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Many headlines in .WPG format for Word Perfect 5.0.
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Many headlines in .WPG format for Word Perfect 5.0.
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Contents of the INFO.DOC file



"The Experts in Desktop Publishing (tm)"



(c) Copyright 1989
Computer Completers
9322 Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 527-0285

January 3, 1990 (Ver 1SW-H) THANK YOU FOR USING OUR PRODUCTS ! ! !



Page 2 Acknowledgements
Page 2 Introduction to Computer Completers
Page 3 Files on this diskette
Page 3 Getting Started


Page 3 Applications
Page 4 Formats
Page 4 File Naming System
Page 4 How to view the headlines on this diskette
Page 4 Placing headlines in Pagemaker


Page 5 Borders
Page 5 Clip Art
Page 5 Others


Page 5 Ordering Information


Page 6 Order Form

Computer Completers - 714/527-0285 == Page 1 ==

This Headlines Sampler diskette is copyrighted material by
Computer Completers.


The principals of Computer Completers have a great deal of experience in
the printing and desktop publishing industries. In order to make it
easier to generate professional looking bulletins, flyers, newsletters,
etc., we have developed a series of products and are adding to them all
the time. The products currently include Borders, Headlines, Clip Art,
Accents & Symbols. This diskette contains 30 of our ready to use Headlines.
If you use Pagemaker, Ventura, or a similar desktop publishing software
package, you may or may not have the fonts and/or the sophisticated drawing
packages to make an eye-catching Headline. And if you do, what about the
time involved to make a nice Headline when you are in a hurry? For less
than 40 cents each you can use one of our ready-to-go Headlines. Through the
shareware concept we are letting people know about our products. We plan
to offer professional packages through traditional retail outlets in the
future. We would appreciate hearing suggestions and comments from you as
we continue to develop useful and cost-effective products. In return we
are offering special introductory prices on all of our products. Please
see the Ordering Information at the end of this file for complete details.

Computer Completers - 714/527-0285 == PAGE 2 ==


info.doc This file you are reading
ordering.doc Our order form
names.doc A listing of the names of the Headlines on this disk
*.cgm 30 sample Headlines in Computer Graphics Metafile format.


This diskette contains 30 samples of our Headlines, chosen from the 160+
on the four volumes we currently have. There are 40+ Headlines in each volume.
These Headlines can be used for making flyers, bulletins, newsletters, etc.
They can be sized smaller or larger to accentuate blocks of information in
your publication. Whether you are producing commercial documents or just
inter-office memos, graphics such as our Headlines, Borders, or clip art will
make your pages look more interesting and hence more readable.

Computers Completers - 714/527-0285 == PAGE 3 ==


The Headlines on this diskette are in Computer Graphics Metafile (.cgm) format.
We chose this format because it can be used in Pagemaker, Ventura 2.+, and
a number of other applications, such as Word Perfect. Also, cgm files take
up very little room and because they use vector graphics, they can be
proportionally sized without losing resolution. We plan to make our Headlines
available in a number of other formats in the near future.


Our Headlines use a file naming system that makes it easy to identify each
Headline. An example of a Headline file is hv1-01.cgm - where:
h - stands for headline
v1 - stands for volume 1
01 - stands for the first headline (in the volume)


For illustration purposes, we will explain placing the Headlines in Pagemaker.
Hopefully you are familiar enough with whatever desktop software you are
using to know how to import graphics! The default size of the Headlines
will vary. If you want a smaller or larger Headline without distorting it,
remember to hold down the shift key while dragging with the mouse to resize.
See your Pagemaker manual for more details on this procedure. Remember that
because these borders are in .cgm format you can proportionately resize them
without losing any resolution. However if you stretch the height or width
of the Headline disproportionately, it will be distorted. You can also
use the cropping tool to take out a word from a Headline and make a different
Headline; for example crop out News from Special News and you have a Headline
that just says Special. Note: You must install the cgm filter that
comes with PageMaker in order to place these Headlines.


If you are using WordPerfect 5.+ you can use these Headlines. Use the
macro border.wpm on this diskette to initially place the headline of
your choice. You can build your own macros for placing Headline
graphics by editing the border.wpm macro.

Computers Completers - 714/527-0285 == PAGE 4 ==

-=> BORDERS <=-

Computer Completers also has an eight volume set of Borders that can be used
with your Headlines or by themselves for more special effects. There are four
volumes of Borders and four volumes of Borders-Variations. Each volume has
24 great looking Borders. Since the Borders are ready to go just by placing
them in your document, you save time...and money! And since the Borders also
are in .cgm and .wmf format you can size them how you like without
losing resolution. See the ordering information for details.

-=> CLIP ART <=-

Computer Completers also has a four volume set of Clip Art. These disks
are archived to pack on as much art as possible. Clip Art is available in
either PC Paintbrush (.pcx) or Tagged Image File (.tif) format. Additional
formats are planned for the near future.


To place your order, print and fill in the order form on this diskette
and mail.

Each volume of Borders, Headlines, Clip Art, Accents, or Symbols is just $19.95.
We offer special discounts if you purchase sets or packages.

Each 4 volume set of disks is just $39.95

By purchasing the Professional Package of all nine sets, you get almost 400
Borders, (plus the Landscape orientation of all those borders), well over
150 Headlines, about 300 Clip Art images, almost 100 Accents and over 200
Symbols ... and we'll even throw in a free catalog and a deluxe teak wood
disk holder too! Purchased separately at the already low price of $19.95
per disk you would spend almost $800! By getting the complete package for
just $279.95, you get over 1,500 graphics and save over $500!!

Computers Completers - 714/527-0285 == PAGE 5 ==

Complete and mail to: Computer Completers BSD094120
Send check or money order 9322 Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 527-0285
BORDERS | BORDER VARIATIONS | CLIP ART | Please circle your choice(s)
Set B1-4 | Set V1-4 | Set C1-4 | at left. Be sure to circle
BV1 | VV1 | CV1 | pcx or tif format for your
BV2 | VV2 | pcx CV2 | Clip Art choices. Individual
BV3 | VV3 | tif CV3 | disks are $19.95. A set of
BV4 | VV4 | CV4 | four disks is only $39.95;
| | | so you save half off the
Set B5-8 | Set V5-8 | Set C5-8 | individual disk price!
BV5 | VV5 | CV5 | You can save even more money
BV6 | VV6 | CV6 | by buying specially priced
BV7 | VV7 | CV7 | packages where your cost per
BV8 | VV8 | CV8 | disk can be just over $5
-----------+---------------------+--------------| each! You can also get a
ACCENTS | HEADLINES | SYMBOLS | sample of our products by
Set A1-4 | Set H1-4 | Set S1-4 | ordering our IntroPak
AV1 | HV1 | SV1 | of 5 disks for just $12.95.
AV2 | HV2 | SV2 | Landscape Borders for each
AV3 | HV3 | SV3 | Border set can be purchased
AV4 | HV4 | SV4 | at a special price of $19.95
[] 5 disk IntroPak (samples of Borders, Clip Art, Headlines,
Accents, and Symbols) at $12.95 _______
[] Individual disk(s) at $19.95 each (circle choices above) _______
[] 4 Disk Set(s) at $39.95 each (circle choices above) _______
[] Landscape Border Set(s) (for Borders ordered) at $19.95 _______
[] Starter Package (Sets B1-4, C1-4, & A1-4) 12 disks for $89.95 _______
[] Deluxe Package (Sets B1-4, C1-4, A1-4, H1-4, S1-4, & V1-4,
plus bonus disk) 25 disks for $159.95 _______
[] Borders Package (All four Sets of Borders and Variations
plus all four Landscape Sets and bonus disk) 33 disks for $189.95 _______
[] Professional Package (ALL 13 Sets plus deluxe teak wood case
and bonus disk) 53 disks for $279.95 (just over $5 per disk!) _______
[] KB Pillow @ $29.95;[] Palm Rest @ $10;[] Dynamic Footrest @ $49.95 _______
[] Microsoft compatible mouse (with custom carrying case) @ $49.95 _______
[] Deluxe Teak Wood Diskette Case (for 5 1/4") @ $49.95 _______

Shipping & handling $3.00
[] SEND FREE CATALOG!! SubTotal _______
(For California shipments add appropriate sales tax) _______

[] Send information about your artist author program. TOTAL AMOUNT _______

Name:______________________________________ Phone (_____)______________________


City, State, Zip:______________________________________________________________
>>>>>>>>> We would like to hear your comments!
What type of computer do you use?___________________What type of monitor?______
If you have a hard drive, what size?_________Do you have a graphics card?______
What software programs do you use most often?__________________________________
Comments and suggestions:(use back if needed)__________________________________

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