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Use ALT + keys for some USABLE Word Perfect Macros.
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Use ALT + keys for some USABLE Word Perfect Macros.
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Contents of the ALTKEYS.DOC file

The following table contains NEW key definitions for WordPerfect
Ver. 5.0. They can be accessed by placing the file ALTKEYS.WPK in
your default directory for Keyboard/Macro files (shown by {Shift}-
F1-7) and using Setup by pressing {Shift}-F1-6 and then select
ALTKEYS. Please learn about editing your key definitions and make
changes that fit your particular needs. Print out the definitions
shown below and use as a reference.

Alt-Q save file & quit
Alt-T change tabs
Alt-P print document
Alt-S save document
Alt-F change font
Alt-G show g:files
Alt-L make a horiz. line
Alt-X exit
Alt-C check spelling
Alt-V show page
Alt-M change margins
F1 escape
Shft-F12 block end of line
Ctrl-F12 copy line
Alt-F12 move a line
Alt-Home go to top of document
Alt-End go to bottom of document
Esc cancel

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