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Large collection of Word Perfect 5.0 macros.
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Large collection of Word Perfect 5.0 macros.
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Contents of the BRK2SM.DOC file

T#|xS)PitchSans Serif (10 CPI)g PCxxx|[email protected]|v2AWBM+3Epson LQ-850EPLQ850.PRSx
@3Panasonic KX-P1080iPAKXP108.PRSx
"Documentation for


The purpose of this macro is to easily split large WordPerfect
5.0 documents into smaller files. The new files will be given a
new name selected by the user, plus a numeric extension (for
example, SMALDOC.1, SMALDOC.2, etc.). You can determine to which
drive and/or directory the files will be directed, and the macro
will leave the main file intact.

To run the macro:

1.XOpen the main document. Make sure that you're at the top of
the document.(#

2.XPress ALTF10, type in BRK2SMAL, and press "Enter."(#

3.XThe first prompt will ask you to choose a filename. This
will be the filename used for all of the new files, and the
macro will add numeric extensions. Type in a name for your
new files WITHOUT an extension. You can also add the drive
and/or directory. Press "Enter."(#

Examples of correct file names:(#

Examples of INCORRECT file names:(#

4.XThe macro will then "block" approximately two pages of text
to break. You will then be asked to "find a good place to
break the file." If you like the place it selected, just
hit "Enter." If not, you can move your cursor to any place
in the file you want. When you find a good breaking point,
press "Enter."(#

5.XThe macro will then save the block as a new file, and will
delete it from the screen. It will then go back and follow
the process in #4 above until the entire file has been
broken and saved. If the last chunk of text is smaller than
about two pages, it will automatically save it without
verification from you.(#

If you have any problems with this macro, or any suggestions for
improvement, please leave me a message on CompuServe (User ID
71041,30), or write to me at the address below. Thank you.

`h##((-Aaron Borovoy

`h##((-4512 Georgia #9

`h##((-San Diego, CA 92116

`h##((-July 5, 1988

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