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Macros for WordPerfect.
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Macros for WordPerfect.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1990.WPM 7464 878 deflated
1991.WPM 7446 871 deflated
1992.WPM 7448 881 deflated
1993.WPM 7608 871 deflated
1994.WPM 7608 857 deflated
1995.WPM 7608 865 deflated
ADDCOL.WPM 324 210 deflated
ADDRESS.B 1983 1029 deflated
ADDRESS.P 1908 978 deflated
ADDROW.WPM 347 213 deflated
ALTA.WPM 443 244 deflated
ALTB.WPM 440 244 deflated
ALTC.WPM 79 53 deflated
ALTD.WPM 553 298 deflated
ALTH.WPM 268 158 deflated
ALTI.WPM 590 307 deflated
ALTM.WPM 2366 669 deflated
ALTP.WPM 85 58 deflated
ALTT.WPM 555 305 deflated
ALTU.WPM 83 57 deflated
ALTV.WPM 80 54 deflated
ALTX.WPM 84 57 deflated
ASC.WPM 1143 423 deflated
B2.WPM 85 57 deflated
B3.WPM 93 62 deflated
B4.WPM 90 58 deflated
BLD.WPM 86 60 deflated
BOXKEY.WPM 620 315 deflated
COM2TXT.WPM 312 195 deflated
DELCOL.WPM 317 204 deflated
DELHRT.WPM 93 68 deflated
DELLINE#.WPM 394 225 deflated
DELROW.WPM 308 194 deflated
DELUND.WPM 99 73 deflated
DOS.WPM 74 48 deflated
DOUBLE.WPM 105 71 deflated
EQ.WPM 98 71 deflated
EQKEY.WPM 617 304 deflated
EQUATION.WPK 2978 1507 deflated
FNAMEFIX.WPM 540 300 deflated
FRAC.WPM 690 219 deflated
FUNSYM.WPM 1018 328 deflated
GREEK.WPK 3897 1327 deflated
GREEK.WPM 598 313 deflated
HEBREW.WPK 2217 974 deflated
HEBREW.WPM 599 307 deflated
JOINCOL.WPM 191 135 deflated
JOINROW.WPM 188 135 deflated
KEYVAL.WPM 373 203 deflated
LINE#.WPM 235 152 deflated
LINE#5.WPM 231 149 deflated
LINEOFF.WPM 94 69 deflated
MACFIX.WPM 499 258 deflated
MACRO.DOC 26343 9680 deflated
MARG_L-R.WPM 85 59 deflated
MARG_T-B.WPM 85 59 deflated
MONEY.WPM 1117 461 deflated
MUSIC.WPM 1083 448 deflated
OUTLINE.WPM 410 226 deflated
OVRSTRIK.WPM 450 245 deflated
PHONBOOK.B 1505 809 deflated
PHONBOOK.P 1523 826 deflated
POINTERS.WPM 1428 504 deflated
READ.ME 5543 2412 deflated
SAV42.WPM 107 79 deflated
SAV50.WPM 107 81 deflated
SAVDOS.WPM 97 70 deflated
SHADECOL.WPM 206 146 deflated
SHADEROW.WPM 197 143 deflated
SHADOW.WPM 403 228 deflated
SPLIT.WPM 92 67 deflated
SQUARES.WPM 1379 510 deflated
STARS.WPM 844 391 deflated
STR.WPM 121 72 deflated
SUPERKEY.WPK 5250 2043 deflated
SUPERKEY.WPM 641 321 deflated
TABDOT.WPM 575 245 deflated
TL.WPM 106 79 deflated
TR.WPM 111 84 deflated
TRIANGLE.WPM 1700 555 deflated
TYPO.WPM 1641 557 deflated
U2.WPM 90 62 deflated
U3.WPM 98 70 deflated
U4.WPM 100 69 deflated
U5.WPM 102 69 deflated
VER.WPM 167 121 deflated
WPK.DOC 27558 9706 deflated
XL.WPM 161 97 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Shareware is one of the best features of the personal computer
revolution. It is distributed freely over electronic bulletin
boards, or sold through shareware catalogs for the cost of
duplicating the disks.

Shareware is not free. Purchasing the disk is not the same as
purchasing the shareware material. If you use shareware, you are
expected to send the author the requested fee. Shareware offers you
the opportunity to "try before you buy".

Some shareware is written by authors who make their entire living
creating shareware, and can cost a good deal of money when you
register. Other shareware, like the material on this disk, is
created by users of a particular program to enhance or bring out
all of the features of that program, and is made available at
nominal cost to other users.

The material on this disk is copyrighted, and may not be copied or
sold for profit, except to be passed on to other users as
shareware. It may be copied and distributed by shareware
distributors, but no fee other than the standard shareware fee for
other disks sold by that company may be charged.

If you find that you like the material on this disk and use it
regularly, I suggest that you make a contribution of $10 to the
charity of your choice. My personal favorite is Friends United
Meeting, a Quaker organization which for educational, peace
and missionary efforts. Contributions to FUM are tax-exempt. Please
mark your check as a donation for using this shareware disk. Their
address is:

Friends United Meeting
101 Quaker Hill Drive
Richmond, IN 47374

I have done my very best to de-bug all of the macros and other
material on this disk. I'm not offering any other documentation or
automatic upgrades, since I'm not a full-time shareware author but
mainly a computer user like yourself.

I highly recommend that you read all of the documentation (.DOC
files) on this disk before using the macro and keyboard files. It
would be a good idea to make a backup copy of this disk, and
especially if you do any tinkering on the macros and keyboard

You can tinker and adapt the material on this disk to suit your
needs, but please do not distribute your altered versions without
proper notification, or my documentation may not match the changes
you've made!

All of the information on this disk is accurate as I have been able
to make it as of May 1990. Used properly (or even
improperly), there shouldn't be any chance for you to injure your
system, or even to lose too much data. However, no liability is
assumed by the author for anything you do to louse things up on
your own, nor is any liability assumed by the WordPerfect
Corporation for anything not recommended in their manual.

If you have any problems after reading all of the documentation,
you can write to me, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope,
and I'll do what I can to get you squared away.

Have fun!

Joshua Brown
25 Saratoga Avenue
S. Glens Falls, NY 12803


Most people who use WordPerfect products are aware that they are
well-designed, powerful tools for computer users. If you spend some
time with the documentation, you'll find all kinds of features
which can make your work easier or better.

Not everyone has the time or the perseverance to discover all of
the features of WordPerfect's programs. This disk will give you a
fast start towards becoming a "power user"!

This disk is intended to be used with the new WordPerfect 5.1 word
processing program. Using the material on this disk, you will be
able to do all kinds of things, including:

- starting a letter, including letterhead, date, and
address with only 7 keystrokes

- control most formatting features with only two keystrokes

- call up a time check in the middle of your document

- check frequently-used phone numbers

- call up reminders of frequently-used macros

- pop up calendars for 1990-1995

- control font attributes with only two keystrokes

- access hundreds of characters in the WordPerfect Extended
Character Set easily (with WordPerfect 5.1, these can all
be printed on any dot-matrix or laser printer!)

- manipulate text in new ways you've never thought of

Documentation for the macro files is located in a file named

WordPerfect allows the use of "alternate keyboards", in which you
map functions, character keys or entire macros to different keys on
your keyboard. Four brand-new keyboards are included on this disk.
The keyboard files have a .WPK extension; the documentation file is

Special thanks are due to the staff of the WordPerfect Corporation,
who have coached me by phone through many errors as I've learned
along the way. They have been invariably helpful, patient and
courteous. The toll-free telephone support provided by WordPerfect
is one of the best reasons for purchasing their programs, and puts
them many lengths ahead of their competition.

WordPerfect (tm) and WordPerfect Library (tm) are a trademarks of
the WordPerfect Corporation, and are used with their permission.
The WordPerfect Corporation does not endorse or provide support for
this or any other non-WordPerfect product, nor is it responsible
for any cost, loss, damage, etc. which may arise from use of this

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