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WPDRAW version 3.2. Display WordPerfect 5.0/5.1 .WPG graphics on your screen. Supports a variety of monitor types.
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WPDRAW version 3.2. Display WordPerfect 5.0/5.1 .WPG graphics on your screen. Supports a variety of monitor types.
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Contents of the WPDRAW.DOC file

File WPDRAW.DOC, 4208 bytes long, for version 3.5, November 28, 1990.

The idea behind WPDRAW is that it is a tedious task to search for
that "just right" graphic with the tools provided with WordPerfect.
WPDRAW will allow you to browse through a long set of WordPerfect
graphics files very quickly, even creating a simple slide show.

To use WPDRAW you can either have it prompt you for the file
name(s) or enter them on the command line. You can, of course,
enter DOS wildcards. If you give WPDRAW a directory name, it will
display all *.wpg files in it. (For help on wildcards, see your
DOS manual.)

Advanced users can set a default directory with the WPG environment
variable. For example, you could include the line


in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file so that WPDRAW defaults to C:\WP51\GRAPHICS.

There are four command line options that can be used with WPDRAW:

/S Recurse Subdirectories.
/Ds Display each file for s seconds.
/W Skip files that are not WPG files. (Normally WPDRAW will
prompt and Wait)
/M Force all bitmaps to be displayed as Monochrome.


WPDRAW \*.* /s /d10 /w

This would display every WPG file on the current drive, regardless
of whether or not the file ends with .WPG, for 10 seconds each.
Alternatively you can enter:

WPDRAW \ /s /d10 /w

This will speed up the search as it will only look for files that
actually end in .WPG.


Displays all the .WPG files in the current directory.

WPDRAW works with all the standard graphics cards, CGA, MCGA, Herc,
EGA and VGA. It will need just under 100k in order to run. In
monochrome modes, WPDRAW will attempt shading of vector graphics.
WPDRAW is geared towards displaying vector graphics but will
accurately display monochrome and color bitmaps. The contrast on
some bitmaps can be changed with the C and V keys. Some bitmaps will
achieve greater clarity through the use of the /m command switch.
Try to view them without this switch first.

Enclosed is a macro that works with WordPerfect 5.1 to use WPDRAW
from within WordPerfect. Place the WPDRAW.WPM file in your
WordPerfect macros/keyboards directory. If you wish, you can rename
it to ALT?.WPM. This would allow you to use it as a single stroke
macro (replacing the ? with a character). This macro will only
work with WordPerfect 5.1.

If you are running WordPerfect under WP Office, you won't have enough
memory to run WPDRAW from within WordPerfect. You can set up WPDRAW
as an entry on the Office menu:

Default Directory: C:\WP51\GRAPHICS
Program Name: C:\WP51\WPDRAW.EXE
Startup Options: *.*

PLEASE NOTE! WPDRAW is not affiliated with WP Corp. WPDRAW ONLY
displays graphics, quickly and conveniently. It will NOT print
them. If you wish to print graphics, use WordPerfect or make a
donation since the next version will print them. If you are having
trouble importing graphics into WordPerfect, please consult your WP
manual or call WP Corp tech support. If you are having trouble with
WPDRAW, I can be reached voice at 617-965-8091 or by mail at the
address below.

If you use this program more than once, you should seriously
consider making a donation. A donation of $15 or more will entitle
you to two update notices. A donation of $25 or more will entitle
you to one free upgrade and two update notices. If you plan on
including WPDRAW with a collection of GRAPHICS and are receiving
money for these (excluding shipping, handling and copying, not to
exceed $15) the $25 donation is mandatory. If the version you are
using is not current, a new version will be forwarded when your
donation is received.

WPDRAW comes with no guarantee whatsoever, even if you have made a
donation. The source code for WPDRAW is available for a small fee.

Please send donations, job offers or source code requests to:

Kenneth Macleod
36 Howland Rd.
West Newton, MA 02165
Please include the version number you are using.

The latest version can always be had at the Rainbow's Edge BBS at
617-551-0495 Fidonet: 101/115 - 9600 HST.

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