Dec 182017
Animated "Duck" replacement for the batch PAUSE command.
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Animated “Duck” replacement for the batch PAUSE command.
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DESC.SDI 90 80 deflated
HIT.DOC 962 507 deflated
HIT.EXE 74160 14949 deflated

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Contents of the HIT.DOC file

HIT.EXE Documentation

I have seen this graphic around the BBS's before. It has been around
as "DUCK.DRW" and "HITAKEY.BAS". I would like to thank whomever
originally created the graphic, But I have never seen any names
attached to either file.

Well, I saw the Hitakey file and it gave me the idea to get the old
paint program out. With a little editing, and a small program to
display the screens, the duck moves.

Use HIT.EXE just like a DOS "Pause" command, or just put it in your
Autoexec to put a smile on your face in the morning. Slip it into your
friends computer to put a smile on their face.

Once you invoke HIT.EXE the duck will speed up to a frenzy, then take a
short break and start over again.

Have Fun....


PS. Sorry about the large file. That's the 4, 16K screens.

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