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Very simple, but useful, mouse menu for Word Perfect 5.0.
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Very simple, but useful, mouse menu for Word Perfect 5.0.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This is a shareware mouse driver for WordPerfect 5.0. It is not warrented
for any particular purpose or even to work. Use it at your own risk.

Legal stuff aside, this ARChive should contain 5 files as follows:

WP .DEF WP.MNU source - requires MicroSoft MAKEMENU.EXE to compile
WP .MNU WordPerfect 5.0 mouse menu (monochrome),
requires MicroSoft MENU.COM to load
WPC .DEF Source code for WPC.MNU
WPC .MNU WordPerfect 5.0 mouse menu (color version)
READ .ME This file

If you have a MicroSoft or equivalent mouse, and WordPerfect 5.0, you should
find this a fairly complete easy to use mouse controller. It had to be. I
designed it for my own use.

While in document mode in word perfect, the buttons are as follows:
-- Left: Main menu, and menu selection
-- Right: Block operations mode toggle
-- Both: Print menu

While NOT in document mode (e.g., a WordPerfect menu, list files, or shell)
-- Left or Right Button: Enter key
-- Both Buttons: Escape key

As I am curious about how many people are willing to support shareware at
some or any price, as well as how useful this program may be user of
WordPerfect with a MicroSoft or equivalent mouse, I am asking for a small
reflection of your appreciation. Send $1 (that rediculously small sum), or
more if you insist, to:

Robert Berman
1915 Grand Court
Vienna, VA 22180

If I get as much as $10 in the mail, I'll be able to take my wife out for
a drink for putting up with the silent treatment while I wrote this. Show
her the time was semi-well spent.

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