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Newest version of the menu program for WP5.
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Newest version of the menu program for WP5.
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Contents of the WPM.DOC file

* 6/29/89 - Pull down menu demo for Word Perfect 5.0 *
* Now works with a mouse under MS-DOS 4.0 *

INSTANT MENUS DEMO for Word Perfect 5.0
by Bob Foley
Pliable Products, 1989

The program accompanying this document is a working pull-down
menu system for Word Perfect 5.0. It was created with a program
called INSTANT MENUS which can create menus like this demo for any
program. Follow the instructions below to install, run, and use the
menu system.


Word Perfect is a very powerful word processor, but you'd never
know it at a glance. The confusing function keys and the annoying
keyboard overlay make it very difficult to use for the beginner and
the expert. Too much time is spent figuring out how to do simple
things, and less time is spent on important documents. What is
needed is something that can take care of the memorization part,
and let the user get some real work done. That's where WPM comes

WPM is a pull-down menu system that overlays itself onto the Word
Perfect screen. It lets you choose options from descriptive menus
instead of memorizing the functions or squinting at the keyboard
overlay. Put simply, it makes Word Perfect easier to use.

WPM is a demonstration program. Give it to anyone you like. All I
ask is that this document accompany it EVERYWHERE it goes.

The original version of WPM was put into public domain in 12/87.
Since then, many updates have been issued including WP 4.2 menus.
If you need a WP 4.2 menu, look on your local bulletin board for
a file called WPMENU4.ARC or something like that.

WPM serves as a demonstration for Instant Menus and The Perfect
Menu (both described elsewhere in this document). If you find WPM
of use (especially in a professional environment), please consider
purchasing The Perfect Menu. Your name will be registered to
receive updates as they occur.


First copy the files WPM.EXE and WP.MNU onto your Word Perfect
5.0 directory. Now type:

WPM { file name }

The { file name } is optional, of course. WPM will search for
Word Perfect (WP.EXE) on the current path, and in turn, run it.
Word Perfect should appear as normal. Once you're in the editing
mode, you'll notice that Word Perfect hasn't changed a bit! Now
press ALT-Z (the Alt key and the letter Z simultaneously), and
you'll be treated to a menu describing many of the options familiar
to Word Perfect users. Use the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT arrow keys
to move from option to option and from menu to menu. When the
option that you want is highlighted, press ENTER. If you want to
cancel the menu without doing anything, press Esc. It's that
simple. No more remembering Alt-F7 or any of those other ridiculous
key combinations. Throw that keyboard template across the room!

Use WPM just as if it was WP, including the specification of a file
name and options on the command line. WPM is NOT memory resident,
once you exit WP the menu no longer takes up memory!

Note that WP.EXE must be on the current PATH. WPM will not work if
you type:

C:\WP50\WPM { file name }

and 'C:\WP50' is not a directory specified in the current PATH.
WP.EXE MUST be in the current directory or on the PATH in order to
function. Otherwise WPM would not know where to find it.

The menu can also be activated by a MicroSoft compatible mouse.
The right button activates and de-activates the menu. The left
button selects a function. Once the menu is activated, the mouse
can be moved up, down, left, and right to traverse the menu
options. The mouse can also be employed to move the cursor
throughout your document!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some computers (usually fast ones) don't react
properly when you press Alt-Z in Word Perfect. Word Perfect comes
back with a message "ALTZ.WPM not found". If this is the case with
your computer, add the following line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT or some
other batch file:

set wp=/nk

and everything should work fine. If you want to test this theory
first, type:

wpm /nk

on the command line when you run the menu program.


It has come to my attention that some video displays,
particularly EGA, VGA and back-lit laptop LCDs don't show the menu
in the intended color scheme. I am now including TPMCOLOR.EXE which
allows you to change the colors of the menu. To run the program on
WP.MNU, type:


You will see a color chart from which to pick numbers that
correspond to the colors in which they are shown. Just type in
color numbers that you think would look nice on your monitor, then
answer 'Y' when asked to save the colors. Your WP menu is now
installed with the colors that you picked.

difference in color between the menu and the highlighted option,
then ADJUST YOUR CONTRAST KNOB. You wouldn't believe how many calls
I've had from people who thought the menu didn't work on monochrome

ATTENTION EGA AND VGA OWNERS: Some EGA and VGA monitors show some
of the menu selections in "Greek". If this is the case on your
screen, adjust the colors (or fonts) from WITHIN Word Perfect until
the selections are written in legible English (and in good colors).

ATTENTION HERCULES' RAM-FONTS USERS: As is, the menu will look
lousy when using Hercules' RamFonts. Sherman Wilcox of Albuquerque,
NM suggests using the following set of colors to make it look nice:
3,11,11,2 (in that order). This set of colors (or fonts in this
case) will show the menu in normal type, the current selection in
big type, and the description line in italics.
Brian Jeffery of Carp, Ontario likes these colors on his RamFont
board: 3,64,11,112.


WPM was created with a software package called Instant Menus.
What Instant Menus did for Word Perfect, it can do for any program.
There is NO PROGRAMMING and NO CRYPTIC FILES to create (Mouse Menus
users, you know what I mean). Just type the text for each menu
selection in the Instant Menus' menu maker program, press the
actual keys which will perform that function, and that's it ...
you've made a menu!

Instant Menus can help you create pull down menus for
virtually any program. It is almost totally configurable, from the
activation key to the 3 colors allowed for EACH menu. Its
hierarchical structure allows the creation of sub-menus, and sub-
sub-sub-menus (see the Retrieve option of WPM). Here is a list of
some of its features:

* Unlimited number of vertical and horizontal menus.
* Unlimited number of menu selections.
* Unlimited length of text for each menu selection.
* Activate up to 20 keys with each menu selection.
* 'Hot' (highlighted) keys everywhere.
* Configure 3 colors for EACH menu.
* Optional, variable length description line for EACH menu
* Place menus anywhere on the screen (think of it, pull UP
* Optional auto-menu display. Allows Lotus-like menus.
* Mouse compatible. Optional mouse cursor movement external
to the menu (try moving the mouse around in your Word
Perfect file!).
* Configurable menu activation key.
* Choose from 5 border styles (including none).
* Test mode for testing menus...while you create them!
* Chain to another menu file.
* ...and more.

And it comes with ready to use menus for Word Perfect, WordStar,
Procomm and Qmodem.


Instant menus is available for just $65.00 (check or money
order) from:

Pliable Products
P.O. Box 531
Souderton, PA 18964
(215) 721-7283

To get a hard copy of the order form from your printer, type
the following on the command line:


------------------ Other fine Pliable Products -----------------

THE PERFECT MENU - if you're a Word Perfect user, your word
processor ISN'T perfect...yet!

The Perfect Menu was created with Instant Menus specifically for
Word Perfect. Great care was taken to include the most used
functions, while not cluttering the menu with functions that are
only used once or twice. It's simple to install, simple to use and
works on all standard IBM video adapters (including Hercules'
InColor card with RamFonts!). You'll never know how easy Word
Perfect is, without this menu (throw away that annoying keyboard
overlay). The function key interface of Word Perfect is a thing of
the past. The Perfect Menu is even mouse compatible, allowing you
access the menu and to scroll through your document with the mouse.
But you don't need a mouse to take full advantage of The Perfect
Menu. Be sure to specify WP version 5.0 or 4.2 when ordering. $20.

NEW BONUS!! Now comes with Borland-style menu ... free.

Attention power users: The Perfect Menu is customizable to almost
any degree with Instant Menus. Add, delete or edit whole menus.
Move menus anywhere on the screen, change colors, border styles,
or create Lotus-like menus!


PP-CALC - a programmable scientific calculator.

PP-CALC is a full featured programmable scientific calculator based
on the popular Hewlett-Packard xxC series of calculators. PP-CALC
borrows almost all of the versatile engineering functions from the
HP-15C, and many of the logic functions of the HP-16C. Add to that
a few statistics and financial functions and you've got a very
powerful (and very portable) computerized tool. Your programs will
even run faster on PP-CALC than they do on the hand-held versions.
Save your programs on disk for later recall. PP-CALC is great for
all of those times that you need your calculator by your side, and
then you remember that it's still at the office. $35. Get PED and
PPSPOOL free with PP-CALC.


PPSPOOL - printer spooler.

We've all sat there staring at the motionless screen waiting for
printer output. With PPSPOOL, you don't need to wait. PPSPOOL is
a memory resident program that performs your printer output for
you! In most cases printing is instantaneous, PPSPOOL takes care
of the printing while you do some real work. $5. Free with an order
of Instant Menus, The Seeker, Mailing Labels, or PP-CALC.


PED - a great ASCII file editor.

PED is an easy-to-use, multi-file, full screen editor with pull
down menus. Perfect for programs, batch files and reminders. PED
allows you to edit up to 8 files simultaneously and swap sections
of documents from one file to another. Other features include:
ASCII chart, DOS shell, search/replace, and un-delete. $5. Free
with an order of Instant Menus, The Seeker, Mailing Labels or PP-

PED source code: 99% C language source code for this multi-file
editor. $75.


THE SEEKER - fast, dependable disk searching.

The Seeker can find anything on any disk, at any time. Find any
word or phrase in a single file, sub-directory, floppy disk or even
an entire hard disk. Search for every occurrence of particular
company name if all of your documents & spread-sheets in seconds!
The Seeker even supports wild cards and case sensitivity. Speed?
The Seeker can search a typical IBM-AT hard disk at a rate of 2
Megabytes per minute (that's over 33000 characters per second).
Display by word, sentence or paragraph. Send output to the screen,
printer or file. The Seeker has on-line help and lets you display
the contents of a sub-directory without leaving the program. The
Seeker doesn't need an index so it doesn't take up extra valuable
disk space. Use it once, and you'll wonder how you ever got along
without it. $30. Get PED and PPSPOOL free with The Seeker.


COMPRESS - file compression.

Compress can squeeze your files into places you never thought they
would fit. Compress can take many files and condense them into one
file that is up to 85% smaller than the sum of its parts! It uses
several methods of file compression to achieve the most compact
version of your data. Now you can fit large databases,
spreadsheets, and other documents on a single floppy disk. Decrease
your phone bills too! Compress your data, transmit it, then
deCompress it. Compress saves time and money. Great for backing up,
tele-transfer, and software distribution. Comes with a separate
deCompression program that you can distribute freely. $25.


MAILING LABELS - an address database.

Create and maintain an address database with the ability to
generate categorized mailing labels. Assign up to 3 out of 18
possible categories to each entry. When it comes time to print
labels, print only those categories which need printing (ie.
Clients, Lawyers, Vendors, etc.). Works with any printer. Generates
single labels, two or three labels abreast, and even Word Perfect
mail-merge format. There's even a Rolodex (R) style alphabetical
name list. Keep addresses and phone numbers on your computer
indefinitely for instant recall later. $20. Get PED and PPSPOOL
free with the Mailing Label program.

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