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Prints Word Perfect macros.
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Prints Word Perfect macros.
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Wpmacpr - Word Perfect Macro Printer
If you are like me and have to write long macros in word perfect, you
are probably as unhappy as I was when I found that I could not print out my
macros. This made it difficult to debug these macros and impossible to keep
hard copy's of them.
That is why I wrote this program. It will printout wordperfect macros.
To use it, simply type:

wpmacpr path\filename

The path should be the path should be the directory where your macros are
stored, and the filename should include the .wpm extension, I don't check
for these thing so you must get them right.

The output is to stdout, so you can view it on the screen or send it to
the printer, like this:

wpmacpr \wp51\macros\alto.wpm >lpt1

If you find this tool useful and would like to have access to some other
word perfect tools, send $15.00 in US funds to:

Dave Klotzbach
7009 Lowell Drive
Carpentersville, Il.

If you have any questions you can also reach me at
[email protected] - usnet.

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