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Wordperfect Clipart (WPG) - 11 Thanksgiving related images.
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Wordperfect Clipart (WPG) – 11 Thanksgiving related images.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
371_01.WPG 23733 15387 deflated
371_02.WPG 36193 21611 deflated
371_03.WPG 34063 18546 deflated
371_04.WPG 14528 11241 deflated
371_05.WPG 17657 13342 deflated
371_06.WPG 15883 7961 deflated
371_07.WPG 17007 10982 deflated
371_08.WPG 51539 35954 deflated
371_09.WPG 51522 27170 deflated
371_10.WPG 13459 10292 deflated
371_11.WPG 10673 7597 deflated
CAVOL371.CAT 3701 1115 deflated
READ.ME 1650 818 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Clip-Art for WordPerfect 5.x

This collection of Clip-Art for WordPerfect 5.x is yours to use
freely to enhance your documents. For an overview of the images,
print out file CAVOL371.CAT [you must have WordPerfect 5.x to print
this file]. Thanksgiving Images.

NOTE: The .WPG image files MUST be in the same directory as the
CAVOL371.CAT file in order to view or print out the catalog!

You are free to distribute this file as long as there is no charge
of any kind involved [including the cost of distribution]. This is
CourtesyWare, a courtesy to you. Make it a courtesy to others. All
files found in this archive must be distributed together.

CourtesyWare - courtesy of the WordPerfect RoundTable on GEnie.


Copyright 1992 by GEnie's WordPerfect RoundTable.
All rights reserved Ted McKosky

Permission is hereby granted to not-for-profit user groups and BBS
operators to distribute, provided that this notice is included.

To sign up for GEnie, follow these simple steps:

1. With your computer and modem, dial 1-800-638-8369.

2. When you connect, type HHH

3. The computer will display U#=. You respond with:

4. Now answer the questions and you will be able to use
GEnie the next working day. Be sure to have a credit card
or checking account number handy when you sign up.

5. When validated, make haste to the WordPerfect RoundTable
with use of the mnemonic command WP or the MOVe 521

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