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Paradox datafile to WP 5.1 merge mail conversion script.
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Paradox datafile to WP 5.1 merge mail conversion script.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Paradox to WordPerfect merge program

The PX2WP51 script will create a secondary merge file for WordPerfect 5.1.
The file produced by this script can be read directly by WordPerfect
without using the potentially confusing "text in" function. Also, the field
names will be included in a header record so that the letter writer can refer
to the fields by name instead of remembering the field number. Dates transfer
as string values instead of the normal default date format in which they are
usually displayed.

To use this from Paradox, just play the script.

From PAL, just call writefile with the named parameters.
** WARNING: Make sure that the outfile does not exist before calling the PROC.

Create the primary document (your letter) and when you use a data field:

1. Press
2. Press
3. Type in the field name and press

To merge the data into the letter:

4. Clear the document off the screen
5. Press
6. Press
7. Enter the name of the primary file (your letter)
8. Enter the name of secondary file (your merge file)
9. The files will merge into one document on the screen which you may print.
10. If the merged file will be very large, you may merge directly to the
printer by:
a. Go the bottom of your primary document
b. Press
c. Select {More}
d. Press

to move to {PRINT} and press
e. Save the document

Steps 4 thru 8 will then print the merged files.
This and attached script are (c)1991 Jonathan Goldman and may be
used for testing purposes with no payment. Use in a commercial environment is
not permitted without payment of a registration fee of $10, which is far less
than the value of the time to research and experiment with the proper
codes. If you register this program, it will make you feel good and give me
the incentive to duplicate this as a standalone EXE program for which your
registration will also be valid. I will also notify you of any bugs,
enhancements, etc.

Please send check to:

Jonathan Goldman
5014 Stone Haven Drive
Annandale, VA 22003

Any questions: CIS 70441,572 or (703)425-9431

WordPerfect and Paradox are trademarks of their respective owners.

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