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Logitech mouse menu for WordPerfect 5.0.
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Logitech mouse menu for WordPerfect 5.0.
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Contents of the WP5INFO.DOC file


LOGITECH C7 Mouse Menu....for WordPerfect Vers. 5.0


The file, WP50.DEF was written for those of you out there that are
using Wordperfect 5.0....and your trusty ole' MOUSE....and can't find
a driver for use with your NEW copy of WP5.0.....

I wrote the DEF file, styled after an old version 4.0 mouse menu that
I used a long time ago, mainly because I liked the layout .....where
all your main selections of the Function Keys is presented on one
PopUp type menu, as opposed to having several small windows for each
one, and sub menu's for additional commands..

The file WP50.MNU was compiled with NEWMENU.EXE from Logitech.
The colors can be altered by changing the number in the following line
near the begining of the DEF file...and re-compiling by using the
NEWMENU.EXE supplied with your Mouse...:

EXAMPLE-> mdmenu: POPUP 1,26,007
Change this number...

In the case of the supplied DEF file...the 007 will give you Black letters
on WHITE background...experiment with it...and set it to whatever you want.
An alternate that I have used is the number 120, which will give you YELLOW
letters on BLACK background...

With all the new features that are hidden in version 5.0 of WordPerfect,
I didn't feel really qualified to attempt a menu containing all the needed
sub-menus...and opted to use this method, allowing keyboard selection
within each menu choice after initial entry to that particular area.

If you modify, enhance, change or otherwise make the DEF file different in
any way, I expect a copy of your changes, either in writing, or on disk,
which will fulfill any obligation that you may have under normal "Sharware"
rules.. In are expected to leave the Copywrite Notice intact
within the DEF file, adding a rem line noting that you made changes..with your
name listed and what changes were made...

If you choose to send a disk, please mail me a copy of the DEF file...on
either 360K or 1.2 MB floppy..And I will return your disk with some other
programs, and utilities that I have sample....

This menu was written by Dale R. Shank of Coastland Data Research, in
Brandon, Florida. It is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN, and should be considered
shareware... If you choose to untilize the menu with your copy of WordPerfect
You are obligated to either mail a contribution for it's use, or a copy of any
modifications as stated above. Feel Free to Distribute copies of the ARC file
but ONLY if it contains the following files...


Send contributions or information to:

Dale R. Shank
Coastland Data Research
307 Elizabeth # 203
Brandon, Fl 33511

Phone: (813)-684-8055 FAX: (813)-654-7962 (fax available only 8 AM - 5 PM
Monday - Friday EST)

If you encounter any bugs in the menu...I would appreciate the information.
It should work I've tested it for weeks on my system..with
no noticed problems..but should you encounter a bug...LET ME KNOW>...

Enjoy !!!!


**** 9-1-1988 update to menu...def..file..

******* ADDITIONAL NOTE... As of 9-1-88, this driver file now supports
use of your mouse for cursor movement, anywhere within the program, which
can be very helpful while scrolling through a document, or through a
directory of files....

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