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Pulldown menu for wp5.0.
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Pulldown menu for wp5.0.
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by Bob Foley

Word Perfect has gotten even more complicated! I'm not going
to complain, it has a lot of neat new features (besides, the more
complicated it gets, the more sales I get). I find it impossible
to use without my trusty pull down menu. Feel free to give this
program to anyone you like ... it's free, all I ask is that this
document accompany the program wherever it goes.

The program accompanying this document WP5.EXE is a pull down
menu system for Word Perfect 5.0 created with Instant Menus. Many
of the functions will not work properly with Word Perfect 4.2. If
you have version 4.2, and would like to try pull down menus, look
on your local bulletin board for an older version of WPMENU.ARC
(before 5/14/88), or give me a call.


To run the Word Perfect menu demo, put the WP5.EXE program on
your Word Perfect 5.0 directory and type:


The is optional. WP5 will search for WP.EXE on the
current path and, in turn, run it. Once in the editing mode,
you'll notice that Word Perfect hasn't changed a bit! Now press
Alt-Z, and you'll be treated to a pull down menu describing many
of the options familiar to Word Perfect users. Press the UP,
DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT keys until the option that you want is
highlighted. Press ENTER and the function is performed or press
ESC to abort the menu process. It's that simple. No more
remembering (Alt-F7) or any of those other ridiculous key
combinations! Use WP5 just as if it were WP, including specifying
a file name on the command line. It is important to note,
however, that WP5 WILL NOT WORK if you type this:


and '\WP' is not a directory in the current PATH. WP MUST be in
the current directory OR on the current PATH, otherwise WP5 will
not be able to find it.

************* N E W **************
Now you can use a MicroSoft compatible mouse under MS-DOS 3.0 or
higher to work the menus! The right button activates and de-
activates the menu, and the left button selects a function. Try
it with WP5.
************* N E W **************

WP5 was created with a software package called Instant Menus.
Instant Menus can do for almost any program what it does for Word
Perfect. There is NO PROGRAMMING and NO CRYPTIC FILES to create
(Mouse users, you know what I mean). Just type the text for each
menu selection in the MENU MAKER program, press the actual keys
which will perform that function, and that's it ... you've made a


Instant menus comes with the MENU MAKER and several
demonstration menus. It requires no programming, just specify the
program name, create the menus, and define the keys...that's it!
You can even re-define the menu access key (the Word Perfect demo
uses Alt-Z). Create menus for all of your favorite programs. An
Instant Menu may have up to 12 menus each with 14 menu
selections. Each menu selection can activate up to 10 key strokes
making it ideal for 10 character macros too. Programmers relax,
the work has been done for you!

Instant menus is available for just $39.95 from:

Pliable Products
420 E. Broad St.
Souderton, PA 18964
(215) 721-7283

------------------ Other fine Pliable Products -----------------
THE SEEKER - Finds anything, anytime, anywhere. The Seeker can
find EVERY occurrence of a word or phrase on an entire hard disk
in just minutes. On a typical IBM-AT 30 Megabyte hard disk, The
Seeker searches 2.5 Megabytes per minute! Works on single files
and directories too. Display by word, sentence or paragraph. Send
output to the screen, printer or file. Just $30 plus $2 for

PPSPOOL - Printer spooler. Allows you to do other things while
waiting for printing to complete. FREE with any order!!! Check
your local bulletin board or send $5 for packaging and shipping

PED - Full screen editor with pull down menus. Has most of the
standard features like multi-file editing, DOS shell, ASCII
chart, search/replace, and block copy/move/delete. FREE with any
order!!! Check your local bulletin board or send $5 for packaging
and shipping costs.

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