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This program will allow you to view both ASCII text and Word Perfect files. It will also output to several different types of speech synthesizers.
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This program will allow you to view both ASCII text and Word Perfect files. It will also output to several different types of speech synthesizers.
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1016 Ohio Street
Lawrence, KS 66044
Telephone: (913) 843-0351

PROVOX Version 3.03

PROVOX is a full-featured screen review program which runs
on any IBM or true Compatible computer. It requires less than
29K of your computer's memory, which makes it one of the smallest
full-featured screen-review programs available. The software
supports a variety of speech synthesizers including the Artic
SynPhonix 200/210/215--(running SONIX-2), Votrax Votalker IB and
PSS; Audapter, Echo GP/PC as well as the line of internal Echo
boards for IBM and compatible computers, the Accent line from
Aicom, SpeakEasy System and the Braille n' Speak. Moreover, you
can switch among any of these synthesizers at any time. Please
inquire about the support of additional synthesizers, such as the
DEC-Talk, which is coming soon.

All PROVOX commands begin with one press of the slash key,
which eliminates conflicts in the use of keys for other purposes.
If you need to enter a true slash, you simply press the key
twice. PROVOX has a direct mode and a review mode; however, there
are so many convenient features available in direct mode that you
may rarely need to use review mode. Thanks to its ingenious
design, PROVOX is adept at tracking the system cursor in
difficult situations including Local Area and Wide Area Networks
and on IBM and other mainframes.

Even in direct mode, PROVOX lets you review the screen,
including the letter, word, or line containing the cursor, the
entire screen, or any rectangular section of it, called a
subscreen or a window. Some subscreens are permanently defined,
and you may define others to meet specific needs. The permanent
subscreens and ten of your own definitions are always available
in direct mode with a single keystroke. Ten user-defined
subscreens form a screen bank. You may switch among ten screen
banks with a two keystroke PROVOX command. In addition to
reading pre-defined portions of the screen, sub-screens can also
filter your data for the presence or absence of one of eight
basic screen colors, or any video attribute. This filtering can
be done with foreground and/or background colors and attributes.
All ten screen banks (i.e., 100 subscreen definitions) together
with other PROVOX parameters may be saved to and loaded from a
config file. A utility program allows the automatic loading of
any Config File and Screen Bank from within a batch file. The
screen can be searched forward or backward for a string of up to
9 characters. A new feature, called Auto Alert, allows you to
monitor any pre-defined portion of the screen. PROVOX will
notify you when a change has been made to that area. It will
either read you the new information automatically, beep when a
change is made, or both. Another new feature called "Auto
Ignore" allows you to specify any portion of the screen to be
excluded from speech output. Further, it is possible to make
PROVOX interrupt ongoing speech with any keystroke, a feature
that fast typists and those persons who are familiar with their
software will appreciate. Finally, two utility programs, "QUIET"
and "SPEAK" make it possible to easily remove and restore PROVOX
without rebooting your computer.

The PROVOX program is available in a Demo Version which runs
for 30 minutes at a time, then ceases to speak. Both the demo
and permanent packages come with a disk-based tutorial. This
tutorial will allow you to explore your PC's keyboard safely,
learn PROVOX and test yourself along the way. Further, in the
demo version, the half hour time limit is suspended when you are
using the tutor program.


Turbo Braille is a computer program which makes it possible for anyone to produce
formatted Grade 2 English braille whether they know about braille
or not. It does this because it accepts word processor files
used by WordPerfect 4.2 or 5.0, Wordstar Professional Version 4.0
and 5.x or standard ASCII text files formatted for printing. The
program allows the user to go directly from any supported file
type to a braille document. Turbo Braille will run on any MS/DOS

Users of Turbo Braille can generate Grade II, Grade I, or
computer braille files. For more precise formatting and
editing, "BIF" files (Braille Intermediate Files) can be
generated. "BIF" files contain the original text interspersed
with simple "dot commands" that control the formatting of the
braille page. Even without this feature, Turbo Braille does
automatic centering, paragraphing, page numbering, and creates
italics to reflect print enhancements such as boldface or
underlined text. Special commands in Turbo Braille permit
switching among grades of braille in mid-sentence, or even in
mid-word if desired. Print and braille page numbers are also
supported. The rules employed by the program are stored in a
separate text file and are read into the program when it
executes. Thus, the rules are user modifiable.

TURBO BRAILLE offers speed, flexibility, compatibility with
your word processor or editor, reliability and ease-of-use, all
for a reasonable cost.


"NAMES" is an easy-to-use program which will allow you to
keep track of names, addresses, phone numbers and identifying
information called "Tags" on everyone you know. It will run on
any IBM or compatible computer and will work with your favorite
screen review program and speech synthesizer. "NAMES" is
designed to be equally usable by blind and sighted computer
users. It sports an attractive and efficient screen layout while
presenting line-oriented information through normal DOS channels,
to ensure compatibility with screen review programs.

"NAMES" can display information to your computer's screen or
print out address information onto a variety of label sizes or
individual envelopes. Each entry is defined by a unique Key of
any length. Keys are used for sorting data. All fields,
including Name, two address lines, city, state, zip, home and
work phone numbers and an unlimited number of Tags, are pre-
defined, so all you have to do is start entering data. The size
of your lists is only limited by the size of your computer's
memory. We have successfully used the program with lists of 1000
entries or more.

The program also permits you to load and save multiple
lists, mark or unmark entries and retrieve entries by Tags or
Keys. We think that you'll find "NAMES" to be all the list
management software you'll ever need.


Kansys, Inc., distributes two shareware programs, RALPH THE
READER and WATCHDOG. RALPH will allow you to easily read any
WordPerfect, Wordstar or ASCII file. You can search the file
forward or backward for any character string or immediately jump
to any point within the file. The program is designed to work
well with all screen review programs. WATCHDOG is a utility
which provides you with auditory feedback when activity occurs to
your computer's screen. It can also monitor any LPT or COM port
or any software interrupt.

Both programs are available on a variety of local
bulletinboards and information services including Compuserve and
GENIE. The programs are shareware and you are encouraged to copy
them for your friends or to upload them to your local


All Kansys, Inc., programs are available on 3.5 and 5.25
inch disks and come with braille, print and disk manuals.
Cassette manuals are available upon request. Kansys, Inc,. now
accepts Visa and Mastercard. You can contact us at:
Kansys, Inc.
1016 Ohio Street
Lawrence, KS 66044
(913) 843-0351
Or send the Kansys, Inc., staff electronic mail:
CompuServe: 72157,3547
GENIE: d.andrews
BIX: davidandrews

PROVOX Demo Version FREE
PROVOX Demo Version (with braille manual) $25.00
PROVOX Permanent Package $295.00
Artic Technologies SynPhonix 210 Speech Synthesizer
Votrax Personal Speech System, (speech synthesizer) $449.00
Amiga SpeakEasy System, (speech synthesizer) $995.00
Audapter , (speech synthesizer) $1095.00
TURBO BRAILLE (braille translator) $249.00
NAMES (name and address management software) $79.00
RALPH THE READER (file reading program) $10.00--shareware
WATCHDOG (screen monitoring utility) $10.00--shareware

Payment must accompany your order. Residents of Kansas add 4.75%
sales tax to the prices shown above.

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