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Produce hard copy images of Word Perfect 5.1 macro files.
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Produce hard copy images of Word Perfect 5.1 macro files.
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Contents of the MACPRNT.DOC file

MacPrnt v1.00 - WordPerfect v5.1 Macro Print Software
Copyright 1992 by Larry Kochis - All Rights Reserved

INTRODUCTION - MacPrnt was developed to produce hard copy
images of WordPerfect v5.1 Macro (.WPM) files. No more having to
Shift+PrtScr your way through long Macro files. MacPrnt produces
clear, easy to read, continuous line-by-line printouts of your
WordPerfect v5.1 Macros. MacPrnt works well with most dot matrix
printers and on HP LaserJet and compatible laser printers.

MacPrnt was developed as "Shareware". This does NOT mean that
MacPrnt is FREE. It does mean that you are free to tryout MacPrnt
to determine whether or not it meets your particular needs. You
are also free to distribute copies of MacPrnt for this purpose to
others. Should you find MacPrnt useful, a "Registration-Fee" of
$25.00 is required. See the REGISTRATION section below for
details. Help keep the Shareware concept alive and well; Register
your software today.

INSTRUCTIONS - MacPrnt is extremely simple to use. Just type
MACPRNT followed by the name of the Macro file you wish to print
(e.g., TESTMAC), leave off the .WPM extension, MacPrnt will
supply it automatically. If you are using a HP LaserJet or
compatible printer the filename should be followed by the /h
parameter. This parameter tells MacPrnt to make some special
adjustments necessary to use a laser printer.

MacPrnt will produce exact hard copy images of your Macro files.
WordPerfect Box Draw characters will be reproduced as they appear
on the screen. Column/Row positioning characters will be replaced
with a more "eye-readable" string. For example, The ASCII
characters Alt+01 and Alt+02 used to represent a column/row
position of col 1 , row 2 would be printed by MacPrnt as "(1,2)".

REGISTRATION - If you decide MacPrnt meets your needs and you
intend to use it, please send in your registration fee of $25.00
as soon as possible. Make check payable to :

Larry Kochis
333 13th Ave.
Scranton, PA 18504-2510

Thank you for your support!

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