under
Current Name options will only work if you save in WordPerfect 5.1
or ASCII format. However, in the hope that WordPerfect Corp. will
someday return this feature to WordPerfect, we have left all the
Save Under Current Name options on the MousePerfect Save menu.
Until WordPerfect makes that change, use the Save Under New Name if
you wish to save a file in a format OTHER THAN WordPerfect 5.1 or


A FEW users have experienced machine hangs when using
MousePerfect with DESQview 386. We are unable to duplicate the
problem, and most users have no similar problems. We have notified
Quarterdeck of the difficulty and hope they will fix DESQview 386
soon. Note: no users have reported any such problems using
MousePerfect under DOS alone or under DESQview without the 386 EMM.


WordPerfect 5.1 leaves text mode and enters a graphics mode in
two situations: (1) when displaying a document in the Print Preview
screen; and (2) when in the Equation editor. MousePerfect version
5.1 defer to the WordPerfect graphics mouse cursor (an arrow) in
these two situations.

However, there will be a slight problem when leaving the
graphics screen under MousePerfect version 5.1: the WordPerfect
block mouse cursor may appear. Fortunately, it will disappear once
any key is typed or any mouse button is clicked. In addition, if
you return directly to your text (as you will from the Print
Preview screen but not from the Equation editor), mouse motion also
will hide the WordPerfect mouse cursor.

In addition, problems might arise if you use a non-standard
video system such as a full-page display or 132-column display. In
such circumstances, MousePerfect may treat the non-standard video
system as a graphic screen even though text is displayed.

You can avoid these problems by setting the parameter Check
Graphic Screen to False (the default is True). Check Graphic
Screen is located on the MPCHANGE Technical menu. Of course, if
you set Check Graphic Screen to False, you will not be able to use
a mouse in the Print Preview and Equation editor graphic screens.


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