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A Wordperfect utility to list macro descriptions to a text file.

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Ver 1.3 Extracts macro descriptions from
various DOS WordPerfect products. Displays
a list of sorted macro filenames followed by
their descriptions. Output is sent to the
screen, but can also be redirected to a file
or printer.

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A Wordperfect utility to list macro descriptions to a text file.
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Contents of the WPMDX.DOC file

Copyright (c) 1992 by Stan Mulder
WPMDX.EXE 1.3 8/26/92
Macro Description Extractor for DOS WordPerfect products


WPMDX extracts macro descriptions from various DOS WordPerfect products.
The program displays a list of sorted macro filenames followed by their
descriptions. Output is sent to the screen, but can also be redirected to a
file or printer. The following macro formats have been tested: WordPerfect
5.0 and 5.1 for DOS, Office 3.0 and 3.1 (Editor and Shell macros),
DrawPerfect 1.1, PlanPerfect 5.1, and LetterPerfect macros. Other WP DOS
products may be compatible as well. Example output:

------------ ---------------------------------------
ALTQ EDM Quit Editor
ALTR EDM Remove the Current File/Macro Marks
SCANVARS EDM Create a list of variables a macro uses
CL_PD SHM Print the Current Calendar Day
CL_PD1 SHM Print the Current Calendar Day
CL_PRINT SHM Print Calendar
CL_PRNT1 SHM Print Calendar
DIAL SHM Dial a Number using NB
DIAL1 SHM Dial a Number
EDPL50 SHM Program Launch startup macro for PL.EXE
ALTD WPM Go to list files with options; no save
ALTE WPM Edit a Code
ALTP WPM Save document by overwriting/no exit
ALTQ WPM Quit WordPerfect w/o saving anything
ALTR WPM Replace Size, Attribute, or Text.
ALTU WPM Uppercase the current cursor position
ALTX WPM Various routines
BCMRG WPM Parse variable "ZIP" for POSTNET barcod
CADD WPM set up cadd sheet
CALC WPM Pop-Up Calculator
CCM WPM Creates columned list of character maps
CEO21 WPM Count every occurence of every word
COUNT WPM Macro to count strings
DATEDOC WPM Names document with the current date

... etc.

Notice in the above that the files are sorted first by extension, then
by filename.


The program is run from the DOS command line. The basic syntax is the

WPMDX.EXE [drive:\][path\]filename.ext [/h] [/s]
/h makes the output printable on an HP laserjet compatible
/s suppress the header

You can use wildcards in the filename.ext such as "*" and "?".


Display to the screen: WPMDX c:\wp51\macros\*.wpm
One screen at a time: WPMDX c:\wp51\macros\*.wpm | MORE
Display only one macro: WPMDX c:\wp51\macros\envelope.wpm
Macros that start with M: WPMDX c:\wp51\macros\m*.wpm
Output to a file: WPMDX c:\wp51\macros\*.wpm > filename
Append output to a file: WPMDX c:\wp51\macros\other\*.wpm >> filename
Output to an HP printer: WPMDX c:\wp51\macros\*.wpm /h > lpt2
Output to an Epson printer: WPMDX c:\wp51\macros\*.wpm > lpt1
Display Editor macros: WPMDX c:\office30\*.edm
Display Shell macros: WPMDX c:\office30\*.shm
Display all files with a macro format: WPMDX c:\office30\*.*

Executing WPMDX by itself will produce a help screen.

The characters ">", ">>", "|" and the MORE command are DOS redirection
symbols and pipes. For more information on using redirection, consult
your DOS manual.


This program may not be resold in any way whatsoever, but may be distributed
as shareware as long as no modifications are made to the files. No warranty
is made as to the fitness or useability of this program.

Macro Description Extractor was written in QuickBasic 4.5

Send any comments or enhancement requests to the below CompuServe ID or PO
Box address. I hope you enjoy WPMDX.EXE

Stan Mulder
PO Box 2375
Winter Haven, FL 33883-2375

CompuServe: 73447,561


1.3 08/26/92 Now sorts by extension first, then filename -- so if you have
various WP Corp. macros in the same directory such as EDM, SHM and WPM
macros and type "WPMDX *.*" the EDM's will appear first, then the SHM's,
then the WPM's.
1.2 08/18/92 Added HP printer switch. Added switch to suppress printing the
2 line header. Added support for other WP DOS macros. Fixed a bug in
extracting the description.
1.12 07/24/92 Minor bug fix: stopped extraction of description when first byte
was nulled.
1.11 07/24/92 First released version.
1.1 07/20/92
1.0 07/07/92


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