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Compare two Word Perfect files and mark differences.
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Compare two Word Perfect files and mark differences.
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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file


Copyright 1991-2 James H. White


This is shareware. A limited license is granted for trial use of this
program and the accompanying files, but not for commercial purposes. No
copying or distribution is authorized without written permission unless
(1) the entire package, including this document, is included, and (2) such
copying or distribution is without charge beyond the actual cost of the
medium and postage or the cost of connect charges for bulletin board


If you find Compare useful and continue to make use of it after trial, you
are requested to register and pay the registration fee, and you will
automatically receive the next edition of the program at no additional

REGISTRATION. Check or money order for $20.00 enclosed. (Missouri
residents add 5.725% sales tax, total $21.15. Foreign registrants please
add air postage for 3 ounces.) The next edition of COMPARE will be sent
to you at no additional charge when it is completed. OR, you may also
register by phone, call the Public (Software) Library at 1-800-2424-PSL
(orders only--ask about orders at 1-713-665-7017), major credit cards
accepted, Texas residents add 8% sales tax.

--SEND this form to: James H. White
8544 Bryan
St. Louis, Mo. 63117

NAME _________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________


PHONE DAY/NIGHT (_____)______________/(_____)_________________


(Please include phone # of local BBS, if applicable.)

*WordPerfect is a registered trademark of WordPerfect Corporation.

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