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Wordperfect graphics collection of various objects.
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Wordperfect graphics collection of various objects.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CANDLE.WPG 3256 2259 deflated
CHEETA.WPG 4998 4847 deflated
COFEECUP.WPG 632 329 deflated
DIRECTOR.WPG 617 441 deflated
EAGLE.WPG 677 576 deflated
FILES.LST 1918 743 deflated
G-B_NEWS.WPG 1806 1031 deflated
HAND.WPG 684 564 deflated
HHOLIDAY.WPG 2194 1013 deflated
IDEA.WPG 613 366 deflated
IDEABULB.WPG 1115 494 deflated
ILLUSION.WPG 788 511 deflated
INVITED.WPG 1654 725 deflated
JOURNAL.WPG 11371 3684 deflated
KEY1.WPG 1282 487 deflated
LETTER.WPG 448 277 deflated
LONDON.WPG 1229 405 deflated
MAN-DESK.WPG 2590 1089 deflated
NEWYEAR.WPG 1471 901 deflated
NOBULL.WPG 1768 808 deflated
OPENHOUS.WPG 2447 998 deflated
OUTHOUSE.WPG 1965 750 deflated
OVERTIME.WPG 1309 695 deflated
PAPRCLIP.WPG 564 277 deflated
PC.WPG 1054 399 deflated
PEACE1.WPG 1630 873 deflated
PEACE2.WPG 2325 1258 deflated
PENCIL2.WPG 568 247 deflated
PHONE.WPG 290 156 deflated
PHONE2.WPG 1217 790 deflated
PUSHPIN.WPG 861 466 deflated
QUESTION.WPG 555 327 deflated
READ.ME 2437 1259 deflated
SANTA.WPG 1228 760 deflated
SCROLPEN.WPG 685 485 deflated
SEALSEAL.WPG 899 449 deflated
SEASGRET.WPG 1259 802 deflated
SMILEYUK.WPG 661 338 deflated
SOAPBOX.WPG 2612 1093 deflated
THANKS!.WPG 720 298 deflated
THANKYOU.WPG 1767 955 deflated
TRKTREAT.WPG 3769 1477 deflated
UNCLESAM.WPG 2493 1290 deflated
UNCLSAM2.WPG 1887 908 deflated
VOTE!.WPG 1692 680 deflated
WPG-01.DOC 92404 41968 deflated
XMASTREE.WPG 2040 1470 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


These CLIP ART images are placed in the public domain. I
compiled them over the past few months in conjunction with my
producing the newsletter, I/O NEWS, for the Baltimore PC Users'
Group. For information about the Group and the services available
from the Group please contact us at:

Baltimore PC Users' Group
P.O. Box 1158
Cockeysville, MD 21102

These clip art images are given to you "AS-IS" and neither I,
nor the Baltimore PC Group can be held responsible for their use
or abuse. I can guarantee that when I created the ARC, in which
this file is contained, all was well and good. There are some
strange people out there doing sick things to files and uploading
them to bulletin boards. Hope this never happens to you. Enough

The files were created using the GRAB utility that is supplied
with Word Perfect 5.0. I carried my trusty floppy, with GRAB on it,
to the houses of several members, that were running various
programs that could display graphics, First Publisher, Print
Master, Newsroom, etc, etc.

Grab had no problem with most of them. I did encounter a
program or two that would not work with GRAB. I got a program, that
is probably on the board, where you got this file, called GRABBER.
GRABBER "grabs" a graphics (or text) screen, similar to what GRAB
does, but GRABBER makes an executable program that will display
the "grabbed" screen. This can be fun, making small programs to run
from BAT files, etc. It also helped me when GRAB failed me... Read

HINT: IF GRAB fails: use GRABBER first and capture the screen. RE-
BOOT the computer. Run GRAB, run the program created by GRABBER and
use GRAB to capture it to a WPG file. I'm sorry that I can't
remember the program that caused me the problem.

NOTE: Having GRAB and GRABBER both in memory at the same time may
cause problems.

Another NOT: I created a logo for the newsletter, using PC PAINT.
I spent several hours doing it. I envoked GRAB and the computer
locked up. Had to use the BRS (big red switch) to restart. I had
NOT saved the picture in PC PAINT before I tried to GRAB it. The
moral --- SAVE IT FIRST AND THEN "GRAB" IT !!!!! ---

Contact me in care of the BALTIMORE PC Group at the above address
if you have any comments or if you have any WPG files that you
would like to share. ENJOY

Joe Meagher

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