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WPText allows users of WordPerfect 5.1 to tap into WordPerfect's internal scalable fonts.
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WPText allows users of WordPerfect 5.1 to tap into WordPerfect’s internal scalable fonts.
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Contents of the README file

Thanks for taking the time to look at WPText. To use WPText you
need WordPerfect 5.1 (5.0 will not work) and a graphics printer (if
you want to print the fonts out). The fonts that WPText uses will
match the resolution of your printer. WPText is shareware. By
sending in $25 you will receive support for 14 more decorative
fonts. You should register if you use the program for purposes
other than evaluation. More information can be had from the help
menu within the program.

Files included with the package are:

WPTEXT.EXE Run this program first and read the help menu.
WPTEXT.DOC This file contains common questions and answers.
WPTEXT.WP The above file in WP 5.1 format.
WPTEXT.HLP The internal help file.
DROPCAP.WPM A macro that will create drop caps from within
WordPerfect. This macro is not very fault
tolerant. To use it copy it to your macro directory
and make sure WPText is in your path or in your
default directory.
DROPCAPX.WPM Annotated version of DROPCAP.WPM.
PATTERNS.WPG Listing of all the WPText/DrawPerfect Patterns.
Note that DrawPerfect is 1 based while WPText and
this chart is 0 based.
FONTS.WP A WordPerfect 5.1 document that contains all the
fonts available in the registered version.
README This file!

It is recommended that you place WPTEXT.EXE in your WordPerfect

Thanks to those who helped test WPText: Marilyn Horn Claff,
Todd Craig and Aaron Groom.

WPText is copyrighted but feel free to copy and pass it around
in an unmodified form. Please do not separate the files in the

Good luck!

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