Batch File Utilities - mostly for DOS

BATCH Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
#GETDATE.ZIP2409Oct 28 1988#GETDATE reports the day, month, date, and year to the standard output device which may be redirected to printer, file, etc.
@FLY.ZIP6942Feb 2 1987Create and run batch jobs on the fly, very good.
ABFS.ZIP149040Jul 30 1990An Advanced Batch File Seminar. A helpful tutorial on batch files.
ACCESS.ZIP4239Jan 21 1988Validate password in batch files.
ACTEST10.ZIP8877Oct 24 1990A batch file utility that sets errorlevel if specified file is open (access denied) or missing.
ADDPT1.ZIP14140Feb 13 1989This is a collection of program that are batch file utilities that will make changes to your path statement by adding, changing, deleting, and inserting directories into the path.
AK30.ZIP35587Feb 22 1993Add interesting and attractive ANSI graphics to your batch files. Replace those old, boring, "Press a key to continue" with colors and sounds.
AMISPEED.ZIP1787Dec 18 1989Utility to change clock speed on AMI 386 motherboards from BATch files.
ANSWR203.ZIP11693Nov 1 1988Batch file utility that will ask a question, and the return the answer in the enviroment space for use by the batch file. Very useful.
ASK.ZIP1201Jul 29 1985Allows you to "ask" a question in a batch file. Returns ERRORLEVEL depending on yes or no response.
ASK11C.ZIP14984Mar 8 1994ASK v1.1 batch file ask utility.
ASKERS10.ZIP16833Jul 4 1990Simple batch utility that ASKs for input.
AT10.ZIP12238Jun 17 1989Send modem commands from DOS 6/89.
ATIME.ZIP4116May 27 1988This TSR program will run any other program at a specified time.
AUTORUN.ZIP12057Jan 1 1992Runs a program just once a day from autoexec.bat or other methods.
BAT2EX15.ZIP37313Jun 25 1991Converts .BAT files to executable .EXE Files.
BATAID.ZIP27827Apr 29 1990A bunch of batch file utilities.
BATBOX.ZIP41582Jul 9 1991BatBox allows you to display text files in colorful, shadowed boxes.
BATBOX11.ZIP41582Jul 9 1991BatBox v1.1 batch file text display utilities.
BATCALL.ZIP9795Oct 25 1989Use within a batch file to prompt the user for a text string which is passed to another batch file or program.
BATCH30.ZIP190167Jul 15 1992Batch File Enhancer V3.0. Add colors, sounds, boxes, menus, directory controls and other SPECTACULAR features into batch files. Now with new Batch Editor.
BATCH50.ZIP14542Nov 2 1991A collection of batch files for use with DOS 5.0.
BATCHKEY.ZIP7587Mar 28 1990Batchkey lets you compare keyboard input or specified bytes in a file to values on the command line. Handy for making decisions in batch files.
BATCHMAN.ZIP50331Jan 13 1990PC Magazine's comprehensive set of batch file enhancements.
BATCHRAM.ZIP4897Nov 7 1989Determines the amount of free RAM in system, and returns that value through ERRORLEVEL. Excellent for batch files.
BATCOM1.ZIP25083Mar 29 1985Handy Batch File Generator/Utility.
BATDOC.ZIP58767May 30 1989Great documentation for BAT files from novice to advanced user.
BATEX100.ZIP35827Mar 4 1990BATch Executive allows you to combine all your small BATch files into a single master file -- BATmstr.DAT.
BATEXIT.ZIP934Feb 5 1993World's smallest program - exits batch file immediatly.
BATLITE.ZIP22761Mar 15 1992Convert your batch files to .COM files for speed.
BATLOOP.ZIP3988Jul 11 1989Allows controlled looping in batch files 7/89.
BATM.ZIP15372Nov 17 1989Menu maker program that can be used within a batch file for making customized menus, prompt messages, and user interaction within a batch file.
BATMAKR2.ZIP20263Jan 1 1990Program to read file names from a disk directory, and put them into a batch file called NAMES.BAT. Several formats are supported and TP 3.0+ source code is included.
BATMNU21.ZIP34716Jul 11 1992Batch file menus with point'n'shoot and windows.
BATMODEM.ZIP3101May 5 1990Get modem responses in batch files. Returns errorlevels for speed and busy. Allows DTR to be dropped in batch files.
BATOUT12.ZIP14297Feb 10 1992Timed exit or jump from within a Batch file.
BATPOWER.ZIP38616Oct 25 1987Great little programs for any level user to greatly enhance .BAT files.
BATQUES.ZIP3884Jan 3 1984Allows questions & single key answers in batch files.
BATQUEST.ZIP10540Nov 9 1987Allows batch files to display a prompt and determine the users response via the DOS ERRORLEVEL, C source included.
BATS-AT.ZIP3207Oct 7 1987Set .BATs to Run AT Designated Time.
BATTOOLS.ZIP7316Nov 3 1985Batch file utilities.
BATTUT.ZIP13250Dec 28 1986Living with DOS: Intermediate BATch Tutorial. Text File.
BATTUTOR.ZIP70719Nov 6 1986Interactive .BAT Tut About .BATs !.
BATUNE.ZIP1197Jun 5 1985TUNE plays one or more of five little tunes. It is useful in batch files to give you an audible signal that a process has been completed.
BATUTIL.ZIP66730Jul 15 1988Batch of DOS utilities, .EXE, .MOD, .DOC.
BATUTIL1.ZIP182447Mar 23 1992Batch File Utilities from Tab Books [1/3].
BATUTIL2.ZIP216967Apr 22 1991Batch File Utilities from Tab Books [2/3].
BATUTIL3.ZIP373342Apr 7 1991Batch File Utilities from Tab Books [3/3].
BATWHAT.ZIP11340Sep 26 1989Excellent batch file enhancer. Asks a question, and returns the answer in either an enviroment variable or as an errorlevel..
BBOX21.ZIP18483Dec 23 1991Version 2.1 of an easy to use menu batch file creator and modifier. Speedy and efficient.
BED.ZIP68042Dec 8 1985Batch File Editor.
BEN310.ZIP257214Apr 19 1993Batch Enhancer v3.10 - add colors, sounds, etc to batch files.
BFD10.ZIP40871Sep 13 1991Batch File Directory 1.0 uses REM statement in batchfiles to describe purpose and tag them for a menu-like display. Use is optional as a menu.
BIGECHO.ZIP7075Oct 1 1986Big Type For Batch Files.
BKREBOOT.ZIP1097Feb 27 1994Brian Klug's Re-boot. Free-ware that really works. Use in your programs or batch files.
BLDR150.ZIP27738Dec 20 1990BUILDER 1.50 Demo. Builder is a BAT file compiler with added functions and extensions. Mouse support, dropdown shadowed menus, etc. Builder is a commercial product by Hyperkinetics.
BMENU54.ZIP22726Feb 21 1990The Batch Menu System allows you to insert pop-up menus within a batch file. Excellent if you write a lot of batch files.
BMNU400.ZIP138609Apr 18 1993BatMenu 4.00 Batch file enhancer.
BMOUSE10.ZIP18243Jun 9 1992A utility designed to allow users to write DOS Batch files with mouse support. Includes an example batch file and ANSI screen to show how simple it is to use.
BREAK12.ZIP3738Apr 1 1992This little goody keeps people from breaking out of batch files.
BRK.ZIP2707Jan 12 1992Prevent Control-C, Control-Break from batch files. (break.sys file for config file).
BUBA2.ZIP48930Dec 15 1990"Bill's Unique Batch Arsenal" batch enhancers, version 2.0.
BUBBA.ZIP23246Mar 26 1990A group of programs that will return ERRORLEVELS to your batch files depending on certain criteria. (disk space, file selecter, etc).
CALL.ZIP6516Sep 9 1988Call a batch file from a batch file. And return!.
CARYR.ZIP4600Oct 31 1991Batch utility to check for carrier. Sets errorlevel to status of carrier bit. C++ source included.
CC310.ZIP33162May 15 1989COPYCON v3.10: Quick editor for batch files.
CHECK.ZIP16342Dec 8 1993Checks to see if your modem is turned on. Returns DOS errorlevel. Includes C source.
CHECKELA.ZIP5099Apr 8 1991Displays ERRORLEVEL without having to go through long IF-THEN batch file routine. Checks internal COMMAND.COM flag location and reports. Comes with ASM source for the curious. Works only on DOS 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 4.0.
CHGDIR15.ZIP2343Oct 3 1989Updated version of Change Directory that now works on networks. Returns an errorlevel if change was unsuccessful. Very good.
CHKCLO.ZIP4764Sep 15 1989Utility for use in batch files that alerts you if your system clock has stopped running. It will set a errorlevel greater then 0.
CHKFLP.ZIP6336Dec 5 1991Test to see if floppy drive is ready. Use in batch files.
CHKMON10.ZIP4486Sep 17 1992CHKMON V1.0: utility that checks to see what kind of video adapter is installed in your computer, & sets the DOS errorlevel on exit.
CHKTSR.ZIP3367May 16 1989Check to see if a specified TSR program is in memory. If so, an ERRORLEVEL is returned to the calling program.
CHK_VL.ZIP6770Aug 4 1989Checks volume label on diskette, returns ERRORLEVEL indicating match.
CHOOSE21.ZIP30361Dec 15 1993Allows choices during the execution of batch files, including autoexec.bat.
CKTSR103.ZIP3787Dec 21 1992Check for TSR's in memory within batch files to load/unload them.
CLR.ZIP36043Jul 6 199126 Ways to clear your screen. Useful in batch files.
CNTDN.ZIP1214Oct 11 1989CNTDN.COM is a program that counts backwards from a number (1-99) while waiting for a keystroke. This is useful for pausing in long batch files at places where it would be appropriate to break.
COMDOG1.ZIP33044Jan 18 1995Comdog Is A Modem Locator Good For Use In Batch Files.
CRONJR.ZIP22321Mar 6 1990CRONJR is a batch scheduler; it is used to run stand alone programs at specific times and intervals.
CURDIR.ZIP3824Apr 2 1989SET and RET to CURrent DIRectory in Batch Files.
CWD.ZIP9365Jun 8 1991Set an environment variable to the current directory. With C source.
D-CHK102.ZIP8649Mar 27 1993Compare the DATE-TIME stamps on 2 files and return errorlevels based on comparison. Useful for BATCH files. Could be used to update workstation files from a LAN, etc. Example BATCH file included.
DAILY260.ZIP7495Jun 17 1992Run an external program once a day.
DAT13.ZIP10858Oct 28 1990DAT Version 1.3 is a small utility that redirects the current Date and Time to the screen, file, or printer. ASM source included.
DATECHEK.ZIP35277Jan 2 1990DATECHEK checks the current date to perform periodic operations. If the date criteria is met, a command string is activated. QB 4.5 source.
DATENV12.ZIP29471Jun 28 1991Sets date based on enviroment variable (today +/- X days). Compares file date to date value. Very useful for transaction and audit log files.
DATETIME.ZIP4450Aug 4 1989DateTime is a small utility that redirects the current Date and Time to the screen, file, or printer.
DATE_SW.ZIP9418Feb 14 1989Use day of month as switch in batch file.
DATSTAMP.ZIP5511Feb 17 1990Rename a file to today's date preserving the extension. Useful in batch files when you need to keep a log. TP 5.0+ source included.
DATSTMP2.ZIP5824Nov 11 1990DATSTAMP replaces the name of a file with its date while keeping the extension. Includes complete TP 4.0+ source code.
DAYBAT10.ZIP7574Feb 8 1989Run a different batch file each day of the week.
DAYFILE.ZIP4482Jun 16 1990Batch file command for executing a program once a day. For updating purposes.
DAYFILE2.ZIP7978Nov 11 1990Batch file utility returns ERRORLEVEL corresponding to number of days old that is. Includes TP 4.0+ source code.
DAYLFT11.ZIP10462Jul 7 1992Daysleft v1.1: will allow you to determine the number of days left until a certain date, number can be displayed on the screen, or you can use it to set an environment variable for further use in bat files.
DAYOWEEK.ZIP4054Jul 13 1988Day O'Week is a program which will return a DOS ERRORLEVEL appropriate to the day of the week.
DAYSTO.ZIP37346Feb 4 1992Days To version 2.4. Tells you the date as well as the number of days remaining until the next holiday.
DELAY.ZIP1750May 7 1992A command line utility to wait a specified number of seconds, ASM source is included (TASM but should also be MASM).
DELAY1.ZIP4597Sep 25 1989Program delays into your batch files.
DELAY102.ZIP1480Nov 30 1988Delay .BAT files xx seconds but allow auto continue - Ver 1.02.
DIR2BAT.ZIP16112Jul 15 1991Will write a listing of drive_path_file specs matching the user's entered file specification to the file DIR2.BAT.
DISPLAY.ZIP7710May 30 1988Latest version of excellent program. Allows Color in ASCII batch files.
DO-ONC22.ZIP35355May 3 1989Run progs once a day/week/month. new: quiet mode, supports redirection.
DOBAT.ZIP10875Jan 7 1987Execute a batch file from within another batch file and return to within the original batch file.
DOM10.ZIP3490Dec 6 1992Day of Month Utility - a program for use in batch files to select activities by day of the month.
DOONCE21.ZIP25219Feb 5 1989Runs programs in AUTOEXEC.BAT once per day/week/month.
DOSENV.ZIP13894Jan 28 1990DOSENV allows you set an environmental variable to the standard output of a DOS command. Useful in batch files.
DOSORWIN.ZIP573Nov 16 1993Little utility to use in your autoexec.bat to give the option of running windows or staying in dos when booting up.
DOSVAR.ZIP57182Jun 30 1994DosVar 1.01: String-handling for batch files. Now you can manipulate variables in BAT files to obtain left and right substrings. You can perform justification or strip leading zeros.
DUCKPAWS.ZIP20812Apr 28 1990Animated "Duck" replacement for the batch PAUSE command.
EBL403.ZIP78234Nov 1 1990Extended Batch Language V4.03. Written by one of the ORIGINAL members of the IBM ESD team in Mouth of the Rat Florida.
ECHJ.ZIP11559Sep 30 1991Enhanced Echo command for DOS. Includes ASM source code.
EMENU100.ZIP9925Dec 23 1991Simple Batch file menu system.
EMS10.ZIP5760Feb 22 1992A batch file utility to detect if PC has EMS.
ENCLOSE.ZIP9430Sep 1 1990Create double line boxes enclosing text for use in batch files.
[email protected]23984Jul 31 1992ENVI-MAN v1.02: An Environment utility: small assembly language routine with optional display of environment strings & data such as location, size & space available of the Master environment.
ERRLEVEL.ZIP8564Jan 8 1987Great Batch File Enhancer. Many options.
ERRNO.ZIP7327Jan 27 1991Sets DOS errorlevels (command-line driven or queries user). Useful when testing batch file if errorlevel == XX queries.
ESET21.ZIP21290Oct 11 1990"Enhanced SET" -- do lots of things with the DOS environment: date, time, string and math operations, user input.
FAKEY.ZIP6802Jun 9 1986FAKEY is used to fake sequences of keystrokes. It is especially useful in batch files, where it can be used to "pre-load" input for programs.
FASTCD.ZIP2210Jun 25 1990Batch files that work with Norton's NCD command to work across logical drives.
FDATE82A.ZIP70157Aug 15 1993FDATE V8.20a. Great utility that returns date information for use in batch files. Supports different languages, date formats, simple math, etc. Nice for scheduling batch jobs or events.
FFOUR.ZIP26250Jul 22 1989Four useful utilities for batch files. Also includes HELP program.
FILEAGE.ZIP2660Jun 25 1991Batch file utility that sets the dos errorlevel=age of a file. Author wrote it for his autoexec.bat to make sure he only ran certain utilities once a day no matter how many times he re-booted the computer.
FREEDOS1.ZIP9731Nov 11 1993Reports free disk space and exits with indicating errorlevel - for DOS.
GET25.ZIP80362Dec 1 1991Batch file utility that will ask various information, and will return the answer via, enviroment, or errorlevel. Very helpful.
GET261UP.ZIP30994Mar 8 1994Update for Get25 Bat file enhancer.
GET26UPD.ZIP30386Dec 24 1993GET.EXE Ver 2.6, Bob Stephan's DOS BATch file enhancer for Environment and ErrorLevel BATch services. GET26UPD is an upgrade for users of Ver. 2.5 and requires the documentation from Ver. 2.5.
GETDIR.ZIP2058May 8 1986Stores current DIR to a environment variable. Great for batch files.
GETPATH.ZIP2109Oct 29 1987Retrieves Path and places in environment. Great for batch files.
GO10.ZIP42989Sep 18 1993Excellent program-running batch file-type program. Very attractive, some nice features; log, list, description -- Much easier and nicer than making a batch file for each program.
GOBATCH.ZIP38252May 7 1993Allows you to run your programs with the command-line ease of a batch file, and edit keywords with the ease of a commercial menu program, support for up to 100 programs, and all in just two files. Includes QB sourcecode.
HEADER1.ZIP67526Nov 27 1993Display a message for X seconds each time your PC is booted.
HIT.ZIP21543May 27 1988Animated hit any key to return.
HR2ERLVL.ZIP1138May 29 1991Batch utility that sets errorlevel to hour of system time (0-23).
ICEIT.ZIP30772Apr 12 1992Extreamly versatile program, will pause a system in secs, mins or a specified time of day. Very good for unattended backups, network virus scans at 1am etc. Can have many uses.
IFF50.ZIP37111Feb 4 1990IFF is a powerful batch utility allows ERRORLEVEL commands to perform a variety of functions such as check for free memory, find file on disk, switch directories to where file was found, check date/time, etc.
IFITS31.ZIP28434Nov 9 1991IFITS checks date/time stamp on file or system date/time, compares it to command line arguments, and conditionally executes binary or batch file. Also includes self-check for viral infection.
IFTOD12.ZIP14922Apr 11 1991IFTODAY v1.2 -- Execute a given command if it is the specified day of the week, day of the month, or an odd/even day. Useful for the "once a week" or "once a month" utilities.
IMPRVBAT.ZIP3556Sep 2 1992Here's a set of COM fies I wrote to make BAT files a bit more friendly.
IMPRVBT2.ZIP6594Jan 10 1994A Set of utilities to make batch files more functional.
INPUT16.ZIP6784Oct 21 1990Batch file utility to get keyboard input into an environment variable.
INPUTX22.ZIP27918Apr 26 1993Interactive utility for fancy batch files.
INTERTST.ZIP10120Oct 1 1993Batch file utility to test the readiness of DOS 6.0 INTERLINK connections. Used to avoid having your batch file hang with the "drive not ready" message.
ISDAY011.ZIP13514Jan 5 1991Simple batch utility which will determine day of week, etc.
ISWIN.ZIP1126Jul 2 1991Batch utility that will return ERRORLEVEL 255 if Windows is running.
KBDSTAT.ZIP7803Jun 12 1990KBDSTAT allows testing and control of the state of the various keyboard toggles from the command line, or batch file.
KBSTAK.ZIP3053Nov 8 1989Inserts characters into keyboard buffer as if typed, useful with some batch files.
KEYPRESS.ZIP2064Jan 29 1992KEYPRESS.COM is a file that allows you to make interactive batch files with the ERRORLEVEL system variable. Very little space consumed, includes documentation.
KEYSTF.ZIP1107Feb 21 1989Batch file utility that will stuff the keyboard buffer.
KEYWAIT.ZIP6938Sep 12 1989Nice batch file utility that waits X number of seconds, or until a function key is pressed. Answer is returned via ERRORLEVEL. DOS and OS/2 versions.
LASTDIR.ZIP1634Jun 25 1987Store and Reset Init Dir In .BATs.
LOCKOFF2.ZIP23395Feb 19 1993FreeWare program to set NumLock, CapsLock, & ScrollLock from DOS or BATch file.
LOOK.ZIP3921Nov 11 1990Batch file utility that will search for "string" and return ERRORLEVEL. Includes complete TP 4.0+ source code.
MAKEMENU.ZIP97758May 9 1989Extensive batch level set of menu utilities.
MB.ZIP13990Jan 23 1991An extremely powerful program for displaying information on the screen from inside a batch file.
MEGSFREE.ZIP1074Mar 1 1992.BAT util from PC Mag: Errorlevel 0 if less than 1 mb free memory.
MENUBTMS.ZIP6519Jan 3 1992Three examples of creating menus using 4DOS batch commands. Both a simple function key menu, and two using the point-and-shoot %@select[] function are illustrated.
MM-BAT10.ZIP13433Dec 10 1989A simple, yet very useful, batch language extension.
MODATE.ZIP13199Mar 27 1991Routine to produce modified ordinal date string from system time and date. Includes complete TC 2.0 source.
MRUN.ZIP8592Jun 23 1991Executes same program against multiple files when program only accepts one files name. Includes C source code.
MYMENU.ZIP9833Oct 13 1989MYMENU -- Creates totally customizable menus for batch files.
NEED48.ZIP45696Jan 9 1992Tests conditions and returns T/F errorlevel. Tests processor, QEMM, 386^MAX, free memory (disk and RAM), # Drives, etc.
NOECHO.ZIP3516Aug 18 1986Disable ECHO permanently for different versions of DOS.
NPAUSE.ZIP3525Jan 5 1989New Improved pause command for batch files.
ONEAMON.ZIP4005Dec 21 1990A program to execute a batch file once a month.
ONLYONE.ZIP6798Nov 15 1991Program to check for only ONE file in a directory -- Useful for sysops.
OPSYS_.ZIP11929Aug 30 1993Identifies which operating system it is run from (DOS, OS/2 DOS, or OS/2) via errorlevel.
PALERT.ZIP18444Aug 22 1986Insert in AUTOEXEC.BAT for low disk space warning message.
PAUS13.ZIP30628Apr 28 1991PAUS v1.3 -- A full-featured timed ASK/PAUSE utility. Can display a string on the screen in color at a particular row/column and react to a user's response.
PAUSEX.ZIP2607Mar 30 1989Alternative to DOS PAUSE command.
PAWS19.ZIP34408Dec 20 1988Batch file utility, providing input, display, pause, more.
PCMENU.ZIP18157May 22 1989Fully configurable batch file menus 5/89.
PKBTM111.ZIP10556Feb 26 19924DOS BTM to manipulate archives using PKZIP and other archivers.
POWERB.ZIP147894Jul 7 1991PowerBatch is a utility that creates standalone (.EXE) compiled batch files. PowerBatch contains all the functionality of standard DOS batch files plus 40 additional commands.
PROBAT10.ZIP165752Oct 16 1989Pro Batch v. 10. Helps you to create complex batch files. Very well done.
PROMPTS.ZIP2357Jan 15 1987A set of batch files that will change the DOS prompt. The prompts are various country flags.
PRSKEY10.ZIP17961Oct 4 1991Substitute for the DOS PAUSE command, with color and box options.
PWR14K.ZIP181500Jan 9 1992Batch file compiler. Compiles batch files for faster execution.
QEXIST.ZIP13878Aug 25 1989QEXIST is similar to the batch IF EXIST, however it will return an ERRORLEVEL to your BAT or CMD file with different error codes for different errors. DOS and OS/2 versions.
QTIME15.ZIP11700Jul 1 1990This program is a quick easy way to create a file telling when a function last occured. Useful for use in batch files.
QUERY3.ZIP4801Apr 23 1989Useful batch utility that allows a batch file to ask a multiple choice questions, and evaluate the answer with errorlevel.
QUES22.ZIP12764Feb 12 1991QUES is a batch file enhancement program that gets a YES, NO, or numeric response from the user and sets ERRORLEVEL accordingly.
QUESTION.ZIP5646Jul 1 1989Branch in batch files based on user input.
RBSETENV.ZIP74124Jan 7 1991These are a couple of small utilities designed to add some flexibility in preparing arguments to commands and setting of environment variables. Includes complete C source code.
READ131.ZIP10899Mar 27 1989Batch file utility reads keyboard input to set environment variable. v1.
REBOOT11.ZIP1866Nov 11 1987REBOOT for batch files. Boots on critical error or immediate warm or cold.
REBT12.ZIP5639Mar 5 1992Reboot computer at specified time - very, very small. ASM source.
RENEXDOS.ZIP42433May 16 1990Several extremely powerful global DOS functions like delete all matching files with wildcards and delete all files in a subdirectory without confirmation. Work well in batch files.
RONSET14.ZIP26530Jan 22 1990An excellent batch file enhancer with many great functions. If you write batch files, then you need this program.
RUNCOUNT.ZIP13762Jan 8 1994A simple program that counts the number of times it has been invoked. For use in batch files.
SAVEDIR.ZIP1335Jan 25 1992Save/Restore current directory from a batch file.
SAYDAY.ZIP61611Apr 15 1989Tells you what day it is using A Computer Voice through your speaker.
SEBFU.ZIP99405Feb 16 1991A collection of over 100 batch file utilities. Fully documented.
SECHO20.ZIP17340Sep 27 1988Echo from batch file with colors, etc.
SFBU10.ZIP576730Jan 1 1991Silicon Frog Batch Utilities v1.0 by Dan Moore. Many very useful batch file enhancers, and general utility programs.
SIREN11.ZIP7668Sep 27 1988Alert that can be put in batch files to signal batch end.
SKEY30.ZIP335520Mar 25 1990STACKEY will automatically place keystrokes in your keyboard buffer. It is intended for use in batch files. 200+ pages of docs, this is a must-have shareware package.
SKIP15.ZIP7687Jan 11 1989Interactive batch file branching utility.
SL12.ZIP30525Dec 10 1988Handy batch utility. Sends any string as output to a log file.
SLEEP.ZIP12923Aug 25 1989SLEEP will wait a specified interval before exiting. This will give you a way to force the system to wait without hogging CPU time.
SLEEP_40.ZIP34272Jan 30 1993TSR to schedule events from DOS.
SORTDIRS.ZIP2391Jan 8 1989A group of Batch files to sort directories. DOS's SORT and MORE command.
SOSTB.ZIP214417May 19 1993Solid Oak Software's Toolbox for DOS - large collection of .COM files for use in your .BAT files.
SOUNDFX6.ZIP358666May 20 1993Collection of sound effects for Batch files.
STANDBY.ZIP21247Nov 25 1990Jeff Morley's freeware DOS utility that puts a delay of X seconds in batch files.
STOP_BAT.ZIP2228Jul 12 1993Contains .COM files to be inserted into you AUTOEXEC.BAT file to allow you to press the SHIFT, CTRL, ALT, or any combination of these keys during the loading of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. The command line following *KEY.COM
SUPERBAT.ZIP15262Oct 8 1988Batch file extended command set.
SW-37.ZIP17031Feb 2 1990Excellent batch file enhancement program. Creates windows, accepts variable input.
TASK.ZIP4936Dec 6 1985Similiar to Norton ASK but will timeout if no response.
TBT315.ZIP49164Nov 10 1992TurboBAT Batch File Compiler 3.15 11/10/92.
TDR-DT.ZIP5533Apr 16 1992Display/Collect time, date, or both on screen or in file.
TESTIF11.ZIP11207Jun 1 1988Test for dates, conditions in Batch files.
TIBFU101.ZIP33161Dec 12 1987Timed Batch Files Menu. Comes With A Demo Batch File.
TIME(R).ZIP18178Jul 11 1986Run programs at certain times, and pauses. For use in Batch files.
TIMEBT2.ZIP12058Oct 1 1993A pair of utilities used to reboot your computer at a specified time of day.
TRIMENV.ZIP3944Nov 23 1993Trims Environment variables. Useful for network software that requires only certain length user ids.
TSBAT12.ZIP17724Nov 18 1989Several useful BAT files -- some very helpful examples.
TSTIF121.ZIP15500Feb 5 1993Enhance batch files with computer environment testing.
TU.ZIP2823Dec 1 1992Tiny batch utilities to test Alt Shift Ctl keys state.
TUNE.ZIP1175Jun 5 1985Allows placement of jiggles in batch files.
TURBOBAT.ZIP43816Jul 7 1991TurboBat 2.20 allows you to compile regular DOS batch files into COM programs.
TYPO.ZIP2728Sep 27 1987Alternative to ECHO for use in batch files.
UART12.ZIP13584Jun 17 1993Sets errorlevel based on type of UART found.
ULTRA60.ZIP148837Sep 30 1993Set of DOS batch file utilities.
UPTIME.ZIP2669Jan 20 1991Simple little program that will tell you the time since last boot.
VIDMODE.ZIP6052Sep 16 1990This program returns the DOS errorlevel corresponding to the monitor type detected for your current graphics adapter card.
VIDTYPE.ZIP16324Jul 21 1991Simple program that detects video type, and passes to DOS via errorlevel.
VMODE.ZIP8512May 7 1990Simple program that will determine type of monitor (VGA, EGA, etc) and return the result as an errorcode. C source included.
VTP191.ZIP44424Jan 26 1992Check for video type and sets DOS environment or errorlevel. Great for networks where workstations have different video types.
WAIT.ZIP10897Jul 17 1990Simple batch utility that will pause and branch if key is pressed.
WAITTIL.ZIP1192Sep 1 1990WAITTIL is a program to go into a batch file to make the system wait for a specified hour, minute and second.
WAITUNTL.ZIP1282Apr 16 1985A program to wait until a certain time before proceeding.
WDAY12R.ZIP19162Jun 1 1991Batch file utility that returns Day of Week, Month, etc.
WHAT300.ZIP74540Jul 29 1991Identify hundreds of file types (WP, Spread Sheet, etc.) and set errorlevel accordingly.
WHEN.ZIP4455Oct 15 1985Verifies that your clock is working. For use in batch files.
WHEN11.ZIP12280Feb 15 1992Control DOS batch files based on time and date.
WORKING!.ZIP15686Jul 7 1993A rotating propellor prompt for use in BATch files.
XBAT1.ZIP15642Feb 1 1989A nice program that makes delayed program execution easy in batch files.
XSET400.ZIP141919Dec 21 1993Put stuff into environnment: date, time, string manipulations, file names, calculations, keyboard input, etc. Great for batch files.
Y-N-NEW.ZIP3042Aug 4 1986Yes and No answers for batch files.
YNBATMSG.ZIP4191Apr 10 1989Display messagin .BAT files and use Y/N questions too.
YYMMDD.ZIP3278Jan 12 1992Pipe date (YY/MM/DD) into files (internal date stamp).