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Automates generation of WP5.0 PTR spacing tables for HP soft fonts.
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Automates generation of WP5.0 PTR spacing tables for HP soft fonts.
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Contents of the FWIDTABL.DOC file

16 September 1988

FWIDTABL (Version 1.01)

Copyright 1988 by Rufus S. Hendon. All rights reserved.

FWIDTABL prints a table showing the widths of the characters in a
downloadable proportional-spaced font in Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Series II
format. FWIDTABL can only process portrait fonts. The printer must be a

FWIDTABL requires an argument specifying the file containing the font for
which a width table is to be printed. To prepare a table for the font in file
TR090IPN.R8P, for example, FWIDTABL would be invoked by this command:

fwidtabl tr090ipn.r8p

The file specification should include any path information needed to enable the
program to locate the file. If, for instance, TR090IPN.R8P is in a directory
called \LJFONTS on the current drive, the command would take this form:

fwidtable \ljfonts\tr090ipn.r8p

FWIDTABL assumes that the LaserJet is connected to parallel port LPT1. If
this is not the case, a second argument is required. This argument takes the
form "/", with "" replaced by "LPT2", "LPT3", "COM1", or "COM2",
depending on the port to which the printer is attached. If, for example, the
LaserJet uses serial port COM1, the command to print a table for TR090IPN.R8P
would be:

fwidtabl tr090ipn.r8p /com1

The table gives, for each character defined in the font, the decimal code
of the character, the character itself, and the width of the character. The
characters are printed in the form they have in the font being processed. The
widths are expressed in dots; one dot = 1/300th of an inch.

At the end of the table, the font selection command is shown. This is the
command that would be sent to the printer to select the font as the primary
font. The escape character is represented as "" in the command.

This program is copyrighted. However, you may use it for non-commercial
purposes without charge. You may distribute the program to others provided
that both the program (FWIDTABL.EXE) and this file (FWIDTABL.DOC) are
distributed together without alteration, and provided that no fee is charged
for the programs.

Rufus S. Hendon
804 Still Hill Road
Hamden, CT 06518
CompuServe ID 73250,2674

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