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Fenimore's WordPerfect Macro Suite - compilation of many useful macros.
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Fenimore’s WordPerfect Macro Suite – compilation of many useful macros.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

WPSETUP.BAT installs FMS and then, to complete the installation, executes
WordPerfect and the Setup macro (SETUP.WPM). WPSETUP.BAT installs FMS using
variables. Edit WPSETUP.BAT's default values with a text editor. Defaults:

#1:> FMS - Archived Macro Suite name
#2:> WPDrive - the drive on which WordPerfect exists
#3:> WPMdrive - the drive on which the macros exist (or will)
#4:> WPDir - the location of the WordPerfect directory
#5:> WPName - name of the executable used to start WordPerfect
#6:> WPMacDir - the macros directory

SETUP.WPM asks for the drive from which the macros were installed. It then
retrieves WPSETUP.BAT to obtain the necessary information to complete FMS
installation. SETUP also copies a default envelope specification, ENVELOPE.REF
(supplied with the macro suite), to WP51's subdirectory (unless it already
exists there). SETUP.WPM is deleted once the installation is complete.

I RECOMMEND you install FMS to its own subdirectory on the 1st installation.
This allows a better environment under which to properly evaluate FMS.

DOCUMENTATION. The following WP Documents may be found in the directory to
which the macros were installed: Manual - MACROS.DOC; History - README.MAC.

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