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WordPerfect 5.0 Menu - Can change colors.
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WordPerfect 5.0 Menu – Can change colors.
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Contents of the WPM.DOC file

* 9/10/88 *

by Bob Foley

Word Perfect has become a very powerful word processor. The
only trouble with the increase in power, has been the decrease in
user friendliness. Well, all is not lost, Professional Instant
Menus is here.

I think you'll agree that the addition of pull down menus to
Word Perfect increases its effectiveness dramatically. In fact,
with the menu installed, Word Perfect has NO user interface...
the menus do it all!

Feel free to give this program to anyone you like ... it's free,
all I ask is that this document accompany the program wherever it

The files accompanying this document, WPM.EXE and WP.MNU are
a pull down menu system for Word Perfect 5.0 created with
Professional Instant Menus. Many of the functions will not work
properly with WordPerfect 4.2 (most DO work, though). If you have
version 4.2, and would like to try pull down menus, look on your
local bulletin board for WPMENU4.ARC (or something like that), or
give me a call.


To run the Word Perfect menu demo, put the WPM.EXE program
and the WP.MNU menu file on your Word Perfect 5.0 directory and


The is optional. WPM will search for WP.EXE on
the current path and, in turn, run it. Once in the editing mode,
you'll notice that Word Perfect hasn't changed a bit! Now press
Alt-Z, and you'll be treated to a pull down menu describing many
of the options familiar to Word Perfect users. Press the UP,
DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT keys until the option that you want is
highlighted. Press ENTER and the function is performed or press
ESC to abort the menu process. It's that simple. No more
remembering Alt-F7 or any of those other ridiculous key
combinations (throw that keyboard template across the room)! Use
WPM just as if it were WP, including specifying a file name and
options on the command line. WPM is NOT memory resident - once
you exit WP the menu no longer takes up memory! It is important
to note, however, that WPM WILL NOT WORK if you type this:


and '\WP' is not a directory in the current PATH. WP MUST be in
the current directory OR on the current PATH, otherwise WPM will
not be able to find it.

The menu can also be activated by a MicroSoft compatible
mouse. The right button activates and de-activates the menu, and
the left button selects a function. The mouse can also be
employed to move the mouse throughout the your text file!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some computers (usually fast ones) don't react
properly when you press Alt-Z because of the keyboard processing
of Word Perfect 5.0. They give the message "ALTZ.WPM not found."
If this is the case with you computer, add the following line to

set wp=/nk

and everything should be fine. If you want to test this theory
first, type:

wpm /nk

when you run the menu program.


It has come to my attention that some video displays,
particularly EGA, VGA and laptop LCDs don't show the menu in the
intended color scheme. I am now including PIMCOLOR.EXE which
allows you to change the colors of the menu. To run the program
on WP.MNU type:


You will see a color chart from which to pick numbers that
correspond to the colors in which they are shown. Just type in
color numbers that you think will look nice on your monitor, then
answer 'Y' when asked to save the menu. Your WP menu is now
installed with your colors.


WPM was created with a software package called Professional
Instant Menus (PIM). What PIM did for Word Perfect, it can do for
any program. There is NO PROGRAMMING and NO CRYPTIC FILES to
create (Mouse Menus users, you know what I mean). Just type the
text for each menu selection in the MENU MAKER program, press the
actual keys which will perform that function, and that's it ...
you've made a menu!

Professional Instant Menus can help you create pull down
menus for virtually any program. It is almost totally
configurable, from the activation key to the 3 colors allowed for
EACH menu. Its hierarchical structure allows the creation of sub-
menus, and sub-sub-sub-menus (see the Retrieve option of WPM).
Here is a list of some of its features:

* Unlimited number of vertical and horizontal menus.
* Unlimited number of menu selections.
* Unlimited length of text for each menu selection.
* Activate up to 20 keys with each menu selection.
* 'Hot' (highlighted) keys everywhere.
* Configure 3 colors for EACH menu.
* Optional, variable length description line for EACH menu
* Place menus anywhere on the screen (think of it, pull UP
* Optional auto-menu display. Allows Lotus-like menus.
* Mouse compatible. Optional mouse cursor movement external
to the menu (try moving the mouse around in your Word
Perfect file!).
* Configurable menu activation key.
* Choose from 5 border styles (including none).
* Test mode for testing menus...while you create them!
* Chain to another menu file, under menu or program control.
* ...and more.

And it comes with ready to use menus for Word Perfect, WordStar,
Procomm and Qmodem.

A lot of people have asked me: "Why didn't you make the menus
more like Lotus menus?". My response: "That's the whole point! I
don't like Lotus menus (and I don't use Lotus). Professional
Instant Menus lets you do what YOU want, not what I want." I may,
however, give in to the Lotus-crazed masses and create a Lotus-
like menu for WP ... someday.


Professional Instant menus is available for just $65.00
(check or money order) from:

Pliable Products
420 E. Broad St.
Souderton, PA 18964
(215) 721-7283

------------------ Other fine Pliable Products -----------------
INSTANT MENUS - A younger cousin of Professional Instant Menus
with the following features:
* Simple to use (no programming).
* One menu bar with up to 12 menus.
* Each menu can have up to 14 selections.
* Each selection activates up to 10 keystrokes.
* Automatic menu placement.
* Colors are configurable.
* Hot keys (highlighted keys which also perform functions).
* Mouse compatibility.
* Configurable menu activation key.
* Produces a single executable file (no menu file).
* ...and more.

Still just $39.95 plus $2 for shipping.

THE SEEKER - Finds anything, anytime, anywhere. The Seeker can
find EVERY occurrence of a word or phrase on an entire hard disk
in just minutes. On a typical IBM-AT 30 Megabyte hard disk, The
Seeker searches 2.5 Megabytes per minute! Works on single files
and directories too. Display by word, sentence or paragraph. Send
output to the screen, printer or file. Just $30 plus $2 for

PPSPOOL - Printer spooler. Allows you to do other things while
waiting for printing to complete. FREE with any order!!! Check
your local bulletin board or send $5 for packaging and shipping

PED - Full screen editor with pull down menus. Has most of the
standard features like multi-file editing, DOS shell, ASCII
chart, search/replace, and block copy/move/delete. FREE with any
order!!! Check your local bulletin board or send $5 for packaging
and shipping costs.

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