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Summary of messages regarding WP 5.1 usage under Windows 3.0.
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Summary of messages regarding WP 5.1 usage under Windows 3.0.
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RUNNING WP 5.1 IN WINDOWS 3.0 12-19-90

(The following text is a compilation of messages that have appeared in

Setting Up Your Pif: Do's and Don'ts

1) Conventional memory: 400k (384 is the absolute minimum)
2) Execution: "Background" (unless you are short on memory, in which
case "Exclusive" may be checked -- however, you will not be able
to multitask if this option is selected)
3) EMS 1-- a bug in Win deducts at least 600k, so this is really
600/1200). You don't have to bother with the extended memory
settings, since WP doesn't use any.
4) For Video Memory, "Text" should be checked.
5) Do not check any options under "Monitor Video Ports" unless the
application's display is not appearing properly, in which case
"High Graphics" should be selected. Checking the option may slow the
application down considerably, and according to the Windows manual,
"some display adapters, such as the IBM VGA, will not be affected by
these options."

Don't load WP with the /r option on a standalone (it should be used on a
LAN) -- it usually won't help, and it may cause problems in Win.

Don't use "Print to hardware port", in printer setup (WP Updates 6/19 and
later). If set to yes, it can cause "System Integrity Violated" and
"WP.Fil not found" errors.

Also, you can't use "View" mode while running WP in a window -- if you try
to, you'll probably crash.

Some people running WP through Win have found Win disables their A: drive,
or slows WP down after accessing the A: drive. If this occurs, try adding
"HIGHFLOPPYREADS=FALSE" and "EMMEXCLUDE=E000-EFFF" in the 386enh section of
system.ini file in Win. If that doesn't do it, also try setting

Windows Modes:

On a 386, you can run Windows in all 3 modes: Real, Standard, and 386

On a 286 machine, you will have your choice of running 2 modes in Windows.
Real Mode, or Standard Mode. If you have extended memory on the PCs you
will want to run Standard mode, since that uses the Protected Mode features
of the 286 to allow it to use your extended memory properly. The different
modes of Windows, while initially confusing, are fairly straightforward:

- 1 -Windows Modes (continued):

Real Mode: Runs on 808x, 80286, 80386, and 80486 machines. Does not use
Protected Mode. Does not multitask, but can task switch.

Standard Mode: Runs on 80286, 80386, and 80486 machines. Uses Protected
Mode for better memory management. Does not multitask but can task switch.

386 Enhanced Mode: Runs on 80386 and 80486 machines. Uses Protected Mode.
Does Multitask. Can use Virtual Memory (swap memory to and from your hard
disc). Requires at least 2Mb memory, but 4Mb is more realistic.

Although Windows is smart enough to figure out the "highest" mode your
machine will support, and automatically execute in that mode, you can
override this and manually select your mode.


Share violation errors occur in Win when more files need to be opened than
are provided for (Share's default is a measly 20!). If you're having a
problem with this, try adding the following line to your config.sys:

Install=c:\dos\share.exe /l:500

If that doesn't work, you might try increasing the file space as well:

Install=c:\dos\share.exe /l:500 /f:4000

If that doesn't do it, you can always try using NOSHARE.COM, a tsr available
in WPSGA Library 9, from your autoexec.bat.


QUESTION: A: drive problems
My A: drive is disabled when I run WP through Win!

section of your SYSTEM.INI file.

QUESTION: I can't get WP to multitask in Windows.

Several people reported this and the cure was different in each case. One
was use of a super-VGA card and required EMMExclude=C000-CFFF, another was
due to SCSI and needing VirtualHDIRQ=False. (Both of these changes are
made in sys.ini).


QUESTION: I'm having problems when I shell out to DOS from WP (system
crashes or slows down on return)

If you are running WP under windows it would be cleaner to start a dos
window and just use task manager or alt+tab to flip between windows. also,
if you did this, your dos window would be 'full size' since there would be
no WP hanging around to take up memory.

QUESTION: Mouse when running WP in a Window?
I am running WP 5.1 on a 386 25Mhz clone. Everything runs fine including
mouse control until I run WP from inside Windows 3.0. If I run WP in full
screen mode (from the PIF) it's OK, but if I run WP in a window (from the
PIF) I lose my mouse. I like my mouse. I miss my mouse. I don't want to run
WP in full screen mode. Any ideas?

When a DOS program is running in a window, Windows takes over all mouse
handling. Doesn't pass it though to the application. Probably in Windows
3.1 this will be fixed.


QUESTION: Best use of memory under Windows
"I am upgrading my Compaq 386/33 to a Compaq 486/33L. The 486 will have
16mb of RAM which I have to configure into expanded/extended memory. My
printer is a LaserMaster 1000 TurboRes. On the 486 I will be installing the
following primary applications: Windows 3.0, WP51, & Ventura for Windows.
Windows requires exPANDed memory, while WP & Ventura require exTENDed
memory. Needless to say, I want to get the most I can out of each program,
thus, I would like suggestions on how best to configure the RAM. I will be
using QEMM386 as the memory manager."

Win will automatically allocates WP with any expanded memory it needs
through the .pif setting for WP. (This holds true for any other
applications that may need expanded).

If you have any drivers/utilities/TSRs that require EXPanded memory, and if
you load these before Windows, then you'll want to use EMS386.SYS (provided
on the Windows distribution diskette.) Alternatively, use Quarterdeck's
QEMM 5.11 Expanded Memory Manager. I, for example, use FONTSPACE (an HP
Laserjet font compression utility), UltraVision, and an INTEL Connection
Coprocessor Fax card. All these programs are loaded before Windows and all
take advantage of EXPanded memory to minimize their use of base memory.
Unless I use EMS386.SYS, there is no EXPanded memory available and they
load in base memory (and leave me nothing to run applications with).


QUESTION: How to get expanded memory for WP in WIN
My 386-25 has two megs of RAM. Everything over the first meg is extended.
WP can load about 300K of overlays and stuff into expanded memory, but
can't really do anything at all with extended. Before I got Windows, I
used Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager to resolve this problem. Windows
doesn't like Quarterdeck, so I took QEMM out of my Config.sys.**[NOTE TO
READER: The current version of Qemm, 5.11, is compatible with Win 3.0]**
Problem is, now WordPerfect isn't able to load (using the /r option) the
overlays into memory, which slows the program down considerably.

I understand that Windows is supposed to be able to emulate expanded
memory, if you want it to. I've tried modifying my PIF file to get that
effect, but haven't had any luck.

I've heard many recommendations from users of wp5.1 not to use the /r
switch to load everything into memory (it can cause problems under Win, and
doesn't seem to speed things up unless you're running on a LAN) . Windows
uses disk caching that helps to make up for not having all of WP loaded.

Win 3 does automatically provide EMS to your application when you specify
it in your .pif; however, due to a bug it subtracts at least 600k from the
amount of EMS you specify. So, try increasing the amount by at least 600k,
more if you find you need to.

BTW QEMM5.1 now runs fine with Windows in 386 Enh mode and allows you to
'loadhi' all the stuff you used to with QEMM 5.0.

QUESTION: WP 5.1 hangs with EMS

Try loading WP with the /32 startup parameter. If that works okay, what it
means is that your EMS driver is not, in fact, fully compliant with the
published LIM 4.0 specification. You can continue to use the /32 startup
switch (which causes WP to use only LIM 3.2 features), or you can bug the
publisher of your driver to upgrade it to LIM 4.0 compliance.

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