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Macros and files to turn Word Perfect into Hebrew word processor.
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Macros and files to turn Word Perfect into Hebrew word processor.
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Contents of the WP51HEB.DOC file

WordPerfect 5.1 Hebrew Keyboard Definition
Version 1.3 (based on WP 5.0 Hebrew Keyboard, version 1.2)
written and documented by Ronald Kiener
July 10, 1990

I. This ZIP package contains 5 files:

WP51HEB.DOC This file
HEBREW.WPK A definition for Hebrew Keyboard according to the
Word Perfect standard for character set 9
ENHANCED.WPK A slightly revised version of WP issue, fixes bug
ALTH.WPM A macro for invoking the Hebrew Keyboard (HEBREW.WPK)
ALTE.WPM A macro for re-invoking the Enhanced Keyboard (ENHANCED.WPK)

II. System requirements:

A PC, XT, AT, 386, or 486 machine or clone
WordPerfect version 5.1

1) If equipped with a MDA or Hercules video display card, you must already
have a Hebrew PROM character chip. There may be software methods of loading
a Hebrew font into a Hercules daisplay.

2) If equipped with an EGA or VGA display system:

a) Use a Hebrew font program (EGAHEB.COM), which should be invoked at
boot-up. EGAHEB.COM is copyrighted to IBM-Israel, but apparently has
been distributed widely within Israel as shareware. EGAHEB.COM places
the Hebrew character set in the hi-bit area 128-255 ASCII, so you will
lose some of the European characters. In this case, you will have to also
make hardware changes to your dot-matrix printer, or acquire an Israeli Hebrew
font for your laser printer.
If you are in doubt, contact IBM-Israel, Tel Aviv.

b) There are three files which I have seen used in Israel: FL.COM (FONTLOAD,
copyright 1985), HEB.OZ (no copyright imbedded in file), and HEBREW.COM
(copyright 1983, IBM-Israel). When invoked in a batch file as


you get a very nice character set, better than in EGAHEB. You might find
that this also works on EGA systems, since FONTLOAD is for EGA screens.

III. Description:

One of WordPerfect's new features - programmed Keyboards - allows for some
really exciting possibilities.
Using this feature, I have created a Hebrew keyboard definition that will
allow writing Hebrew on-screen in logical order (right to left) from within
WordPerfect 5.0.
There are however three important limitations:

1. There is no word wrap. You cannot write more than one line at a time.
2. There is no justified margin on the right side. However, you could block
a multi-line Hebrew passage and invoke Flush Right.
3. HEBREW.WPK works with the Israeli national ASCII standard. There is no
relation between this standard and character set 9, WordPerfect's own
Hebrew character set (which in any event is terrible).

IV. Installation of HEBREW.WPK:

Place the file HEBREW.WPK in whatever sub-directory your other
*.WPK files currently reside.
Place the two macro files in whatever sub-directory your other
macros reside.
Be careful not to overwrite macros with similar names. Simply
rename the offending macros.

VI. Operation:

Once WP is up and running, simply press ALT-H to invoke the
Hebrew keyboard. You can use all the function keys and editing commands, but
remember that when a command requires an English character response (e.g.
Yes/No), you must use SHIFT in combination with the key. Use the macro
ALT-E to return to the original keyboard. MAKE SURE NUM LOCK IS OFF.

Special keys:

Num KeyPad *
WP 5.1 cannot change keyboards while editing notes. If you
must change keyboards while editing notes, use Num KeyPad * to exit current
ENDNOTE, switch keyboards, re-enter note, and move to end of note. This
command assumes that the current end of note is the place that you have
left off. Of course, you may edit this special Function key by adding
a deletable marker.

Num KeyPad /
Like Num KeyPad * , but for FOOTNOTES.

VII. Bugs and constrictions:

1. There may be a problem with ALTE.WPM, which assumes that the
Enhanced keyboard is the default keyboard definition. If you do not use
the Enhanced keyboard as the default keyboard, edit ALTE.WPM accordingly.

2. Most importantly, this system only provides you with screen Hebrew. If you
want to print, you must change the hardware on your printer. If you use a HP
Laserjet II or III, there is a Custom Font cartridge designated as ISR5, which
contains David, Frank-Ruhl, and Narkis fonts in 8-14 pts. ASC sells this cartridge
and a WP driver for $300. If you are using a dot matrix printer, you must get a
new character-set EPROM. ASC sells EPROMS for most Epson dot matrix printers,
from $75-$90.

VIII. Release:

This is a freeware entity. Use it and adjust it (or erase it) as you wish.
If you pass it on, simply pass it on as an ZIP file. Neither the author nor ASC
offer any guarantee on this product.

VI. Send comments to:

Ronald Kiener, Ph.D.
Ariana Software Consulting
134 St. Charles Street
West Hartford, CT 06119
Phone & Fax: (203) 233-5514

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