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WP5.1 macro to wrap text around a circle.
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WP5.1 macro to wrap text around a circle.
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Word Perfect 5.1 Macro
--- created by Gregg Leslie (76226,3567) ---

This macro makes text wrap around a circular shape in a document, by
generating a number of empty graphics boxes that together roughly
approximate a circle or ellipse.


Entering Numbers. Do not use fractions, or inch marks. Just enter the
figures as decimal numbers, e.g. 1.5 or 2.25. Numbers will be truncated to
three decimal places if they are entered longer than that.

Going Off of the Page. The entire circle does not have to fall on the
page, if you want a semi-circular shape on one side of the page. Placing
circles partially off the page has not been entirely tested, however.

Placing Text or Graphics. These can be placed in a non-visible box that
will be one number greater than the last box in the circle. The center of
that box will be in the center of the circle; just don't place text out to
all sides, or it will "bleed" over the circular shape created by the boxes.

Resetting the Figure Options. If you make a circle and then find you
need it a little larger, you can either delete the boxes that were created
or simply change the Figure Options setting before the first box (by
changing the value of the Outside Border Space.

Keeping the Circle on the Correct Page. The box codes for the circle
will be placed where the cursor is when the macro is started. If your
cursor is below where to define the circle, it will appear on the next
page. Also, if you add more text before the codes, you could push the
circle to another page. The best way to avoid this is to move the cursor to
the start of the document before calling the macro, then changing the
"Number of pages to skip" option. If you want the circle to start on page
3, tell it to skip 2 pages.

Laser Printer Errors. Apparently, some laser printers with less than 1
meg of memory will not be able to print a full page of text with a large
circle. You may just have to experiment to find the largest size your
printer will allow, or try lessening the number of boxes the macro will use
when it asks you to confirm the numbers.

Very Small Circles. Circles and ellipses with diameters under one inch
sometimes don't print out right. You may just have to avoid small sizes.

Be Creative. Try long ellipses between columns, circles that go off the
page, overlapping and stacked circles for different effects, etc...

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you use this macro in creating professional
publications (Okay, I think big), a small registration fee of $5.00 would
be appreciated. Include your CIS I.D. # and receive e-mail on new macros as
I create them. Send to: Gregg Leslie, 1860 N. Scott St., #334, Arlington,
VA 22209. Thank you.

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