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Macro Lister will print the names and description of Word Perfect macros.
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Macro Lister will print the names and description of Word Perfect macros.
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Contents of the MLIST200.DOC file

Macro Lister
Version 2.0

Copyright (c) 1990

Robert M. Cox
133 E. South Street
Lithopolis, Ohio

March 28, 1990

Macro Lister 2.0 Documentation Copyright (c) 1990 Robert M. Cox

Macro Lister will print the names and description of Word Prefect
macros. This has been tested on both 5.0 and 5.1. It has NOT been
tested on 4.2 macros.

To use the program type MLIST200 at the dos prompt. The initial
logo screen will appear and remain for approximately five seconds
and then be replaced by a screen having the following four options:

1) Print sorted list of macros in a subdirectory
2) Print contents of specific macro
3) Set path
4) Exit Program

Option 1:

After choosing this option from the main menu you will be asked for
the directory containing your macros unless you have used option 3 to
previously set the path. Follow the directions displayed on the
screen. After you give it the full path name it will search that
directory for files with the wpm extension. The name of the macro
and the description given when the macro was built will be extracted.
To conserve space a limit of 200 macros was set. If you have a need
for more than 200 macros in a directory, indicate this when you
register the program, See registration form for cost.

After the program has searched the entire directory a second
screen will appear asking how you wish the listing sorted. You have
the following two choices:

Name: This will print an alphabetized list using the names of
each macro followed by its description.

Description: If you began each description with a key word
indicating the general purpose of each macro (margin,
footer, ect) when you created the macro the list printed
will group your macros by these key words.

You should have your paper initially set to approximately 1/2 inch
from the top of the first page. The program will then skip three
lines at the bottom and top of each page. You will then be returned
to the main menu.

Option 2:

This option is used to print out the actual commands stored in the
macro. If you have not set the path using option 3 then you will
first be asked to specify the path name. After this you will be
asked for the name of the macro. DO NOT include the .wpm extention.

Macro Lister 2.0 Documentation Copyright (c) 1990 Robert M. Cox

The program automatically supllies the correct extension.

If your printer supports the IBM graphic set all graphics will appear
the same as they appear on the screen. Otherwise they will appear
using what ever symbol your printer generates for these codes.

Every attempt has been made to include all the possible codes
appearing in Wordperfect 5.0 and 5.1 macros. If any have been missed
their position in the print out will have '?' printed instead. If
you find any misplaced '?', first check the screen display using the
macro editor to be sure that it is incorrect. If it is, and you are
a registered user, send me a copy of the macro on either a 5 1/4
(360K) or 3 1/2 (720K) floppy and I will send you a corrected version
of the program at no charge.

Option 3:

Use this option to set the path to the subdirectory containing your
macros. Once this is set you will not be asked for the path in
either Option 1 or Option2. The path will remain unchanged until
either you exit the program or reset again using this option. This
is most useful if you want to print out several macros from the same

Option 4:

This option exits the program and returns you to the Dos prompt.


Robert M. Cox licenses this product "AS IS" and makes no warranty,
express or implied, as to the suitability of this program for any
particular purpose, performance, or otherwise. Robert M. Cox
expressly declines to assume liability for any use of this program.
It is the user's responsibility to determine whether it is applicable
for use on the user's personal computer. By using MACRO LISTER you
agree that Robert M. Cox will not be liable to you or any third
party for any use of (or inability to use) or performance of this


The MACRO LISTER is a Shareware product. It is NOT "Public Domain"
and it is NOT "Freeware". MACRO LISTER is a copyrighted software
product developed and owned by Robert M. Cox located at 133 E.

Macro Lister 2.0 Documentation Copyright (c) 1990 Robert M. Cox

South Street, Lithopolis, Ohio 43136. As such, it is made available
to the general personal computing public for evaluation. Users are
licensed to operate this program on their personal computers for the
purpose of test and evaluation on a trial basis for a ten day period.
It is not free software. After this time the program should either be
registered or removed from the user's system. To register MACRO
LISTER use the registration form on the next page. Cost of
registration is $15.00 for new users and $10.00 for registered users
of version 1.00.

You may give a copy of MACRO LISTER to others so that they may try
it out as well. You may not modify or remove ANY of the program or
documentation files in this shareware package, and no compensation,
except for non-profit user groups (who may charge a duplication
fee not to exceed $4.00), may be received for distribution of MACRO

I may be contacted on any of the following boards.

Compuserve: 70445,161

Colossus: 614 - 885 - 9829

The Utility Exchange : 614 - 442 - 6695

Prodigy: FWRK71A

Genie: R_Cox

WORD PERFECT is a registered trademark of Word Perfect Corporation

Macro Lister 2.0 Documentation Copyright (c) 1990 Robert M. Cox

Registration Form

Remit to:
Name _______________________________

Robert M. Cox
Address _______________________________
133 E. South Street

_______________________________ Box 205

Lithopolis, Ohio 43136
City _______________________________

Zip _______________________________

Phone _______________________________

(New Users)
_______ Copies of MACRO LISTER @ $15.00/copy __________

(Registered Users of Version 1)
_______ Copies of MACRO LISTER @ 10.00/Copy __________

Special Version: Only available to registered users.

Normal version has a limit of 200 macros.

How many do you need? ________

_______ 5 1/4 (360 K) @ $1.00 / copy __________

_______ 3.5 (720k) @ $1.50 / copy __________

Total: __________

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