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WP 5.1 PostScript printer driver which supports numerous freeware soft fonts.
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WP 5.1 PostScript printer driver which supports numerous freeware soft fonts.
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FONT.EXT 12078 2510 deflated
FONTS.TXT 46088 15082 deflated
READ.ME 1697 802 deflated
WARNING 1613 511 deflated
WPUS1.ALL 174312 60137 deflated
WPUS1.DOC 23565 8352 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

READ.ME 01/15/91


You may give away copies or upload to any BBS this distribution
provided that all files remain intact. This driver exists for
your benefit and I hate to put any restrictions on its use.
However, I must ask that the PD/Shareware font library be kept
only within WPUS1.ALL.

This release is much, much bigger than the previous one.
There are now 38 Type 3 and 13 Type 1 fonts supported (16 new
Type 3 and 13 new Type 1 fonts), which means a huge number of new
entries in the PD/Shareware Font Library. The font Mary Dale,
for instance, has over 3500 entries in its kerning table alone.
The WPUS1.ALL file has grown from 96 to over 174 Kbytes (I think
20K of this can be attributed to the new WP PostScript driver

The files included in WPUS16.ZIP are as follows:

READ.ME The file you are reading.

WARNING. Just what it says.

FONT.EXT File to print out extended
character map. Refer to
WPUS1.DOC for instructions on
how to use.

FONTS.TXT Description of the featured fonts,
with comments.

WPUS1.DOC Information on WPUS1.ALL.

WPUS1.ALL The WordPerfect 5.1 printer driver.

I would love to receive your comments not only about the
driver but about this group of fonts, too.

Hector Santos
2616 Berkeley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026

CIS 74216,1143
Tel. (213) 413-4642

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