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Use WP 5.1 (for DOS or Windows) to fill out SF-171. Very well done and form looks great when printed out on laser printer, scalable fonts recommended.
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Use WP 5.1 (for DOS or Windows) to fill out SF-171. Very well done and form looks great when printed out on laser printer, scalable fonts recommended.
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MANUAL.WP 47340 17083 deflated
ORDERME.TXT 10215 4034 deflated
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Contents of the ORDERME.TXT file

2BVVZW2|Fle)x/c81,c P7P"m'^18MSS888S8888SSSSSSSSSS88Jxir{icx{8Aui{x`xoZi{xxxl888SS8JSJSJ8SS..S.SSSS>A.SSxSSJJSJ8SSSSS8888SSSSSSSSS.xJxJxJxJxJorJiJiJiJiJ8.8.8.8.{SxSxSxSxS{S{S{S{SxSxJ{xSxSxS{S`SxJxJxJrJrJrJrJ{SiJiJiJiJxSxSxSxSxSxS{S8.8.8.8.z]AuSi.i.i.i.i.{S{c{S{SxSxSxo>o>o>ZAZAZAZAi.i.{S{S{S{S{S{SxxSlJlJlJ{Si.{So>ZAi.xSxS{SxS{S8SS888/NxxxSSS8JDDSSSSSS;SSSS;88VVS++SSffSSxSc]]8VS;"xxSxWxxSS88xfxxxxxxxxxxx8SxS]SxoS8SxJS`xlxxxxxxxxxxMxxxxxxofxGcxxxxxxxSxxxxxxxJxxxxJxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8xxx8xxx8xxx8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxfi]f]oJiAlJ{SxJ8.uJo]]{JoSxJxf`SfSSiJxJofx]ffffAS..JJJfJffff88SSSSSSSfffffffffffffffffffAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS............JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJffffffffffffffffffff8`xi{8xxfSJ8xHP LaserJet IIID (Additional)HPLAIIAD.PRSc P7,\,} P2-CG Times (Scalable)CG Times Bold (Scalable)|{XX`hp x (#%'0*,[email protected]:[email protected]
"m'^18MSS888S8888SSSSSSSSSS88SxoxxofAPoxfx]oxxxxo888SS8S]J]J;S].8].]S]]JA8]SxSSJSSS8SSSSS8888SSSSSSSS].xSxSxSxSxSxxJoJoJoJoJA.A.A.A.x]SSSSx]x]x]x]xSxSxSSxSxSf]xSxSxSxJxJxJxJx]oJoJoJoJSSSSSS]A.A.A.A._P]o.o.o.oAo.x]xx]x]SS{xJxJxJ]A]A]A]Ao8o8x]x]x]x]x]x]xxSoJoJoJx]o.x]xJ]Ao8xSxSx]Sx]8SS888/NxxxSSS8SGGSSSSSS;SSSS;88``S++SSffSSxSi]]8`S;"xxSx`xxSS88xfxxxxxxxxxxx8SxS]SxoS8SxJS`xrxxxxxxxxxxPxxxxxxofxGcxxxxxxxSxxxxxxxSxxxxSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8xxx8xxx8xxx8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxfo]f]oJoAoJJxJA.Jo]]xJoSJxffSfSSoJxJofx]ffffAJ..JJJfJffff88SSSSSSSfffffffffffffffffffAAAAAAAJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ............JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJffffffffffffffffffff8fxoAxfSJ8xx/c81,c P7Py.f81,f_ p^712-01-91 10:35a wp Registration form for Merge PerfectA.R.Fischer
Three classes of license exist for the use of this software.

xPY*)A Single family registration is offered for $20. This entitles you and the members of your immediate family to use these
merge files for noncommercial personal use on one computer.T$

xP*)A $75 Private Office or Government office license is to allow up to 10 employees of the same department or office
group to share the files but is limited to use on one computer at a time. For each group of 10 employees or different
department or office, a separate license is required. Commercial and "for hire" use of these files is Strictly Prohibited.
Use the next level of registration.T$

xP* )A $250.00 Commercial Site License is required for use by Employment agencies, resume services, job shops, temporary
agencies, head hunters or any organization or individual that helps others find employment. This license grants the
recipient unlimited use on up to two computers at one office location only. Each group of 2 or fewer computers or single
office location requires a separate license and payment of fee. These files may not be used on nor accessible through
a network.T$

Disk Vendors MUST obtain written permission from me before distributing this product.
Any distribution of these files must include this file and all other original unaltered files.
)Updates to the program will be free for one year after registration, after which revisions will be offered at a special price
to registered users. This includes revisions the government may make in the form itself. Use the order form in the
accompanying file "Order.Me" or send check to:T$

Alan R. Fischer
206 Orchard Terrace
St.Clairsville, Ohio 43950 (Ohio residents include 6% tax)
(614) 6951954

ALL PRICES and TERMS are subject to change without notice.
At this time I can only accept company or personal checks or money orders. If anyone in the international community should
want to register, orders should be payable in U.S. dollars . Orders from places other than Canada, Mexico or the United
States should include an additional $8.00 U.S. for shipping and handling.

yPDisclaimer As with all software, I specifically disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to
implied warranties of merchantability, suitability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to defects in the software
and documentation, and the program license granted herein in particular, and without limiting operation of the program
license with respect to any particular application, use, or purpose. In no event shall Alan R.Fischer be liable for any loss
of profit or damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, or consequential damages. This statement shall be
construed, interpreted, and governed by the laws of the State of Ohio.

WordPerfect is a trade-mark of WordPerfect Corporation.
---Order from:

Alan R. Fischer
206 Orchard Terrace
St.Clairsville, Ohio 43950
(614) 695-1954
SmartNet, RIME, and other BBS Networks

[email protected]?MergePerfect SF-171
;Prices as of December 1991
ddx!ddxE $ Yp


"bQuantityA#,Cost ea.A"EClass of RegistrationA"rTotalp

Single User
(One copy on one computer)Y $A $-]$75.00 Office group special
(One copyshared by no more than 10 persons)q
$Y $,
$250.00 Commercial Site License
(Use by resume or employment service) $Pq
$.$2.00#Z3" disk media $PP )$.$8.00)#N3Extra shipping & handling) $PP y$0V
y#USubtotal of ordery $PP) $0V
#L6% Ohio tax (if applicable) $Py I$0V
I#M *Total remittance enclosedI $p
)* Check, or Money Order. Sorry, no Credit Cards, Purchase Orders or C.O.D.s. All funds must be in US
Dollars, drawn on a US bank. A Canadian Postal Money Order in US Dollars is acceptable.T$

Ship to:
T!ddxE $ Addx1! [email protected] Name:q @P1 Address: PPq PP a PP P`a Phone:" `

JAddx1! addx# J`@ Printer make & model:$ @P# Fonts available or in use:1& PP$ Comments, suggestions:' PP1& ( PP' Problems encountered:!* P`( + `!*

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